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NHL 23 Best Snipers List

The key to defeating your opponent in any team sport is to score more points, runs, or goals. In hockey, forwards are primarily responsible for scoring goals, and in NHL 23, one particular player archetype, the sniper, is the king of the hill when it comes to scoring goals. According to their overall rating, the top snipers in NHL 23 are listed below. Each highlighted player has a minimum OVR of 91.

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Miko Rantanen-91

Miko Rantanen-91 NHL 23

Miko Rantanen, the top sniper for the Stanley Cup-winning Colorado Avalanche, completes the record as the final one to have at minimum a 91 OVR rating. Rantanen possesses a good blend of shooting and puck skills. He has 92 Deking and Hand-Eye, 93 Passing, and Puck Control.

Having 93 in wrist shot accuracy, 92 in Slap Shot accuracy as well as power, and 90 in Wrist Shot power, Rantanen possesses a close pack of shooting attributes. With a 95 in Offensive Awareness, 90 in Poise, and 83 in Discipline score, he has strong senses. Tape to Tape is Rantanen's zone talent. Rantanen now has incredible strength and precision for all passes within his view, which will also automatically saucer as necessary. The Zone Ability is the same as Draisaitl's.

Earlier in the 2022-2023 season, Rantanen developed into more of a playmaker. Through three games, he has six points—one goal and five assists. Following Tampa Bay claimed 2020 as well as 2021 Stanley Cup Finals, he thinks he and Colorado will give the NHL a second successive repeat winner.

David Pastrnak-91

Another outstanding sniper with outstanding puck skills is David Pastrnak. Having 96 in Puck Control with 95 in Deking, Hand-Eye, and Passing, he is essentially tied with Kucherov for the greatest Puck Skills after Kane. With 95 in Wrist Shot accuracy, 94 in Slap Shot accuracy, and 89 in slap shot as well as Wrist Shot power, Pastrnak has the same accuracy as all other snipers.

His 92 Acceleration & Speed make him a speedy starter, but the 85 Agility is a little lower and makes him less agile than some other skaters on the list. Shnipe is Pastrnak's zone ability. Pastrnak now has an outstanding wrist shot accuracy & power off settled pucks, which gives him amazing talent. Basically, Pastrnak is as valuable as Klay Thompson if he can situate the puck way Thompson sets his feet after a screen to make a three-point shot.

The 2022-2023 season of Pastrnak is off to a strong start. In three games, he has two goals, three assists, and one power play point for a total of five points.

Kirill Kaprizov-91

Even though Kirill Kaprizov is one of the players on this list who is tied for being the youngest, he has the least amount of experience since he is just in his third season. The winger for the Minnesota Wild has 94 points in all four Puck Skills, which places him third in this category after Kane and Kucherov.

Possessing 93 in Slap Shot & 92 in Wrist Shot Accuracy and 90 in Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Power, he also has the precision of a sniper. With 96 in Offensive Awareness, 90 in Poise, and 85 in Discipline, he also has excellent senses.

‘Wheels’ is Kaprizov's zone ability. Whenever skating with the puck, Kaprizov has great agility, speed, as well as acceleration because of this. It is always in use. Kaprizov's 2022-2023 season gets off to an explosive start. In just three games, he scored five points on three goals plus two assists.

Nikita Kucherov-92

Nikita Kucherov, one of two Snipers at 92 OVR, is a two-time Stanley Cup winner and the reigning Eastern Conference champion for the Tampa Bay mini-dynasty (with Ovechkin).

Having 92 in Wrist Shot Power & 91 in Slap Shot power, Kucherov possesses 95 in Wrist Shot accuracy, 94 in Slap Shot accuracy, and 91 in Slap Shot power. With 96 in Deking as well as 95 in Hand-Eye, Passing, and Puck Control, he is just slightly behind Kane in terms of puck skills. With scores of 94 in Agility, 93 in Acceleration, as well as 92 in Speed, Kucherov also ranks as a swift skater. The ‘Make it Snappy’ zone ability belongs to Kucherov. When making slap shots while skating, Kucherov has tremendous power and precision because of this.          

The 2022-2023 campaign has gotten off with more of a Playmaker than a Sniper start for Kucherov. In three games, the past Hart Memorial Trophy champion has three points—three assists, including two on the man advantage—and zero goals.

Alex Ovechkin-92

Alex Ovechkin-92 NHL 23

The seasoned captain of the Washington Capitals, who led the team to its initial Stanley Cup Finals victory in 2018, is now in his eighteenth season and still going strong. Ovechkin could have the greatest shooting characteristics overall among the players mentioned with 96 in Slap Shot Power, 95 in Slap Shot Accuracy, with 94 in Wrist Shot Accuracy as well as Power.

