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Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant - Buy and Sell Materials

Palworld has so much to do, and somehow everything revolves around gathering resources/materials, either to create structures, breeding platforms, or level up further for better Pal capturing. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you details on Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant, where you can buy and sell materials or essential items. 

Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant - Buy and Sell Materials

In the diverse world of Palworld, the main problem is versatility, as you might not get what you want. Thus, the merchants are embedded into the system and those merchants have random Pals and materials that you can buy.

Furthermore, these merchants also buy things from you in exchange for gold. What and where are those merchants? Let’s talk about them below.

Types of Merchants

Just as we mentioned, there are various types of merchants in Palworld, and each of these has its usability, coming in with different inventories. In the same Small Settlement area of Palworld, you will come across two merchants

  1. Traveling Merchant, also called Wandering Merchant

  2. Pal Merchant

Who are those? Traveling or Wandering Merchants in Palworld are the ones who will be available to buy and sell materials or items. After a time, the shop from Traveling Merchant is going to refresh randomly, giving you different things to buy.

On the other hand, the Pal Merchant specifically trades Pals in Palworld. You can head to the Pal Merchant and buy Pals from him or sell the ones that are useless for you in exchange for some gold. The stock also refreshes randomly after a time.

Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant Location

There are multiple locations where you will find the merchant in Palworld. Initially, when you get started with Palworld, you will find both Traveling/Wandering and Pal Merchant in the Small Settlement area. We will have an image below to help you figure out the merchant location in Palworld, but the coordinates are “75, 488”.

Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant Location in Small Settlement

Head to the top of the mountain by using the bridge or just by climbing, and inside the house, you can find your first merchant to Buy and Sell Materials, including your Pals.

If you are not sure about the location or having trouble getting to these Palworld Merchants, then you might want to utilize the fast travel tower. 

Close to the Small Settlement area, you will also find a fast travel tower that allows you to quickly travel to these merchants or get out of the area after a quick trade.

Note: The Pal Merchants don’t change their location and are located in village areas, while the Traveling and Wandering Merchants travel around the zones and spawn randomly in the base.

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Palworld Traveling/Wandering Merchant Items and Materials

All the trade related to materials and items in Palworld is done through the Traveling Merchant, the one who randomly spawns. In addition to that, the inventory changes randomly after an instance, therefore, it is hard to tell which materials you will find at the Wandering Merchant. 

But, here is a list of all the items you get from the Traveling Merchant in Palworld.

  • Electric Organ for 200 gold

  • Flame Organ for 100 gold

  • Berry Seeds for 50 gold

  • Red Berries for 50 gold

  • Wheat Seeds for 100 gold

  • Venom Gland for 100 gold

  • Egg for 50 gold

  • Milk for 50 gold

  • Wheat for 100 gold

  • Leather for 150 gold

  • Wool for 100 gold

  • Horn for 300 gold

  • Bone for 100 gold

  • Medical Supplies for 800 gold

  • Low-Grade Medical Supplies for 240 gold

  • High-Grade Medical Supplies for 3000 gold

  • Arrow for 5 gold

  • Pal Sphere for 120 gold

  • 1 - Penking Cap Schematic for 500 gold

  • 1 - Witch Hat Schematic for 500 gold

  • 1 - Gumoss Cap Schematic for 500 gold

  • 1 - Farming Hat Schematic for 500 gold

  • 1 - Tocotoco Cap Schematic 1 for 500 gold

  • 1 - Bowler hat Schematic for 500 gold

  • 1 - Long Long-eared headband Schematic for 500 gold

Note: The game is in the early access zone, meaning it is just the start of Palworld. These items are subject to change and might see an increase in the items or materials that can be bought from Traveling or Wandering Merchants in Palworld.


Palworld is an early access to the concept developers wanted for the gaming community, and it is just the start of something great. For the time being, the whole concept of item/material trading and Pal trading is implemented but not fully developed. There are two merchants known as Pal Merchants and Traveling/Wandering Merchants. The latter is the merchant that buys and sells materials in Palworld, while the other deals in Pal trading. Traveling Merchant does change the location and appears randomly in the base, thus the name of Traveling or Wandering Merchant, but you can find him alongside the Pal Merchant in Small Settlement.

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