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Priest Healer Build Guide and Best Runes for WoW Classic SoD Phase 2

When considering the healing role in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2, many gamers immediately associate it with the Priest class. This class boasts the most robust assortment of healing spells in the game, along with beneficial buffs and utility. Within the Priest class, the Holy specialization enhances direct healing abilities, while Discipline leans towards enhancing utility functions.

In the Season of Discovery, developers have introduced new abilities for other healing classes to diversify their spell repertoire. However, Priests retain their dominance with a set of potent spells that ensure their continued prominence.

Priest Healer Build

In the current phase of the game, Priests possess a comprehensive array of healing abilities, making them formidable healers. Despite alterations that include adjustments to the level cap and the introduction of new abilities via WoW Classic SoD Runes, the Priest's efficacy remains unchanged. Phase 2 grants access to all Priest abilities, barring party-wide buffs such as Prayer of Shadow Protection, Prayer of Spirit, and Prayer of Fortitude. Notably, potent skills like Spirit of Redemption and Power Infusion are now attainable through talent trees. 

Typically, Season of Discovery's 10-player raids feature two healers, with elite groups occasionally opting for a lone healer setup. Unlike larger raids, responsibilities are not divided extensively, requiring healers to prioritize tank health while vigilantly monitoring the entire group. Effective healing hinges on adept triage and the strategic deployment of situational spells, all of which will be elaborated upon in the ensuing sections in this article.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Priest Healer Build

Priest Healer Best Runes


Serendipity - This Rune brings forth the ability to administer successive healing without resorting to incessant usage of Flash Heal. Its utility amplifies in this stage, particularly with the acquisition of Prayer of Healing and Greater Heal.

Strength of Soul - A robust selection for tank healing or PvP encounters, enabling more frequent application of Power Word: Shield on a designated target. Additionally, it ensures that Paladin, Druid, and Warrior tanks do not suffer from depleted Rage or diminished threat levels, courtesy of the shield averting incoming damage. 


Circle of Healing - It possesses the ability to swiftly restore the health of an entire party, distinguishing itself from the Prayer of Healing which is confined to the caster's own party within a raid. Though it consumes a notable portion of mana, it proves to be highly efficient provided that a minimum of three individuals within the same class necessitate healing. Furthermore, its swiftness is commendable.

Penance - It emerges as a versatile option for various situations, including tank healing option, player versus player encounters, and supplementing damage output. Since this incantation entails a channeling process, it's imperative to ensure that it reaches its full duration for optimal effectiveness. 


Prayer of Mending - The potential of Prayer of Mending might be overlooked at first glance. Typically, you'll apply it to a target and then not give it much thought until it's available again. However, during that interval, it autonomously traverses your party, providing healing to individuals. It's advisable to cast this prior to initiating any boss encounter and to reapply it whenever it becomes available again. Even in PvP scenarios, it serves as supplementary reactive healing for your target upon their next instance of damage, which can yield significant benefits. Remarkably, it consumes minimal mana resources.

Homunculi - This rune possesses peculiar characteristics and doesn't directly enhance your healing capabilities. Nevertheless, it garners favor among Warriors in your raid (as well as other physical DPS). This is because the ability essentially substitutes for the Warrior's Sunder Armor, allowing your DPS allies to benefit from the debuff without necessitating your Warrior to expend GCDs applying it. However, utilizing Homunculi means forfeiting the use of Prayer of Mending. Therefore, you must carefully consider the trade-offs for yourself and your group. Additionally, bear in mind that the mini creatures spawned by this rune are uncontrollable and susceptible to quick demise, prompting potential substitution of this rune for specific encounters.

Power Word: Barrier - While Prayer of Mending is typically indispensable in most scenarios, Potency Expression: Barricade proves advantageous during boss fights featuring substantial AOE damage phases. This barricade shields your team for 10 seconds, mitigating incoming damage and facilitating subsequent healing without spell interruptions. However, its usage is limited to once every 3 minutes, rendering it unsuitable for routine raid healing. It's advisable to forgo this rune during Phase 2, as there are no encounters in Gnomeregan where it holds particular utility.


