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Somethings you should to know anout SWTOR's SCORPIO

Knights of the Fallen Empire character-driven tales are likely to be released one chapter per month of Star Wars: The Old Republic. This month we get two chapters, for the casual player this is a good news. Do you know it features SCORPIO and the droid from the Imperial Agent class story?
SCORPIO was one of the first companions
At E3 2011, BioWare dropped an Imperial Agent — a sniper, if you remember — to show off one of the Tatooine stories and to show how companions work. Before the game officially launched, BioWare wanted to show of the companions and how they functioned as both a game mechanic and as a storytelling device. SCORPIO also didn’t have any dialogue during the cutscenes because she wasn’t supposed to be a companion yet.
SCORPIO's primary weapon changed twice
When we saw SCORPIO in the earliest SWTOR previews, she was carrying a blaster. But SCORPIO used a staff when the game actually launched.
Players awareness that SCORPIO used a staff, and it works not so bad. When KOTFE launched, SCORPIO once again carried her blaster. Why BioWare decided to change it back again? Mistake?
I guess it doesn’t matter at this point since players have about 30 companions to choose from. But i like SCORPIO used a staff.
SCORPIO was the protector of the Star Cabal
When the Imperial Agent first runs into the security system on Belsavis, it targets the Agent seeking the secrets of the Star Cabal, and it’s SCORPIO’s duty to protect that. But as it turns out, our sadistic droid served security because it helped her amass knowledge, and that she was not originally designed by the Star Cabal. Even the Star Cabal doesn’t know where she came from, and if SCORPIO knows where she came from, she doesn’t admit it.
SCORPIO has a human form

SCORPIO had a human form, or at least, a projection of a human form. It’s a little strange? If you play through SCORPIO’s companion storyline, you know there is a point when she can be allowed to access your ship’s computer systems. She seems too egotistical to really care about being anything other than a droid. Maybe the system just want to make the game more humanize.
SCORPIO’s voiced by Deborah Kara Unger

SCORPIO’s voice by actor Deborah Kara Unger (born 12 May 1966), she is a Canadian actress, She is known for her roles in the films Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994), Crash (1996), The Game (1997), Payback (1999), The Hurricane (1999), White Noise (2005), Silent Hill (2006), 88 Minutes (2008) and The Way (2010). But she doesn’t have any other voice acting credits, that I was surprised.
She is based on the GEMINI droids that pilot the Eternal Fleet
SCORPIO is coming to light with KOTFE. Originally, we were led to believe that the GEMINI droids were based on SCORPIO, but it’s becoming clear that it was SCORPIO who was based on them.
In the latests chapters, we are learning about the GEMINI frequency and the ship droids that run the Eternal Fleet. But now, we don’t know why SCORPIO has been hiding that piece of information, but it’s likely why she joined the Outlander in the first place.
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