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Palworld Best Resource Farming Guide

Farming in Palworld takes multiple turns, as you can do this yourself, or create an AFK Farming Base, where your Pals will do everything for you. Here, we have the Best Palworld Resource Farming Guide and some Tips and Tricks that you will surely appreciate.

Manual Farming in Palworld

Palworld Best Resource Farming Guide - Manual Farming Trick

As we mentioned, there are two ways to do this - You can farm the resources yourself, manually, or let the Pals do that for you which is AFK Farming, or some like to call it Automatic Farming.

The Best Resource Farming method is Manual Farming, which enables the players to go out to specific locations and Manually farm the resources, gathering them in their Storage Box/Wooden Chest

There is a trick however that makes this process efficient and quick. Go to the location where you will get the certain Resource from, and create a Wooden Chest right next to it.

You don’t have to take this Storage Box with you to the base, and can instantly get it in your base by Respawning. Keep in mind that all the resources should be in the Storage Box that you gathered.

Choose the Base Location where you want to Respawn. After respawning, the resources will be shifted to your Inventory. Drop the resources, pick them back up, and head over to the Chest, transferring all the materials back into it.

The Respawn process takes somewhere around 5 seconds of your time, and except that, you are pretty much good to go with the whole process.

You can repeat that as much as you want to, and the Resources will be with you. This Instant Manual Farming Method is the best way to Farm Resources in the game.

Note: It can be done when you are overburdened, making it the Best Resource Farming method as of right now.

Best Resource Farming Method in Palworld

Best Resource Farming Method in Palworld - Palworld Paldex Interactive Map

Now that you know how to Manually Farm Resources in Palworld, you can follow the guide below to individually farm all the resources that you need. 

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers are dropped by the following Pals:

  • Petallia

  • Ribbuny

  • Lyleen Noct

  • Lyleen

  • Wumpo Botan

  • Wumpo

These are all the Pals that you can utilize to automatically get Beautiful Flowers, but that is not the best way to go with the process. 

The Best Way to Farm Beautiful Flowers is from the 3 Wildlife Sanctuaries.

  1. No. 1 Wildlife Sanctuary coordinates are “95, -730”

  2. No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary Coordinates are “-660, -115”

  3. No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary Coordinates are “665, 645”

The Beautiful Flowers are present near the tiny rocks in the vicinity. You can ride onto your fastest Flying Mount and collect these Beautiful Flowers. Utilize the Manual Farming Method for best results.

Pal Souls

There are three types of Pal Souls in Palworld:

  • Large Pal Souls

  • Medium Pal Souls

  • Small Pal Souls

Large Pal Souls are dropped from the following Pals:

  • Necrosis

  • Frostallio Noct

  • Anubis

The best way to Farm Large Pal Souls is from Anubis. You can Breed Anubis and butcher him to get these Large Pal Souls.

Medium Pal Souls are mostly found in Gold Chests. The best location to find these Gold Chests is around the coordinates of “474, 446”. Just fly around the ocean, and you will find these Chests.

Small Pal Souls are found in the following Pals:

  • Nox

  • Daedream

  • Tombat

  • Felbat

  • Maraith

  • Cawgnito

But, the fastest way to Farm Small Pal Souls is at the coordinates of “280, -360”. The other Early Islands have these Gold Chests that drop off the Small Pal Souls for you to farm. 

Note: It takes around 1 day to respawn the Gold Chests, so you can farm them after a single day.

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Leather can be dropped from a ton of Pals in Palworld, but the Best Way to Farm Leather in Palworld is Buying from Red Traveling/Wandering Merchants. 

Paldium Fragments

Paldium Fragments are dropped from Lenaris and also found in Palworld around the Blue Rocks. But, the Best Way to Farm Paldium Fragments is using the Crusher to turn the Rocks into Paldium Fragments.

Pal Fluids

Pal Fluids are dropped from the following Pals:

  • Celery

  • Kelpsea

  • Fuack

  • Surfent Terra

  • Surfent

  • Suzaku Aqua

  • Jormuntide

  • Gibfin

  • Pengullet

  • Teafant

But, the Best Way to Farm Pal Fluids is to head over to the Gobfin’s Turf at coordinates “150, -207”. Then, you can hop onto your fastest mount and attack all the Gobfins, collecting their Pal Fluids in return.

Pure Quartz

You can get Pure Quartz from the following Pals:

  • Jetragon

  • Astegon

  • Frostallion Noct

But, the Best Way to Farm Pure Quartz in Palworld is to travel towards the Snowy parts of land in Palworld and find Black Rocks. These hitting, or using a Shotgun will instantly get you a ton of Pure Quartz from these rocks. Again, utilize the Manual Farming Method mentioned above in this guide to get the most out of this.


Travel to any Volcanic Region in Palworld like Mount Obsidian, and you will come across Yellow Rock Piles. Farm them to get the most Sulfur.


You can get Wool from the following Pals:

  • Cremis

  • Sweepa

  • Swee

  • Ice Kingpaca

  • Kingpaca

  • Melpaca

  • Lamball

But, the Best way to Farm Wool is at the coordinates of “56, -455”. Kingpaca spawns at these locations, making it effortless for you to get Wool.

Ancient Civilization Parts

Ancient Civilization Parts are dropped from Alpha Pals or Bosses. You have to Farm Bosses to get Ancient Civilization Parts. Utilize the Paldex Map to get the location of every Boss in Palworld.


Bones are dropped from Pals as well, but the best way to Farm Bones in Palworld is to buy them from the Red Traveling/Wandering Merchant. 


You can Farm a ton of Coal at the coordinates “-465, -693”. Use the Manual Farming Method to get the most out of Coal Farming.

Ice Organs

You can farm Ice Organs in any of the Snowy Regions, typically at the coordinates of “-28, 336”. 

Flame Organs

You can Farm tons of Flame Organs in Palworld in the Volcanic “Mount Obsidian” Location. The coordinates are “-525, -371”. 

Electric Organs

The Best Farming Location for Electric Organs is at the coordinates of “-216, -349”. You will also find the Realm of the Thunder Dragon here.

High Quality Pal Oil

You can purchase a ton of High Quality Pal Oil from the Red Wandering Merchant, which is the Best and the fastest way to get High Quality Pal Oil.


The Best Location to Farm Horns in Palworld is Ice Wind Island, at the coordinates of “-349, 71”. 

Plant Seeds

The Best way to get Plant Seeds is by Purchasing them from the Merchants. 


This winds up our Palworld Best Resource Farming Guide along with some tips and tricks you probably didn’t know before. This suggests that the Manual Farming method is still on top of the chain, and overpowers the AFK or Automatic Farming methods. Follow the guide to learn how to efficiently Farm every Resource in Palworld, either by utilizing the Pals, going to the best location to Farm them Manually, or purchasing them from a Wandering Merchant.

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