Empowered Renew - While it is not particularly potent in its base form within the standard WoW environment, Renew does possess utility, a quality this rune seeks to enhance. By applying the Empowered Renew, the primary Heal over Time (HoT) effect activates immediately upon casting, amplifying its restorative properties with each subsequent tick. This augmentation proves particularly advantageous in PvP scenarios or instances where healing in advance is paramount. Moreover, it grants the ability to apply Renew to a target even if another Priest has already done so, a beneficial feature in compositions featuring multiple Priests.

Renewed Hope - When this rune is applied, it will heal any individual who’s been shielded in recent time or, most recently, much faster. This is a rune that will enhance healing abilities for a single-target. It is necessary that you are utilizing the Power Word: Shield more frequently, if you are looking to utilize this rune, otherwise don’t bother using it. Its potency shines in PvP encounters or battles where significant tank damage is anticipated


Dispersion - Dispersion stands out as the prime rune choice for any Priest during Phase 2 owing to its mana replenishing attributes. Essentially akin to Evocation, yet with a notably reduced cooldown (apologies to Mages), it offers a swift means to restore mana. While it entails a brief withdrawal from active participation for six seconds, it can be aborted if necessary, enabling a mid-combat mana bar reset. With its two-minute cooldown, it grants the liberty to employ it liberally during trash moments, without falling behind in pace due to the need for replenishment breaks. Besides the mana advantages, it serves as an exceptional defensive mechanism, slashing damage received by 90%. Notably, it remains functional even under conditions of stun, fear, or silence, conferring immunity to crowd control, thereby becoming an indispensable rune for PvP scenarios.

Pain Suppression - Were it not for the overwhelming potency of Dispersion, the acquisition of this robust external cooldown would likely instigate greater enthusiasm. While there might exist specialized circumstances where mitigating your target’s damage surpasses the utility of possessing a defensive cooldown coupled with mana regeneration for oneself, in the majority of cases, the preference would lean towards Dispersion.

Spirit of the Redeemer - This rune necessitates investment in the Spirit of Redemption talent, entailing a deep delve into the Holy tree and foregoing some notably beneficial Discipline talents. Opting for the Holy path transforms this otherwise seldom worthwhile talent into a potent mana and healing cooldown. Nonetheless, Dispersion continues to outshine in the vast majority of scenarios.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Priest Healer

Important Abilities and Skills

  • Heal/Greater Heal: Unlocking at level 40, these spells provide varying degrees of healing efficiency. Opt for the most suitable rank based on your target's health status to conserve mana effectively. Avoid lesser ranks for optimal healing output.

  • Flash Heal: Swift and economical, Flash Heal serves as a rapid healing solution, ideal for immediate health boosts. Utilize it strategically to trigger buffs and maintain momentum in combat.

  • Power Word: Shield: A potent defensive spell offering damage mitigation, but exercise discretion to prevent interference with tank aggro. Prioritize shielding vulnerable allies and manage its cooldown effectively.

  • Renew: A reliable heal-over-time option, Renew complements traditional casting with its instantaneous application, suitable for sustained healing strategies.

  • Prayer of Healing: With party-wide healing potential, Prayer of Healing is a valuable asset for group survival. Employ it judiciously to maximize its impact on multiple targets.

  • Abolish Disease: Vital for disease removal, ensuring a healthy group dynamic, particularly in phase 1 encounters.

  • Dispel Magic: A versatile spell for both offensive and defensive purposes, dispelling debuffs to maintain group integrity while strategically disrupting enemy buffs.

  • Power Infusion: Amplify your raid's damage output by bestowing this buff upon high DPS casters, optimizing their performance in crucial moments.

  • Shadowfiend: Summon this auxiliary ally to bolster your mana reserves and contribute to damage output during extended engagements.

  • Power Word: Fortitude: A staple buff for bolstering raid resilience, now more cost-effective and longer-lasting, enhancing overall survivability.

  • Divine Spirit: Supplement mana regeneration with this spirit-boosting buff, ensuring sustained resource availability for mana-dependent allies. Use it strategically to optimize recovery during downtime.

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This was all about the Priest Healer Build Guide and Best Runes for WoW Classic SoD Phase 2. In this article, we have seen which runes are best and in which scenario they could be applied. We have also discussed key abilities and skills that can be used with them. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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