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NHL 23 Best Centers List

NHL 23, the newest installment in EA's NHL franchise, has arrived. The gameplay hasn't changed all that much, as it usually does, but certain adjustments have been made to make shooting as well as goaltending feel more genuine. Player rankings are what have changed. Based on each player's success in the previous regular season and playoffs, EA changes their player rating for each new entry. Although goaltenders may be said to be more crucial, there are hardly any positions within hockey that are more crucial than a center. Due to their proximity to every part of the game, good centers are a must on each team's roster. In addition to any other forward, they must be proficient in playing defensive hockey at their own end. They must also be able to score and win faceoffs. These elite centermen fit every need and would be a valuable addition to any NHL 23 squad.

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Patrick Bergeron - 89

Patrice Bergeron has not lost a set despite being 37 years old. While Boston Bruins supporters may not have known whether their captain would rejoin for the '22–'23 year, he's back and appearing as fantastic as ever. In reality, the Boston Bruins skipper is trying to come off one of the finest offensive campaigns of his career.

Bergeron, the finest two-way center in game history, is a superb addition to any squad. Players should take advantage of his skills while they still exist since due to his age, EA's algorithm could start to steadily lower his overall rating as the seasons go on.

NHL 23 Patrick Bergeron

Sebastian Aho - 89

Sebastian Aho, the current captain of the Boston Bruins and potential captain of the Carolina Hurricanes, is coming off one of his finest offensive campaigns ever (and a better one than Bergeron has ever had). Although he lacks Bergeron's level of dual ability, few players do.

Sebastian Aho's youth - he is also only 25 years old and is the main distinction in this case. He has a good possibility of improving throughout the course of his career, and as a result, his overall rating of 89 will rise into the low 90s. With the proper quality surrounding him, Aho is more than prepared to put together a 100-point season. Goalies, take care.

Evgeni Malkin - 90

The player that Pittsburgh Penguins supporters adoringly refer to as "Geno" would make for a top-line center on practically any NHL squad. Instead, it's solely because he's playing alongside one of the greatest NHL players of all time that he's become a household name as a second-line center for the Penguins.

Malkin, who is 36 years old, may be getting on in years, but that hasn't prevented him from averaging a point per game over the course of all but two of his 16 NHL seasons. The large Russian is a top asset to just about any NHL 23 squad for the duration of his career and is as dependable as any player at putting up scoring stats.

NHL 23 Evgeni Malkin

Steven Stamkos - 90

It's difficult not to support Steven Stamkos. One of the most exciting forwards of his time when he entered the NHL, however, a leg injury ended his career early. Most players would consider that to be the start of the decline, but Stamkos transformed the way he plays the sport and is still regarded as one of the top centers in the league today. This Tampa Bay Lightning captain and current two-time Stanley Cup winner became 32 years old this February. He still has a lot to offer, and his 90 overall ratings are not expected to fall over the course of the upcoming seasons. He is a powerplay expert, thus any team that signs him would significantly improve their special team's performance in addition to making their lineup impossible for rival defenses to handle.

Aleksander Barkov - 92

Sasha Barkov is rapidly catching up to Bergeron and may be the finest two-way center in the league at the moment. Barkov, the skipper of the Florida Panthers, the top regular season club in the NHL last year, is one of the league's most inventive centers.

Barkov is just entering his prime at the age of 27. With him in charge, the team's total score of 92 will probably increase by a few points after a few successful seasons. He is an excellent asset to any squad because of the benefit of his outstanding defensive performance in addition to his high-end offensive.

Sidney Crosby - 93

Sid "The Kid," at 35 years old, was once regarded as the finest player in the NHL. His ranking of fifth on this list may indicate that he has regressed. In spite of the fact that some other players have simply outperformed him, Crosby is still one of the world's most talented hockey players.

Crosby has already had a strong offensive start to the 22–23 season, demonstrating just how excellent he still is. The 93 overall ratings are not expected to rise significantly from one campaign to the next, and it is also not likely to fall until Sid is close to 40.

Leon Draisaitl - 93

Leon Draisaitl, like Evgeni Malkin, would serve as a top-line center on practically any NHL squad. He just so happens to play for the Edmonton Oilers, where he gets to be the greatest second-line center in the league since he is paired with the world's finest player.

One of the top goal scorers in hockey, Draisaitl is also perhaps the best playmaker. With players using him to rack up crazy numbers of points, Draisaitl's 93 overall rating, which he already has at just 26 years old, is sure to rise. The updated Last-Chance Puck Movement features in NHL 23 will also assist Draisaitl in consistently putting the puck in the net.

Nathan McKinnon - 94

Nathan MacKinnon recently got a new deal that will be making him the highest-paid athlete in the NHL. He recently won his first Stanley Cup. That distinction is merited. There isn't much MacKinnon cannot accomplish. He is large, quick, and can shoot and pass, and as the pressure builds, he simply seems to grow better.

MacKinnon's overall rating of 94 at the age of 27 is most likely only going to change a little as his career develops. Even so, it's tied for the second-best rating on the entire NHL 23 roster, and MacKinnon is the only one of the top three centers mentioned here whose name is on the Stanley Cup.

Auston Matthews - 94

Auston Matthews, who took home the Hart Trophy along with being the NHL's Most Valuable Player last year, has made a name for himself as the league's leading goal scorer. In the 105-year existence of the Toronto Maple Leafs, he became the very first player to score 60 goals in a single season, and he accomplished it in 73 games, nine fewer than the required 82.

That implies that scoring 60 goals is most likely not the pinnacle of his abilities. Matthews, who is 25 years old, will only become better, therefore his 94 overall ratings should increase along with him. Any team that signs him will improve immediately, particularly if Matthews would be surrounded by outstanding wingers. Given that they will score an additional 60 goals a season, how could it not?

NHL 23 Guide

Connor McDavid - 95

Wow, what a shock! Just exaggerating, anyone who has seen Connor McDavid playing would have predicted that he would come in first on this list. He is simply the world's greatest hockey player. There may never have been a player as skilled as McDavid due to his incredible mix of speed, control, as well as hockey intelligence. Despite having the highest overall rating of any player on the NHL 23 roster—95—McDavid is just 25 years old. That implies that for the upcoming several seasons, the unquestionably best player in hockey will only become better. Simply said, players should include him on their squad. Don't consider it or wonder about the asking price. Obtain McDavid. There isn't a superior addition to the game.


The center, who functions as hockey's equivalent of the quarterback or point guard, is the hub of the offense. They are ideally the most crucial members of the squad since they are essential to a dynamic and effective attack. The fact that primary centers hold five out of the top nine positions in NHL 23 by total score should not come as a surprise. With this, we conclude our list of the top centers in NHL 23, which includes players like McDavid, Stamkos, and more.

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