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NHL 23 Best Wing Players List

In hockey, wing players frequently score the majority of goals. A winger frequently comes to mind when considering all of the strong one-timers and slap shots. Wing players typically gravitate more toward shooting skills because of how crucial they are to a team's goal production, but the top ones can have an influence from either side of the ball. The top wingers in NHL 23 are listed here, according to an overall rating. For this position, both primary right and left wingers were chosen. The lack of players like Nathan MacKinnon & Leon Draisaitl explains why no center with a secondary wing position was selected.

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Patrick Kane - 93

Chicago's Patrick Kane, who is only in his 16th year, is regarded as the greatest winger in NHL 23 having a 93 OVR rating. Kane does have a 97 in Offense Awareness and Wrist Shot Accuracy, but he only scores a 96 overall in the Puck Skills category. Because of this, he is extremely skilled at pulling off some tougher dekes and seldom drops the puck. His slap shot accuracy is 95, however, his wrist shot and slap shot power are both only 89. He could hit the target with his shot, though. With 96 for Agility, 95 for Acceleration, and 92 for Speed, Kane is a swift skater who further strengthens the power of his dekes.

The 33-year-old has 1,110 games under his belt with 430 goals plus 751 assists (1,181 pts). Kane has 132 points (132 goals, 80 assists) in 136 games during the playoffs. Following Chicago's 2013 Stanley Cup victory, Kane was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy.

NHL 23 Patrick Kane

Alex Ovechkin - 92

Don't be deceived by the fact that Alex Ovechkin is entering his 18th season and is no longer the same player he once was. Ovechkin continues to be a lethal goal scorer. He possesses 96 in Slap Shot Power, 95 in Slap Shot Accuracy, and 94 in Wrist Shot Accuracy & Power in addition to his 97 in Offense Awareness and 96 in Poise. With 93 in Hand-Eye, 92 in Ball Control, 89 in Passing, and 88 in Deking, he could still handle the puck, but it would probably be preferable for him to set up for slap shots off some of the passes from teammates.

After defeating the Vegas Golden Knights in five matches in 2018, Ovechkin contributed to Washington winning their first Stanley Cup. The almost certain Hall of Famer has 1,411 points (1,277 goals and 631 assists) in 1,277 games over the course of his career. In 147 postseason games, he tallied 72 goals with 69 assists for a total of 141 points.

NHL 23 Alex Ovechkin

Nikita Kucherov - 92

Nikita Kucherov has played a crucial part in the Tampa Bay team that has advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals three times in a row, capturing the first two. The right-wing sniper has exceptional puck skills, scoring 96 for deking and 95 for hand-eye, passing, plus puck control in addition to his 96 for overall awareness and 95 for poise. Having 95 in wrist shot accuracy, 94 in slap shot accuracy, 92 in a wrist shot power, and 91 in slap shot power, he also has a lot of punch in his shot.

Kucherov has won two championships while playing with the Lightning. As he begins his ninth season, his totals throughout his career are 246 goals with 373 assists (619 points) over 565 games. Kucherov has tacked on 52 goals and 102 assists for 154 points in 136 games throughout the playoffs. After the 2018–19 campaign, he also received three prestigious honors: the Hart Memorial Trophy, Ted Lindsay Award, as well as Art Ross Trophy.

NHL 23 Nikita Kucherov

Jonathan Huberdeau - 92

Jonathan Huberdeau, a former Florida Panther, is now a part of the Calgary Flames. Huberdeau, who is in his eleventh year, has excellent puck skills, scoring 95 in passing & puck control & 94 in hand-eye and deking. With his 96 Offense awareness and 90 in Poise, he is also able to maintain his cool when handling the puck. He boasts 92 in wrist shot accuracy, 91 in slap shot accuracy, and 90 in wrist shot power, but also 89 in slap shot power, so he's no slouch with the shot either.

Although Huberdeau is a Playmaker archetype, his 198 goals and 416 assists (614 points) represent a little reversal of the statistics one might anticipate from a wing player. In 26 postseason games, Huberdeau has contributed five goals as well as 16 assists for a total of 21 points.

NHL 23 Jonathan Huberdeau

Artemi Panarin - 92

The New York Rangers' Artemi Panarin possesses excellent puck skills and strong shooting skills to go along with them. With the puck, Panarin has a 96 deking rating and a 95 for hand-eye, passing, plus puck control. In order to maintain his composure under pressure, the Playmaker archetype also has 96 Off. Awareness, 90 for Poise, and 85 for Discipline. He is a skilled shooter, scoring 94 in both wrist shot and slap shot accuracy, but just 91 in wrist shot power and 89 in slap shot power. With 93 in Agility, 92 in Acceleration & Speed, and 85 in Balance, Panarin is also a graceful skater.

