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NHL 23 Best Grinders List

Every team game requires players who would be prepared to put in the "dirty labor," the "ugly" effort, and the tasks that don't necessarily show up in the box score. There exist a number of archetypes in hockey for these kinds of jobs, and the Grinder serves as one of them for forwards (wing and center players). The NHL 23 Grinder archetypes listed below are the top ones according to the overall ranking. The top Grinder on this list has an overall rating of 83 OVR, which is lower than prior rankings because Grinder NHL 23 types aren't supposed to be the team's best players.

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Zach Sanford - 79

Zach Sanford, is the second Predator here on the list and the first Grinder, with an OVR of 79. Having an 88 rating in Balance, Body Checking, and Strength, Sanford comes out on top. Stick Checking, Slap Shot Power, as well as Wrist Shot Power are next with 87 ratings each. He possesses 85 different attributes, including Hand-Eye, Acceleration, Agility, Endurance, Speed, & Aggressivity.

As a member of the St. Louis Blues when they captured the 2019 Stanley Cup Finals, Sanford has won just one championship. Sanford has 290 career games played with 47 goals & 48 assists for 95 points as he begins his debut season in Nashville. He has 418 hits and 200 blocked shots.

NHL 23 Zach Sanford

Keegan Kolesar - 79

Keegan Kolesar, the second of the three Grinders, is tied for being the youngest player on this list alongside Jeannot at 79 OVR. Kolesar embodies what a Grinder should be. His 91 Body Checking, 90 Balance, Aggressiveness, & Strength ratings are his strongest qualities. in He increases his 90 Balance with 87 in Fighting Skill, 85 in Durability, & 83 in Endurance. He scores 84 for acceleration, agility, as well as speed in addition to 88 for stick checking and 82 for defensive awareness. With 87 in Slap Shot & Wrist Shot Power plus 82 in both Accuracy, he is a proficient shooter as well.

Although Kolesar only participated in one match during the 2019–2020 season, he is beginning his fourth year with Vegas. In 125 games, of which he made a career-high 77 during the 2021–2022 season, he scored 11 goals with 27 assists (38 points). He has also recorded 364 hits and 63 blocked shots.

NHL 23 Keegan Kolesar

Zack Kassian - 79

Zack Kassian is still a capable grinder despite just missing the 80 OVR threshold. Possessing 92 in Strength, 91 in Balance & Body Checking, 90 in Aggressiveness, 89 in Durability, 88 in Fighting Skill, 86 in Stick Checking and Endurance, 85 in Speed, 84 in Acceleration, and 82 in Agility, his finest traits, like Hathaway's, are centered toward defense and physicality. With 89 Slap Shot Power & 88 Wrist Shot Power, he possesses a powerful shot, but with 82 Wrist Shot Precision or even 81 Slap Shot Accuracy, he may improve his accuracy.

After playing in Edmonton for the past seven seasons, Kassian is now beginning his 12th season in the NHL and his first in Arizona. He has been through the playoffs, but neither postseason success nor any individual accolades has he experienced. Nevertheless, Kassian has 201 points in 612 games on the strength of 90 goals111 assists, 77 shots blocked, and an absurd 1,331 hits (more than 100 each season).

NHL 23 Zack Kassian

Garnet Hathaway - 80

Approaching his fourth and perhaps final year in Washington, D.C., Garnet Hathaway The very last Grinder who has at least an 80 OVR rating is the 30-year-old wing player, who is balanced. With scores of 91 in Body Checking, 90 in Aggressiveness, 88 in Stick Checking, Balance, and Strength, 85 in Fighting Skill and Durability, 84 in Shot Blocking, Acceleration, Agility, and Speed, and 83 in Def. Awareness and Endurance, Hathaway gets high grades for the defensive and gritty side of hockey. With 83 Passing & 82 Deking, Hand-Eye, and Puck Control, he is capable of handling the puck as a wing.

In 376 games, the eighth-year player has 45 goals and 55 assists for 100 points. Hathaway has 1,086 hits, 238 blocked shots, along with 423 minutes inside the penalty box.

