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October 28, 2021
Gaming News

New World: Amazon Has a New Smash Hit Video Game

The video game New World, which has been highly anticipated, has finally arrived. Several delays and rounds of beta testing have left players eager to get access to the game.

The queue for New World is very long, and many players are not able to get in. Players in the European Union mainly complain about the game's launch time, which was 8 am CEST.

There was reportedly a cap of 2,000 players per server for launch. The estimated wait time for those in the queue now ranges from days to weeks instead of hours or minutes.

The game's menu has proven challenging for other players. Bugs have also caused issues for some players. Some have complained that the game does not recognize their clicks.

Thus, the game had to be restarted, and the ridiculously lengthy queue had to be joined again. However, Amazon Games have worked quite hard on improving these issues since its release.

Currently, there are fewer bugs and issues with the New World game, which is a good thing for fans. Further, the following are a few things that every New World player should focus on while playing the game.

Utilize Auto-Run

Don't miss the auto-run prompt that appears after fast travel and no mounts in New World. By doing this, you will no longer need to hold down W, and you can simply steer.

You will be able to jump over fences and other obstacles when you run, and your base running speed will let you get away from enemies.

Fast Travel

It's a little confusing how fast travel works in the New World. Your recall point will instead be the inn you stayed at if you stayed somewhere else. The currency Azoth is used to pay for Fast Travel. You have to earn it by completing missions rather than getting it over time.

There is a limit of 1,000, meaning you should spend it once you reach it. Azoth cost varies according to distance and weight between points for fast travel. Increasing your attributes or leveling up will result in any flat reduction in the cost of fast travel.

The fast travel option is available simply by opening the map, zooming out until you see the overall settlement icon, then clicking on it and choosing it. If you want to find plants or complete quests to level up, it's an ideal tool.

Use Proper Armor Type

Your armor type does not determine your armor status. That means you still have the status of Light Weight even if you are wearing a medium-sized armor set. You need to make sure your load is within the threshold.

It is possible to have Heavy Armor status while wearing a Medium Armor helmet or other items. There are a lot more possibilities than you might initially believe.

If you are under Heavy Weight Status, you can also use Berserk to move through much faster. Dodge-rolling is not possible while you are under Heavy Weight Status.

When you need to move through an area faster, you can reduce your Equipment Load temporarily by removing your armor. Further, when it comes to Sword & Shield combat, you don't need a shield in New World.

It does not make sense to equip a shield in this open-world game. Specialization makes you eligible for additional shield defenses and perks. Physical and elemental resistance is still present in broken gear.

Best Way to Find Gold in New World

The majority of regions of the New World contain gold. There are, however, specific spots in which gold is known to exist. The nature of gold deposits in mountainous areas and caves is just like iron and silver.

Brightwood is the place where players have found the largest gold mine. East of the Lush Hideaway is a gold-filled fishing spot along the river. Within the New World, you can mine approximately a dozen veins.

Once players have a sufficient amount of gold mined in the settlement and have reached their jewel crafting level, they can craft amulets and rings.

Besides, MMOPIXEL is another fastest way to get tons of coins. The website is trusted and reliable, due to which many New World players prefer purchasing coins from MMOPIXEL.

Does MMOPIXEL Have a Good Reputation?

The MMOPIXEL team is capable of delivering fast and reliable services at a competitive price. We also offer a lower price for New World Coins through our usual customer loyalty program.

No matter where you play, the currency is a vital component of survival. The same goes for New World Coins. The New World requires a lot of time and effort to obtain coins.

However, you can purchase cheap New World Coins directly from MMOPIXEL, which offers a convenient way to buy them.

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