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New World Devs Focusing On Bug Fixes Instead  in February
January 21, 2022
Gaming News

New World Devs Focusing On Bug Fixes Instead in February

Amazon Game Studios have been fairly quiet on news regarding New World so far in 2022, but that changed when a 50-minute dev blog was shared to the game's official YouTube channel.

In the video, in which different members of the development team discuss a variety of topics, ranging from soon-to-be-added systems like mutators to various technical issues the team is looking to address.

Firstly, the January update for New World's live game is set to introduce Expedition Modifiers called Mutators. Mutators are the latest addition to endgame content in New World that will make expeditions more difficult and provide bigger rewards for players.

With this system, mutated tuning orbs will be made available. These will give players the ability to open any expedition with this type of orb. This means players can navigate the maps faster to take advantage of the new Mutators and six new spirit shrines have been added to the game. The cost of fast travel has also been reduced.

Expertise, the last change to New World's endgame, has also been increased. Now players can level their Expertise up to 625, above the previous cap of 600.

Bug fixes are currently a big priority for Amazon, which is why the game's February update won't include any new content.

New World has been crippled on multiple occasions due to various bugs, including multiple instances of gold and item duplication exploits that led to Amazon temporarily disabling the game's entire economy. While most of those issues have been fixed quickly once discovered, there are still a number of issues that are priorities for the team. In addition to fixes for various bugged quests, missing ingredients, and other issues, the team is also looking to improve server desync issues and make weapon swapping more reliable.

Part of ironing out many of the game's technical issues means giving players more time on the game's public test realm--at least two and a half weeks--to test out potential bug fixes and new features, which in turn gives the team more time to react to player feedback. The update also touches on Amazon's plans to merge various low population New World servers, plans that didn't go as smoothly as planned. A housing persistence bug caused a delay in the process, but more merges are being planned in the near future. Once those merges are complete, characters will once again be able to transfer servers.

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In terms of what players can expect in the long term, the dev update was light on details but did reaffirm that a new weapon, the Blunderbuss, is in the works. Other details include the possibility of mutated expeditions coming to lower-level expeditions. The team also likes the idea of more small-scale PvP like matchmade arenas or more casual versions of activities like Invasions or War, though no concrete plans were discussed. More dev-playthrough videos will be coming soon as well. A previous video saw the dev team accepting the community's challenge to complete the Myrkgard endgame zone, with some humorous results.

New World's next update will add a new endgame system in the form of Mutated Expeditions, as well as a way to raise the maximum gear score of items. The new content is currently being tested on the game's PTR and is slated to officially release later this month.

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