NHL 23 Garnet Hathaway

Corey Perry - 81

Former Mighty Ducks of Anaheim player Corey Perry has been a part of 3 clubs from the beginning of the 2018–19 season, which was his final one in Anaheim. He is presently a member of the Tampa Bay. The 90 poise of the right winger is his finest quality, and it is followed by his 89 balance, aggression, body checking, as well as strength. He possesses 84 in Offensive Awareness, 83 Deking, and 85 in Hand-Eye & Puck Control. Along with it, he adds 87 to Wrist Shot Power, 85 in Wrist Shot Accuracy, and Slap Shot Accuracy with 83 to his shot combination. He possesses 88 in Stick Checking and 84 in Defensive Awareness, with 80 in Shot Blocking on the defensive end. He also possesses an 85 in Fighting Skill, allowing him to serve as your chosen fighter if you ever feel the need to engage in a fight.

Perry decided to join Tampa Bay after they won back-to-back titles, but they lost to Colorado during the Stanley Cup in 2022. He wants to assist Tampa Bay in advancing to its third championship in four years and a record-tying fourth straight Stanley Cup Finals. In 1,179 games, Perry has scored 406 goals along with 454 assists (860 pts), including earning the coveted Hart Memorial Trophy during the 2010–11 season.

NHL 23 Corey Perry

Tanner Jeannot - 81

Tanner Jeannot is one of two Nashville Predators here on the list and is also tied for the youngest player. With a 91 in Body Checking, 90 rating in Aggressiveness, 88 in Balance as well as Strength, 87 in eStick Checking, and 85 in Defensive Awareness, Acceleration, Agility, Speed, Durability, as well as Fighting Skill, the 25-year-old Jeannot is strong physically and on defense. With 87 in Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Power, 85 in Hand-Eye, Slap Shot Accuracy, and Wrist Shot Accuracy, 84 in Passing as well as Puck Control, and 83 in Deking, he's not too bad offensively.

Currently in his third NHL season, Jeannot (all with Nashville). In 100 career appearances, he has scored 29 goals and provided 19 assists for 48 points. In his 100 career games, he has contributed 72 blocked shots with an amazing 387 hits, demonstrating just how serious he is about becoming a Grinder. In addition, he's been in the penalty box for 139 minutes.

NHL 23 Tanner Jeannot

Barclay Goodrow - 82

In NHL 23, Barclay Goodrow, a two-time Stanley Cup winner, is ranked as the second-best grinder, barely behind Foligno. The distribution of the New York Ranger's attributes is balanced. Outside of Discipline (70) and Faceoffs (75), his top ratings are 89 in Stick Checking, Balance, Aggressiveness, Body Checking, as well as Strength. His lowest rating is 78 in Fighting Skill. He augments his 85 Durability and Endurance on defense with 86 Defense Awareness and Shot Blocking. With 87 in Slap Shot & Wrist Shot Power and 83 in Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Accuracy, he can pack a punch.

Before being signed midseason with Tampa Bay for the 2019–2020 season, Goodrow spent six seasons in San Jose. Prior to joining the Rangers during the 2021–2022 season, he went on to capture the Stanley Cup for Tampa Bay during this same season and the following one. Goodrow has 46 goals as well as 82 assists in 413 games (128 points).

NHL 23 Barclay Goodrow

Marcus Foligno - 83

Having an 83 OVR rating, Minnesota Wild player Marcus Foligno is the top grinder in NHL 23. With 90 in Balance, Aggressiveness, Body Checking, as well as Strength, plus 85 in Endurance and Durability, and 84 in Acceleration, Agility, Speed, as well as Fighting Skill, he excels in skating and physical qualities. With 85 Hand-Eye, 84 Passing and Ball Control, 83 in Deking with the puck, 87 Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Power, 85 Slap Shot and Wrist Shot Accuracy, 89 Stick Checking, 86 Defensive Awareness, and 84 Shot Blocking, he can do a little bit of everything.

Foligno, who has been in Minnesota since the 2017–18 season after completing six years in Buffalo, is about to begin his eleventh season. In 680 games, he boasts 110 goals and 143 assists for 253 points. A remarkable 1,951 hits and 401 blocked shots have also been added by him. Foligno has been in the sin bin for 659 minutes.

NHL 23 Marcus Foligno


This concludes our NHL 23 Best Grinders List. You now know which Grinder types from NHL 23 had the highest overall ratings. Who will you aim for if you want to add a Grinder to your team? This is something you would know by playing more and more.

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