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New World will be officially released on September 28th


By Anna|August 26, 2021 6:57 AM|192 Views

Amazon's upcoming PC MMO, New World, is getting an open beta ahead of its September 28th release date, Amazon Games announced at Gamescom's Opening Night Live on Wednesday. The open beta will take place from September 9th to September 12th.

The open beta will run from 3 pm BST (7am PT) on September 9th until 8 am BST (12am PT) on September 12th.

In an FAQ, the developers say: " The open beta test will utilize Steam's new Playtest feature, which allows all interested players in our supported regions to request access to the test, for free." They add that, like the previous beta, your progress won't carry over into the full game.

While exact details weren't shared, Amazon also discussed its desire to support New World with post-launch content and updates. One thing hinted at was a common player request for more supernatural weapons and elements, which will arrive in some form " shortly after launch." Additionally, more group content and expeditions seem to be on the docket toward the holiday season.

New World is set to release properly on September 28th, and you can find it over on Steam or Amazon.

If you're planning on jumping into the beta, it's worth checking out our New World guides later. We've got advice on how to play with your friends, how New World's attributes work, and even how to fish. New World Coins will soon be available for sale on our website with the launch of the New game. Hope you can browse helpful New World guides here.

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