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NHL 23 Beginner's Guide for Getting Started

The NHL begins a new year as the current hockey season has begun and NHL 23 has evolved into a global phenomenon. The release of the new game heralds a fresh year of learning the intricacies of the Frostbite technology and using them to your advantage. You've come to the correct spot if NHL 23 is new to you. Let's review the gameplay and other important information in this NHL 23's beginner's guide.

Why is this guide important?

Many players, whether through prior expertise with several other hockey-related sports games, would be able to pick up the game right away. Before beginning their journey to NHL 23 greatness, players may require some beginner recommendations as they aren't always able to grasp the game and begin playing right away.

Game Modes

  • The addition of Custom Leagues, which allows users to effectively become the commissioner of their league by controlling the number of clubs in a division or conference, dynamic scheduling, and playoff customization, is the franchise mode's most important upgrade in NHL 23.

  • Saving lineups and strategies allows for a better in-game feel where players don't have to devote as much time traversing menus, which is welcomed by Online Versus.

  • Like the HUT, World of Chel will include cross-platform matching in November to ensure that users spend more time skating with their friends and less time looking for a match.

You can also consider purchasing NHL 23 Coins which is the in-game currency of the game to make purchases within the game across various game modes.

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Using One-Touch Dekes

NHL 23's fancy techniques and skill moves may be quite challenging to master. Because of this, adopting one-touch dekes is one of the finest strategies for amateurs who want to become creative with their scoring. When you do this, a stylish deke will automatically be executed, which, when done correctly, may let you get straight past a defender. Both left and right joystick's direction and movement also let you choose which deke to do. Of course, it might be difficult to control the joystick when you specialize in the deke you wish to do. So, for the time being, it would be best to simply press the button and pray for the best. Alternatively, you might enter practice mode and experiment with the technique until you have the feel of it. Eventually, before you realize it, you'll be doing tricks that belong on the highlight reel.


In NHL 23, a side that spends the most time attacking often wins the match. And other teams' ability to overwhelm you inside the offensive zone is greatly attributed to their accurate and rapid throwing. It's one of the finest recommendations for beginners since good teams always move the ball to the open region of the ice to generate a scoring opportunity. You've certainly noticed, though, that occasionally your passes might take a wild turn and veer off course from the designated destination.

The most likely cause of this is that you probably didn't target your pass or aimed it incorrectly. Handful individuals understand that you may target your passes while moving your player with the left joystick. In order to ensure that the ball lands exactly where you want it to, always orient your player in that direction while making a throw. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be controlling the opposing zone while passing like a pro. It'll still take some practice.

Always keep on Changing Lines!

You along with your teammates may find that after a lengthy stint on the ice during a game, you two start to feel fairly exhausted. Naturally, you are less effective against some other line for whom the energy is greater the more exhausted you are. When this happens, your guys are frequently simply skated past and pushed off the puck, which opens up a wide-open back-door goal. And it's not necessarily your fault; occasionally, despite it is preferable to do so, the AI fails to shift lines between whistles.

One of the greatest NHL 23 beginning tips is to switch lines frequently to make sure you're always playing one with a complete stamina bar. Alternatively, you can change your lines such that they align with the top line of the other team. The little, grayed-out panel in the bottom right corner of the screen will then show your lines. Pressing either button a second time will transition between both the offensive as well as defensive lines. The following shift, they will swap out, so just maintain it on the line you chose. This may also be done mid-game, which will cause your lines to switch mid-shift.

Puck Movements for the Last Chance

One of NHL 23's most interesting new elements is the Last Chance Puck Movement. It serves to be one of the greatest pieces of advice for players of all skill levels, including novices. Because in hockey, one all-out effort to get a shot off or a pass off might occasionally make the difference between scoring a goal and backchecking to move onto defense. These new desperate maneuvers have the potential to create some very amazing highlight plays. You'll need to learn how to utilize them, though.

You push your passing key repeatedly twice to make a last-ditch pass. Press the shot button twice or make two up movements with your right shooting joystick to perform a desperate shot. When there is a loose puck in a scrum or when you are on the forecheck and believe you will lose the puck, you should do this. You may dive & sacrifice your player in this manner while still getting the shot off or passing to a teammate.

NHL 23 Guide


No matter the mode, it's critical to maintain position. As just a defenseman, you risk the danger of encircling goals if you consistently try to pinch or move up forward. Why? You won't have enough bodies to manage the opponent's offense because of this.

Be disciplined and stick with the opposing skaters; else, you can come to regret it. Keep the right winger mostly on right, the left winger just on left, and so on. When being hostile, choose your targets wisely.

Poke Checks

Poke checks are one of the peculiarities that the newest Frostbite engine has introduced, and they have considerably altered since the makeover. Due to the Frostbite engine's emphasis on body checking, obstructing passing lanes, and maintaining position, poke checks are much less powerful.

Although poke checks remain crucial, it's best not to spam. Continuous poke checks will cause you to lose balance and open the door for opponents to pass you if you are unsuccessful.

Blocking Lanes

The pace of the game as well as the physics engine have both undergone significant alterations as a result of Frostbite. Space is considerably more scarce than in previous games, therefore it's critical to keep an eye on the open players on the ice and focus on their tendencies. Does the other team enjoy putting pressure on you or how about the centerman up front? Examine which players are available or which ones the opposition like to use as a channel for their offensive. After that, change and eliminate those choices.

NHL 23 Defense


Working on the cycle game in NHL 23 is crucial. When playing against opponents that prefer to be physical with the users and don't like to hold one position, moving the puck about may be really helpful. Successful cycling involves moving the puck toward high-danger scoring locations, like the front side of the net, by passing the puck all around boards, and identifying players who are open in space, while working with the other team.

Vision Control Pivots

Many players will be employing the Vision Control pivots if they enter an NHL 23 online game. For the benefit of those who might require some clarification, this maneuver is frequently employed to swiftly shift directions while turning around and to defend the puck from the opponents.


Starting in NHL 23 HUT is quite easy, but it's important to know what's available, especially for new players. When you initially start NHL 23 HUT, one of the things you'll do is open packs, and there are many options. You must, however, make sensible decisions regarding which cards to retain and which to discard. The Spotlight Choice Packs are excellent options for the first group. There are numerous choices, and you could get extra NHL 23 HUT things depending on whatever edition you preorder.


Single Player Challenges

Many NHL 23 HUT players plan to spend their time in this region. You have multiple chances to gain prizes by completing these tasks. To obtain the entirety of the Training Camp packs, which contain players and things, we are now completing the Training Camp task. In NHL 23 HUT, players may earn coins in addition to packs. Every day, new tasks are added; the Power Up Icons Challenge was recent. You must win every award you can this year in order to be competitive, regardless of the tasks you achieve.

HUT Auction

You may acquire NHL 23 HUT cards that you desire but haven't found in packs by visiting the auctions. It's not too difficult to navigate the game's auctions. All you have to do to access the Auction House is head into the Exchange section. The sets that you'll complete in NHL 23 HUT to get additional prizes are located in the same place. The Training Camp set is currently available for completion. To get prizes, all you have to do is trade in your Training Camp collectibles.


NHL 23 generally takes a lot of ability and coordination to master; if you're not skilled at it, you can regularly find yourself losing. But if you use our beginner's guide, you can bridge the gap and then even dominate most of your games. In this manner, you will have the opportunity to take the glory home—at least until the next time.

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