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New World Best Weapon Combos – Choose Your Favorite!

New World Best Weapon Combos at MMOPIXEL

One of the most appealing features of New World is how diverse it is when building your character. It doesn’t stagnate players into a specific class nor locks them into a limited set of skills and builds. Amazon Games proved that mechanics from single-player RPGs work perfectly in multiplayer scenarios. 

Players can carry two different weapons at a time, so there’s a lot of debate about the best weapon combinations. Most New World weapons (except Life Staff) come with dual scaling attributes. This opens many combo possibilities and different playstyles that New World players can experiment with. 

However, certain weapon combinations are a bit more favored than others regarding the current New World meta. In this article, we’ve gathered the best New World weapon combos to help you deal with every PvP and PvE scenario.

Sword and Shield + Life Staff

Sword and Shield is the most balanced choice out of all one handed melee weapons

  • Primary Weapon: Sword and Shield

  • Secondary Weapon: Life Staff

  • Attributes: Strength (DPS), Focus (Support)

Sword and Shield is the most common weapon combo in every RPG. However, most common doesn’t mean it’s the worst. Due to its decent crowd control, gap closers, and AoE healing with Life Staff, it’s probably the best choice for every beginner out there. Sword and Shield strike a perfect balance between offensive and defensive combat, while Life Staff’s healing abilities will help you survive through any combat mistakes you’ll make early on.

Since your sword will be the only weapon and source of damage, there are two possible build paths for this playstyle. If you’re opting for a tank/support build, the Defender skill tree is your way to go. It has plenty of crowd control and passive buff abilities to tank through everything. If you pair it with Life Staff’s healing skills, your sustain will grow exponentially.

On the other hand, the Swordmaster skill tree is more of a hybrid build with okayish damage and some healing. Unfortunately, this weapon combination doesn’t benefit from one attribute scaling. In short, lean toward Strength if you want to deal more damage and remain in the thick of combat. Otherwise, Focus should be your primary skill for tank/support playstyle. 

Out of the two, Focus is a better choice as it perfectly synergizes with the Defender skill tree. Also, it’s often a life saver for your party members due to the increased AoE healing from Life Staff.

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Great Axe + Hatchet

Great Axe and Hatchet is a strong choice for consistent DPS damage

  • Primary Weapon: Great Axe

  • Secondary Weapon: Hatchet

  • Attributes: Strength (DPS), Dexterity (Crit chance)   

This build is perfect for anyone who prioritizes dealing damage over anything else. Great Axe and Hatchet guarantee insane DPS, decent crowd control, and high mobility. It’s ideal for rampaging through multiple enemies and experiencing the game’s combat at its fullest. And if you’re ever in need of ranged attacks, Hatchet’s Throwing skill tree is perfect for that.

One of the biggest advantages of playing this build is a perfect synergy between the two. Great Axe is one of the strongest two-handed melee weapons in the game, while Hatchet trades damage output for raw speed. Also, the Berserker skill tree works flawlessly with either of Great Axe’s mastery trees. It all depends on your preferred playstyle. 

Great Axe’s Mauler skill tree is perfect for crowd control. Reaper skill tree, on the other hand, grants you excellent mobility and damage. Additionally, both weapons scale off of Strength, so you won’t be sacrificing any damage for one or the other. Don’t forget about Dexterity, though, as it allows for more critical hits from your Hatchet. Add at least 50 points to this attribute, and you're good to go. Since this build is more focused on DPS and mobility, wear light armor. 

Hatchet + Ice Gauntlet

Hatchet and Ice Gauntlet are perfect for a Battlemage build

  • Primary Weapon: Hatchet

  • Secondary Weapon: Ice Gauntlet

  • Attributes: Intelligence (DPS), Constitution (Health)

Hatchet is a solid damage dealer, either as a primary or secondary weapon. With Berserk mode, you'll be able to quickly strike your opponent in addition to self-healing and significant buff to movement speed. Hatchet is also great for ranged attacks, especially with the Throwing skill tree. For example, Infected Throw reduces targets’ healing ability by 30%, which is the only healing counter in the game. It’s also great for hunting, as you can throw a weapon to hunt animals from a distance.                

On the other hand, Ice Gauntlet damages and slows enemies in a short radius. The more enemies it hits, the higher amount of damage it deals. Combine this with Ice Wall to stun anyone who crosses it and finish them off with your Hatchet. However, the best combo is to auto-attack with Ice Gauntlet from a distance first. As you get closer to the enemy, switch to Hatchet and use the Berserk mode in conjunction with the Feral Rush ability. You can always create an Ice Storm and stun enemy players with Ice Block if something goes wrong. This build mostly benefits from Intelligence and Constitution by putting 100 points in each. 

Rapier + Ice Gauntlet

Rapier and Ice Gauntlet combo excels in PvP but it's also viable in PvE

  • Primary Weapon: Rapier

  • Secondary Weapon: Ice Gauntlet

  • Attributes: Intelligence (DPS), Focus (Mana Regen)

It’s probably the hardest weapon combo to master, but it’s also one of the deadliest in PvP. Rapier alone can be devastating during 1v1 duels due to its single target damage, but with the added debuffs and short invulnerability saves of the Ice Gauntlet, it’s a truly devastating combo. It’s also decent in PvE battles due to Ice Gauntlets' long-range AoE spells.

The primary attribute of both weapons is Intelligence, which means you’re dealing the highest damage possible with either of the weapons. You’ll be alternating between the two depending on your situation. For PvP, start with Rapier for single target melee damage and aid yourself with Ice Gauntlet’s crowd control abilities. The Ice Tempest skill tree will provide plenty of slows and stuns. 

In PvE, it’s quite the opposite – start with Ice Gauntlet as your first weapon and finish with Rapier. This build successfully covers every combat scenario and scales with only one attribute. Additionally, you can switch between close combat and long distances while still dealing solid damage in group PvP or PvE. What more could you want? 

War Hammer + Life Staff

War Hammer is the slowest, but also the most damaging weapon in the game

  • Primary Weapon: War Hammer

  • Secondary Weapon: Life Staff

  • Attributes: Strength (DPS), Focus (Health Regen), Constitution (Max HP)

We’ve covered Life Staff in Sword and Shield build, but we will focus on a purely offensive approach this time. War Hammer is one of the best weapons for pure damage in the game. It’s not the fastest, but its ability to deal damage makes up for it. War Hammer has plenty of damaging skills to deal with multiple enemies at a close range. 

The Juggernaut skill tree is best for raw damage, while Crowd Crusher focuses on stuns and knockdowns. And if anything goes wrong, a healing spell from Life Staff is all you’ll ever need. This build is so straightforward that it doesn't need much explanation. The only thing you should care about is a proper attribute distribution.

Obviously, you should prioritize Strength as your War Hammer scales with it. Focus is needed for that extra healing from your Life Staff that scales with your level. You can throw some points into Constitution once in a while to increase your HP and avoid being one-shotted.   


Picking up the best two weapons that will synergize with each other is not an easy task. Choosing the right weapon skills and proper distribution of attribute points is even more challenging; thus, we’ve decided to cover only five builds. Either of those is a solid pick for solo players wanting to delve into the game's PvE content fully. 

PvP players shouldn’t be disappointed either, as there’s plenty of single target and AoE damage in these builds. You can always replace Life Staff with Fire Staff for more damage or Ice Gauntlet for Void Gauntlet if you prefer. However, if you want to keep up with the current meta, these are arguably the best builds for both survivability and damage.  

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