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Plagued Lucky Draw in COD Mobile

If you’re an aggressive male gamer who fights with enemies like a ghost, then the Plagued Lucky Draw in COD Mobile is good for you. It comes with a green and black theme which also gives the feeling of Prince of Persia Warrior Within missions. The Lucky Draw offers a legendary CR-56 AMAX - Distemper weapon with a Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven character skin. These skins with other items in the Plagued Lucky Draw are worth it for your CPs. In this article, we will demonstrate our review of each item of the Plagued Lucky Draw in COD Mobile.

All 10 items in Plagued Lucky Draw COD Mobile

All items in Plagued Lucky Draw:

1.  CR-56 AMAX - Distemper weapon:

The CR-56 AMAX - Distemper legendary skin offers a deep black design with green material that flashes up according to your kill streak. The deep black smoke spreads out from the gun when you reach the 4 or 6 kills streak without dying.

CR-56 AMAX - Distemper assault legendary weapon in COD Mobile

The design of the CR-56 AMAX - Distemper skin drives us to the Prince of Persia Warrior Within game, where we also see a similar look on some maps. There is also a beautiful deep black texture on it, which gives a ghost, deep shadows, and dark night feeling.

2. Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven:

The Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven's character skin is designed to give a ghost and haunted feeling in the game. It has a Witch-like face with Binoculars on the eye that spreads a green light. It also has a large black hat, which indicates that a character makes dark plans and performs nightmare walking. Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven comes with a black dress and some green material, which makes it suitable with all other items in the Lucky Draw.

Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven character skin with Black Dress, Some Green Material, Witch-like face, and Large Hat in COD Mobile

3. GKS - III-Temper:

The GKS - III-Temper skin offers a black design with a beautiful green animation, which gives it an undead siege feeling. It also has some greyish texture which makes the overall design haunted and attractive. However, GKS SMG is not the most usable weapon in COD Mobile.

GKS - III-Temper SMG in COD Mobile

4. Shovel - III-Temper:

The Shovel - III-Temper comes with a beautiful green and black color combination, which suits the character and other items in this lucky draw. It has a greyish tone of texture on the handle and a green pattern on the blade. However, it doesn’t have animation, so players who like a continuous loop in the game may not like this Shovel.

5. Doctor Raven Calling Card:

In this calling card, the Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven character is putting a green liquid from a glass tube into a beaker/cup in a Laboratory room. This Calling Card is unique from others due to the presence of undead and nightmare effect. The Calling Card also contains some flasks which are placed on a beaker rack.

Doctor Raven Calling Card in COD Mobile

6. Doctor’s Tools Emote:

In this Emote, the character takes a doctor's tool and starts checking the cutting tip with his fingers, after that, he puts the tool on the backside. Furthermore, he takes a handsaw and acts as cutting their left hand. The Doctor’s Tools Emote is also unique and interesting, as the tool he uses in the Emote gives a little bit haunted feeling.

7. Thermite - III-Temper:

The Thermite - III-Temper offers a shining black body with a Green animation that moves all the time. This thermite also looks good and is suitable to use with the Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven and CR-56 AMAX - Distemper weapon.

Thermite - III-Temper Lethal in COD Mobile

8. Parachute - III-Temper:

The Parachute - III-Temper comes with a black and grey texture and green animation. The black color of this Parachute again drives us to the Prince of Persia design. For Battle Royal, this Parachute skin is pretty good, as the green animation slightly matches with the grass and trees. However, it looks good with only black skin characters.

9. Tank -III-Temper:

Tank -III-Temper offers a black design which is excellent skin for battle royal match. It has green animation and grey material on some parts of the Tank including the Tyres, which further improves its design. Personally, I like the design and looks of the Tank -III-Temper, as it can create a sense of Nightmare among the Battle Royal players.

Tank - III-Temper for Battle Royal in COD Mobile

10. Doctor Raven Spray:

In this spray, the animated version of the Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven has an injection on the hand and starts taking out the green material by pushing the plunger. The bottom area of the character’s hat is also green, which makes the overall Spray good-looking.

Should I Invest CPs in Plagued Lucky Draw:

All the items in the Plagued Lucky Draw offer a deep black, deep shadows, and a haunted design that gives a Nightmare and Undead Siege feeling. Its Green Color adds a sense of Ghost feeling to the gameplay.

Plagued Lucky Draw is good for male gamers and is suited for dark maps such as Crash, King, Monastery, Crossfire, Highrise, Standoff, Hackey Yard, Alcatraz, or where the deep shadows are present.

The CR-56 AMAX - Distemper weapon skin offers an attractive design with a Black, Grey, and Green theme, which gives a Prince of Persia Warrior Within feeling. Also, the face of the Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven is based on some Prince of Persia The Two Thrones characters.

All in all, if you want a legendary skin of CR-56 Assault weapon and items with a Nightmare, deep shadows, and Undead Siege effect, then you should look at the Plagued Lucky Draw in COD Mobile.

Probability of Getting Rewards from Plagued Lucky Draw in COD Mobile:

If you're decided to spend CPs on Plagued Lucky Draw to get exciting rewards. Then here is the probability of getting particular rewards from this Draw:

Rewards Probability
CR-56 AMAX - Distemper weapon 0.08%
Witch Doctor - Doctor Raven 1.25%
GKS - III-Temper 4.00%
Shovel - III-Temper 4.67%
Doctor Raven Calling Card 5.50%
Doctor’s Tools Emote 6.50%
Thermite - III-Temper 10.00%
Parachute - III-Temper 11.00%
Tank - III-Temper 28.00%
Doctor Raven Spray 29.00%

Plagued Lucky Draw Cost:

Here’s the Plagued Lucky Draw Cost:

  1. 1st Draw: 10 CP.

  2. 2nd Draw: 30 CP.

  3. 3rd Draw: 50 CP.

  4. 4th Draw: 120 CP.

  5. 5th Draw: 200 CP.

  6. 6th Draw: 320 CP.

  7. 7th Draw: 520 CP.

  8. 8th Draw: 960 CP.

  9. 9th Draw: 1300 CP. 

  10. 10th Draw: 2300 CP.

Total Cost of Plagued Lucky Draw: 5,810 CP.

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