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Palworld IV Stats System Guide - Get Strongest Pals

Everyone in Palworld is looking for ways to push the limits and get the Strongest Pals they can in their team. Today, we are going to dive deep into one of the later mechanics in the game known as the IV Stats System, also called the Individual Values System.

Palworld IV Stats System Guide - Get Strongest Pals

Using the Stat IV System, you can find out which of the Pals in your inventory are the strongest and which ones have the most potential out of all you have captured. 

This knowledge will allow you to Breed the Strongest Pals in the game by utilizing Cross or Self Breeding between two strong Stat IV Parents. Let's get to the details below.

What are IV Stats in Palworld?

IV Stats are called the Individual Values Stats, and they represent the Stat Values difference between two Pals of the same level. You can take the example of Blazamut, who is a Level 45 Pal.

If you have two of those, and one has the Hardened Skin Passive Skill, and the other one doesn’t, you can still notice that the other one still has more Defensive capabilities.

As you reach Level 50 with your Pals, this difference can increase between the two same Level Pals. 

This pretty much explains Stat IV in Palworld, but let’s get to the calculations behind it that further explain it for those who don’t know what Stat IV is.

How is Stat IV Calculated in Palworld?

How is Stat IV Calculated in Palworld?

You will have to use a calculator to get the calculations done and our recommended one is Palpedia IV Calculator. 

Let’s start with the Foxparks as an example of Individual Values Stats. The Pal itself comes with the following base stats, without any IV Stat percentage on the Pal IV Calculator.

  • 2125 HP

  • 381 Attack

  • 312 Defense

  • 70 Craft Speed

According to the definition of IV Stats: “IV Stats are the individual values that determine the max potential of the Pal stats. They are calculated from 0 to 100, but they are different for Health and Attack or Defense.

  • For HP IV Stat is 0 to 50%

  • For Attack/Defense IV Stat is 0 to 30%

In the game itself, your Foxparks can have a different amount of health. Let’s take the example of 2696.

In the IV Stat Calculator, take the HP percentage to adjust with 2969. Also, do the same for Attack and Defense. 

The IV Percentage explains how good the Pal is at the level you have. If you match the two, it would be somewhere around 30 for HP out of 50, and around 30 for Defense out of 30. 

This explains that the HP for Foxparks isn’t that great but for the Defense and Attack it is exceptional.

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Stat IV and Pure Breeding

Stat IV and Pure Breeding

IV Stats are transferred from the parents to their offspring in Palworld, which makes the whole process of learning and calculating IV Stats a must thing. If you mate Foxparks with them having high IV Stats, then the offspring will also have high IV Stats from the start.

This will provide you with the Strongest Pals as a byproduct of Breeding two high IV Value Stat Pals. You can also experiment yourself here. Take the offspring and note down the Health, Attack, and Defense. 

Now, open the IV Stat Calculator, and increase the IV% to match with the offspring stats. This Breeded Pal is going to be at Level 1, so you have to put it on the calculator as well.

You can see that the percentage matches those of the original father and mother Pal. But, the best results can be seen when you have a minimum of Level 5 for the Pal you are checking the IV Stats for.

Increase the Level of your Foxpark from the high IV Stat Percentage Father/Mother, and match the Stat IV% to the Foxparks of the same level that weren’t Bred from a high IV Stat Percentage Father/Mother.

Note: The more Levels you have on a Pal, the better the IV Percentage is going to be on the calculator. 

What’s the Catch Here?

So, the baby Pal from the High IV Stat parents will inherit up to, not the maximum Stat IV of parents. If the range is 30%, then the baby will inherit under 30, and sometimes it will inherit HP, and Attack while leaving out the Defense, or any one of the three.

But you can still get the maximum if you have the Best IV Stat rating on both the Male and Female Pal you are Breeding the offspring from. By Breeding both the Best IV Stat Value Pals, you can get the Strongest Pals in Palworld.

Stat IV and Cross Breeding

Stat IV and Cross Breeding

The same thing is seen with cross-breeding, as the offspring from the two different parents results in the offspring having high Stat IV in two stats out of the three. But, if you are breeding with a Legendary Pal, then the offspring will carry on that same Legendary status. 

On top of all of this, you can even transfer the Passive Skills from the parents to the offspring if you are successful in transferring the High Stat IV and also the Legendary Status. 

Lucky and Alpha Pal IV Stat Offspring

One more experiment with the IV Stats in Palworld is that when you get a Lucky Pal, it automatically has high IV Stats, and you can Breed it with another Alpha Pal to not only get exceptionally High IV Stats in offspring but also get the Alpha/Lucky Status.


Stat IV is the hidden system in Palworld that symbolizes the Attack, Defense, and HP capabilities of a Pal. You can only check it through a Stat IV Calculator, but it does affect the offspring. 

If you have a Bred Pal from only one High Stat IV Male or Female, then the offspring will inherit only two out of three good IV Stats within the range. On the other hand, if both the Male and Female had High IV Stats, then the offspring inherited all three. 

All of this is for the same species Breeding, while for Cross Breeding, the Passives and Legendary Status of one of the Pals can be inherited by the offspring, while the High IV Stats from the other.

All in all, Stat IV is all about getting two perfect Pals with high Stat IV (Individual Values) and using that to eventually get an offspring with naturally high Stat IV in return, called the Strongest Pal of the species. If you are into the late game and you have a ton of resources to fuel this thing and experiment, then the way is opened onwards for you.

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