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New World - Beginner's Guide 4 Tips and Tricks

Amazon has launched a brand new MMO, New World, which is huge. New World's crafting, resource gathering, and expedition systems are unique, even if many of its archetypes are typical of other MMOs.

In the New World, you don't have to conform to a certain type of playing style. Weapon mastery instead determines how powerful you are. If you are new to the New World, you might struggle to understand it, due to which we are writing this guide.

The article includes tips and tricks to help you learn how to craft, gather resources, complete quests, and choose the right build for the game.

1. Change Starter Zone

The moment you load New World and create your character, you'll be plunged into the story and given an option to choose from several starting areas.

If you plan to play with your friends, you'll probably want to have the same starter area as them since the first few hours of the main questline are linked to this area.

Sometimes, you're not going to have the opportunity to pick a starting point - and chances are you'll be somewhere separate from your friends. Changing your starting zone does not require a blind restart and hoping for the best.

It would be more efficient to stop once you've completed the tutorial opening - right after completing the first part of the quest. If you want to complete other quests, run to another marked starting area.

If you do accept the first quest, make sure you do not accept the second part. If you start the second part of the quest by accident, you will need to restart to change your starter zone.

2. Gather Everything

The New World revolves around crafting and gathering. You'll spend a lot of time searching in the New World for more than just resources left by animals and enemies. In some way, you can gather almost everything that is around you.

After that, you can add it to a recipe. You can make a variety of applications, from crafting armor, weapons, and potions. When you find something on the map, keep a note of where it is. There's a good chance you'll need that item at some point.

3. Equipment Weight Matters

The weight of your equipment matters just as much as the weight of your inventory. The type of armor you wear isn't necessarily dependent on the type of class you are in.

You can use heavy, light, or medium armor according to your preferences. But you have to be careful about how much weight you put on while wearing the armor.

If you wear too much armor, you will be slowed down, making dodging almost impossible because it lowers your stamina. The armor slots meter will need to be closely watched because of this.

It's important to keep your stamina cost low by choosing light armor for most slots. You can use heavy armor if you want to block attacks instead of dodging them.

Wearing heavy armor increases your defenses and reduces the pain of attacks. As you prepare to fight, take note of your Equipment Weight and adjust it according to what you'll need.

4. Use Gold

When playing New World, you will come across gold as the in-game currency. Gold is essential in the New World, and you can utilize it to buy armor, food, weapons, and various other stuff.

During the upcoming war, players can also use gold to purchase territory. Our basic tip for making gold in the New World is to finish quests. However, it's primarily a method of earning a large amount of gold quickly.

Regardless of whether the quests are from the Community Board or a faction, the higher your level, the more gold they will produce. It also helps you gain XP in your grind.

Other than this, the quickest way to access gold in the New World is by purchasing them. There are different websites you can use to purchase gold.

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