The seasoned player, who is into his ninth season and fourth with New York, has tallied 188 goals with 387 assists (575 points) overall in 511 games. In 50 postseason games, he has contributed 16 goals with 28 assists for a total of 44 points. The two-time All-Star was named to the All-Rookie Team for the 2015–2016 season and went on to win the Calder Memorial Trophy.

NHL 23 Artemi Panarin

Miko Rantanen - 91

The Colorado Avalanche, who are the reigning Stanley Cup champions, have the finest main wing in Miko Rantanen. Rantanen gets about similar scores for his shooting and puck skills, with the highest grades being 95 off-awareness and 90 poise. He scores 92 in Deking and Hand-Eye and 93 in Passing and Puck Control. The Sniper possesses 90 in Wrist Shot Power, 92 in Slap Shot Power, 93 in Wrist Shot Accuracy, and 92 in Slap Shot Power. In essence, he is skilled at both making plays and scoring.

The former All-Star was crucial to Colorado's Stanley Cup victory in 2022. Rantanen scored 36 goals and had 56 assists for 92 points in 75 games during the 2021–2022 season. He scored five goals with 20 assists for a total of 25 points in 20 games during the playoffs, helping him and his teammates win the Stanley Cup. The seasoned player, who is in his seventh season, wants to help Colorado win the championship again.

NHL 23 Miko Rantanen

David Pastrnak - 91

One of the few highly regarded Bruins who hopes to lead the team to another Stanley Cup victory is Boston regular David Pastrnak. Pastrnak, who has 96 in Puck Control and 95 in Deking, Hand-Eye, and Passing, is another exceptional puck handler. He is helped by his 90 Poise and 96 Off. Awareness. He has 92 Acceleration and Speed, which allows him to skate as well as the greatest of them while optimizing his puck skills. Pastrnak excels as a sniper, scoring 95 for wrist shots and 94 for slap shots, although his power is a little lower at 89 for both types of shots.

As he begins his ninth season, Pastrnak has accumulated 241 goals with 267 assists (508 points) over 512 games, all with Boston. As the leading goal scorer for the 2019–2020 season, he also received the Maurice Richard Trophy.

NHL 23 David Pastrnak

Kirill Kaprizov - 91

In order for Minnesota to achieve what has evaded the team in their little over two decades of existence: a Stanley Cup Finals trip, Kirill Kaprizov believes that he can lead the offensive while new goalkeeper Marc-André Fleury shuts down the opposition's offense (and win). With the help of 96 in Offense Awareness, 90 in Poise, and 85 in Discipline, Kaprizov has 94 scores in all Puck Skills. With 93 in Slap Shot Accuracy, 92 in Wrist Shot Accuracy, and 90 in Slap Shot & Wrist Shot Power, the Sniper has a more evenly distributed distribution of the four shooting characteristics. With 92 in Agility, 91 in Acceleration & Speed, and 87 in Balance, he can skate effectively as well.

Kaprizov, who is starting his third season in Minnesota, is the least experienced the 25-year-olds on this list even if there are other 25-year-olds. After the 2020–21 season, the Wild winger took home the Calder Memorial Trophy and was named to the All-Rookie Team. Kaprizov has 138 games and 138 points (75 goals and 87 assists) in slightly over 2 years with the Wild. Kaprizov has played in 13 postseason games in his career and has 9 goals with two assists (11 points).

NHL 23 Kirill Kaprizov

Brad Marchand - 91

Brad Marchand, the enigmatic Boston wing who tends to elicit strong feelings of either love or hatred from his opponents, wants to add a second Stanley Cup victory to his resume. As a two-way forward, the veteran of the Bruins has excellent qualities all around. His puck skills are now almost equal, scoring 93 Hand-Eye, 94 Off-Awareness, 92 Deking, and 94 Puck Control with 90 Poise. With 94 in both Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Accuracy and 88 in Slap Shot & Wrist Shot Power, he has the precision of a sniper. Marchand has excellent defensive skills as well, scoring 92 for stick checking, 91 for defensive awareness, and 85 for shot blocking.  He possesses 92 in Aggressiveness, 88 in Body Checking & Durability, 87 in Strength, and 80 in Fighting Skill, thus he will carry out some of the dirty work as well, which many people find irritating.

The four-time All-Star and former champion is beginning his twelfth season (all with Boston). In 874 games, he scored 351 goals with 444 assists for 795 total points. In 139 postseason games, Marchand has tacked on 49 goals plus 69 assists for a total of 118 points.

NHL 23 Brad Marchand


Now that you are aware of all of NHL 23's top wings, you may compare them all. Which of the following 91 OVR or better wings will you add to your squad now that we have reached the conclusion of this NHL 23 Best Wing Players List?

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