Ovechkin continues to be a terrific puck handler with 93 in Hand-Eye, 92 in Puck Control, 89 in Passing, and 88 in Deking. His defense is also not awful with 92 in Stick Checking, 88 in Defensive Awareness, and 83 in Shot Blocking. But his 97 Offensive Awareness and 96 in Poise, which let him remain composed in practically any circumstance, are his most amazing qualities.

The zone ability of the Russian is One Tee. This dramatically improves the prolific goal scorer's ability to one-time faulty passes and gives him tremendous power and accuracy on one-timers. This Zone Ability recognizes that Ovechkin's one-timer is truly his trademark.

Ovechkin's 2022-2023 season got off to a normal start, as he has five points (two goals, three assists) in four games. His assist and goal came when the team had a power play. He has made additional blocks, but he has a season-high 18 hits, or slightly over four hits each game.

Patrick Kane-93

As he begins his sixteenth season in the NHL with Chicago, Kane is still regarded as one of the best players overall and is tied for second among snipers with Draisaitl. Kane's shots are incredibly accurate but lack the zip of others' because he totes the Sniper staples of 97 in Wrist Shot Accuracy as well as 96 in Slap Shot Accuracy alongside 89 in Slap Shot as well as Wrist Shot Power.

With a 96 in each of the four categories—deking, hand-eye, passing, and puck control—Kane may have the finest overall puck skills. Additionally, the right winger has 91in  Defense Awareness as well as Stick Checking.

Puck on a String is Kane's zone talent. Due to this, Kane has great stick handling and toe drag speed, which are only boosted by the 96 Puck Skills.

Kane's 2022-2023 season has gotten off to a modest start with only a single assist (1 point) in 3 matches, along with one block and just one hit.

Leon Draisaitl-93

Leon Draisaitl, the second Edmonton Oiler among NHL 23's top ten by overall rating, is tied with Patrick Kane for second place among snipers. With 95 in Wrist Shot Accuracy, 94 in Slap Shot Accuracy, and 92 in Wrist Shot and wrist shot power, Draisaitl shares characteristics with Matthews.

With scores of 95 in Puck Control, 94 in Hand-Eye as well as Passing, and 93 in Deking, he is also adept at handling the puck. Because of a 93 in Stick Checking, 91 in Defense Awareness, and a strong 85 in Faceoffs, Draisaitl is very strong on defense.

Tape to Tape is Draisaitl's zone talent. As a result, Draisaitl has incredible strength and accuracy for all passes under his eyesight, which will also automatically saucer as needed. That's a little strange that a Sniper archetype seems to have a Zone Ability that fits a Playmaker better, but it only goes to show how talented Draisaitl is.

The previous 2019–2020 Hart Memorial Trophy as well as the Art Ross Trophy champion is off to a scorching start in the 2022–2023 campaign. In just two games, he has four assists for a total of five points even though he has only scored one goal. Since it was a power play goal, he made his single goal count.

Auston Matthews-94

Auston Matthews-94 NHL 23

With a 94 OVR, Auston Matthews is matched with two other players for second place in the game, barely behind Edmonton's Connor McDavid, who has a 95 OVR. He is the only sniper with a 94 OVR, though, and also the greatest. Having 97 in wrist shot accuracy, 96 in slap shot accuracy, 94 in Wrist Shot power, as well as 92 in Slap Shot power, the NHL 22 cover player perfectly represents the Sniper archetype. This indicates that he is precise and has the strength to shoot the puck through a goalie's defense.

He is very skilled with the puck, scoring 92 in Deking, 93 in Passing, and 95 in Hand-Eye as well as Puck Control. While his 80 in Faceoffs as a center might be improved, his 94 in Defense Awareness as well as Stick Checking is another plus.

In combination with the five Superstar Abilities, Matthews also possesses a Zone Ability. ‘Shock and Awe’ is his Zone Ability. As a result, Matthews shoots with outstanding power and accuracy out of or right after a toe drag.

As he begins his seventh season in Toronto, Matthews is hoping to end the country's Stanley Cup wait before competitors like McDavid get a chance to do it. In his 2022-2023 season, Matthews is off to a strong start. He has a single goal along with just one assist (2 points) in his initial four games, alongside two blocks with a respectable 14 hits.


We've reached the end of the NHL 23 Best Snipers List, where you can now see a list of all the best shooters by their overall rating.

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