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New World: The Latest News and Updates


By kevin|October 29, 2021 8:35 AM|152 Views

In the New World, you build up forts, settlements, and factions. You can also build your private paradise on your favorite island in the New World.

Additionally, some pretty spectacular multiplayer features include stealing territory from players or defending your gains. Players compete for territory from the island against each other. This game is unique and worth playing for action lovers.

Whether you're just learning about New World or have played for a while, here, you'll find the latest news, guides, and more.

How Does New World Differ from Other MMOs?

It contains an element of player-versus-player territory control, but it isn't entirely player-driven. In the New World, you can fight monsters, level up, and find gear anytime you want.

Players can team up with others to fight world events or bosses. As New World is an open-world RPG, there's no need to deal with player politics. Upon joining one of the three factions in the world, you can activate your PvP flag to fight other players.

You will get rid of equipment if a player from another faction kills you. Choosing PvP will reward you with extra experience points for every action you take.

How Leveling and Combat Work in the New World?

Combat in New World is more than just tactics - you'll have to master dodge and block timing, as well as connect your attacks to hitboxes. Several base attributes will receive points as you level up.

When you have strength, melee weapons deal more damage, and ranged weapons deal more damage when you have agility. Additionally, you will gain proficiency with different weapons as you use them regardless of your level.

As you use things like a sword more and more, you will unlock passive and active sword fighting skills. The active skill is a single attack with long cooldowns, such as a spinning attack that simultaneously hits various enemies. You can master all the types of weapons if you wish.

You can also use several weapons such as swords, war hammers, bows, and muskets. The ice gauntlets and fire are popular weapons to try. By pressing 1 and 2, you can change weapons instantly.

You can also combine resources to make clothing and even furnishings with different crafting skills. Furthermore, if you want to make high-tier items, you will need high-tier crafting stations.

Buy House in New World

You can purchase the house in a settlement at level 15, and it works as a fast travel location. The same piece of land can be owned by several players. Players can customize the interior of the house once they enter. If you want to hang out in your house, you can bring four other players with you.

You can buy a second house at level 35, and a third house may be purchased at level 55, giving you access to fast travel between various settlements. It's a great way to become a community member by purchasing a home in that settlement.

However, remember that the faction controlling the settlement imposes a housing tax. Your home will remain, but you won't enjoy its benefits if you do not pay it.

Farming Gold in New World

New World uses gold as its in-game currency, which you can use to purchase weapons and other items. Additionally, you can purchase settlements and territories. Fortifying a territory for upcoming Wars will require you to invest in upgrades.

The Company has the power to control territory to determine the amount of gold it will get. To acquire gold, you must complete Main and Side Story Quests.

Depending on your level, they can offer you more than 80 gold in a single mission. However, the latter two types of quests grant you only a fraction of the gold awarded by the first two.

You can level up your Trade Skills while completing quests other than your character and weapon mastery levels. Trade Skills are divided into three types such as gathering, refining, and crafting.

The Gathering Skills will be your base of operations at early levels, so it's essential to reach level 50 for each of them. Additionally, it will help you when crafting better gear later on. A website like MMOPIXEL also offers New World gold at a reasonable cost.

Is MMOPIXEL a Reliable Website to Buy New World Gold?

MMOPIXEL is a 100% reliable and trusted website to purchase New World coins. Providing lightning-fast deliveries and 24/7 support, the platform's dedicated team proves to be the best to provide the New World Gold.

You can choose from various offers and discounts, ranging from cheap golds to fast delivery or bulk discounts, so choose the one that most suits your needs. So, if you want to purchase New World Gold at lower rates, then try MMOPIXEL.

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