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NBA 2K23 VC Farming Guide

With the help of these NBA 2K VC harvesting techniques, glide to the top. While enjoying NBA 2K23, you should try to obtain as much bonus VC as you can if you want to appear flamboyant on the field. Fortunately for you, there are several free ways to increase your VC count. You may always experiment with your VC in those Pre matches if you're feeling comfortable with your abilities; just make sure you've practiced first. It won't be simple since Pre players will be awaiting you with MyPlayers who have high OVR ratings. If you don't already have a top-notch crew, don't bother.

Best practices for NBA 2K23 VC farming

With the help of these NBA 2K VC harvesting techniques, glide to the top. While enjoying NBA 2K23, you should try to obtain as much bonus VC as you can if you want to appear flamboyant on the field.

Check Your Achievements and Adventure

You may take on a few of the optional objectives in The City to earn some quick cash if you're prepared to put the ball down for a while. Other objectives may have you riding your hoverboard for the opportunity to earn some insane money, while some are as basic as merely talking to a personality. No matter what, you'll need to do some of these tasks to advance the plot. However, don't neglect your side missions for too long because you may make big money completing them.

These are simply a few of the methods you can generate a tonne of VC in NBA 2K23 very rapidly. Since this is among the most precious in-game currencies, you'll would like to make sure you can utilize everything available to you so you can avoid using your funds to enhance your character. You won't ever have to be concerned about a microtransaction once you take care of these responsibilities!

In the NBA 2K23 Application, pick up the fast and simple VC

One of the simplest methods to get extra VC in the gameplay is through the NBA 2K app. By signing in every day to this app, you may earn virtual currency. While doing so, you may increase your earnings by participating in the app's mini-games. Anywhere there is internet access, you may instantly earn VC using your phone. It just takes five to fifteen minutes every day to complete this process, and you don't even need to turn on your pc or game console. You may gain an additional 500 to 600 VC on a nice day! Using the NBA 2K23 Application is among the must-know tricks for new players or anybody searching for a simple method for gaining VC quickly without really engaging in the game, much like 2K21 and 2K22.

NBA 2K23 VC Farming

To gain VC in the Everyday Pick'em, put your NBA expertise to the test

Another item that is sometimes overlooked in the neighborhood is Daily Pick'em. This is yet another simple way to fill your 2K VC wallet, and it's located at the Plaza or The Corner in the City. Even during Nba games, you will have the chance to predict the outcome of each actual NBA game that same day, with each successful guess earning you VC. If you make the appropriate choices on busy evenings when between ten and twelve games are played, you may win close to 1000 VC. Making decisions just takes a few minutes, and doing it often has a significant financial impact. Merely because you have a 50 percent chance of correctly predicting the answer for each encounter, this is one of the simplest methods to earn VC rapidly in NBA 2K23.

Fight in The Cages to earn more VC

Another unusual way to gain VC in the Community is through Cages. It takes place on fenced 2v2 and 3v3 outside courts, unlike some other casual sporting events in the neighborhood. The Silver Level in the escalator leads to the Cages. Games are held without penalties or the ball straying off the court, and trampolines have been installed on various parts of the court to provide competitors with an aerial lift. Players with generally lower rankings may typically succeed here and make more VC than in other Neighboring venues. It could be simpler to obtain more thefts and recoveries in this situation because a player's qualities, overall score, and badge counting don't matter as much.

You must maximize the use of the surrounding things, such as the trampolines if you want to succeed in The Cage and bring in more VC. Alternatively, you may identify a team that includes the ideal individuals for each necessary position (protecting, slamming, shooting), and join them. The Cages is the only gameplay option that allows you to do sky-high posterized layups on rivals or conduct severe fouls with no repercussions, making it a fascinating change-up from ordinary basketball. You might be required to make various purchases to make faster progress in the game. For the same you require MT coins. If you are falling short of them, get them quickly.

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Urban quests

Urban Quests take the longest to complete the lot, but they also provide some of the finest prizes. You'll encounter many various kinds of missions as you advance in the game, from everyday tasks to weekly tasks to exclusive encounters with NBA stars. To acquire a variety of checkpoints, you must explore the city. Remember that the City plan is fairly large this year, so plan to allot some time for traveling across the region. The alternative to going about on foot is buying a hoverboard or roller skates from the beginning of the game if your primary goal is to gain VC by completing Urban Quests.

The completion deadlines for many of the activities in Urban Quests are similarly shorter; some must be finished in a single day or even merely a few hours. Overall, with so many new goals appearing every week, this is a great location to concentrate on if you intend to discover the area.

Strategically achieve City MVP goals

Most City MVP assignments are determined by the quantity of MVP points you accumulate in MyCareer. This may result from engaging in MyCareer Activities, Park Game modes, or tasks in the various Quests modes described above. Everything you accomplish is recorded here, but many of these goals are also connected to MyCareer games. For instance, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in MyCareer Basketball games alone may get you 7,500 MVP credits. As a result, you have a greater chance of unlocking City MVP awards if you complete more MyCareer matches.

Your brand component of City MVP is connected to another area. 10,000 MVP credits will be awarded to you after you achieve a specific level in each area, such as Fashion Stage 5. Operations under City MVP can frequently be done without your knowledge. However, you might want to deliberately accomplish tasks that get you there more quickly if you are close to achieving something valuable in this part (like 1,000 VC for 300,000 MVP Credits).

NBA 2K23 The City

Utilize the Daily Mission to earn VC

The Everyday Mission in MyCareer is yet another VC-earning opportunity that is underutilized. A daily challenge that can be found under the "Side" option in the mission journal menu awards you between 1,000 and 5,000 VC for finishing a job within the 24-hour deadline. Depending on the goal and the player's ability, certain challenges can be completed quickly. If your objective is to earn ten rebounds and 10 blocks, for instance, you should just be able to complete the task in a few matches if you utilize a center.

On certain days, the tasks are even simpler to complete; for example, one of them only requires you to engage in five matches in a specific mode. The Everyday Challenge is a simple method to increase your VC in MyCareer or the Community overall. For individuals who wish to earn awards and improve their reputation in their community while simultaneously time, the strategy is also time-effective.

Play now for simple VC

The "Play Now Live" method is the easiest way to acquire VC in NBA 2K23 outside of MyCareer. All you must do to earn more VC is go online, pick a team, and compete against anyone. Every occasion you play, you are guaranteed to receive 400 VC for finishing the game and an additional 150 VC for succeeding. Your rating starts at the freshmen level, but if you win sufficient games, you will advance and unlock new levels that include legendary teams, earning more VC for doing so.

The historic aspect of Play Now Live is among its more pleasant pastimes. You can play as legendary teams in this gameplay, such as the Bulls from the 1990s or the Lakers from the 2000s. Based on your skill level, you could be able to accumulate VC quickly, especially if you can defeat your rivals by significant margins because many rivals can decide to give up before finishing the game.


That is it; you now know how to enhance your NBA 2K23 VC winning capacity using the quickest and simplest ways in addition to some of the other top VC- generating ways. As you advance through the game, you'll ultimately amass VC. also, if you need it, you can always buy VC through the in-game store.

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