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SWTOR Update 3-3

SWTOR company will make a few changes to Warzones and Ranked Warzone Arenas in Update 3.3, such as PvP gear cost by roughly a third, Increased Warzone Rewards, Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes and PVP ranked reward system.
PvP gear cost

Having at least Exhumed gear is a barrier to entry to being successful in PvP for the majority of players. In SWTOR Update 3.3 PvP gear costs by roughly a third, and a full set (not min/maxed) will now cost about 4075 Warzone Commendations.
According to the statistics there only about 2% of PvP players have a full Dark Reaver set, but the Dark Reaver/Ranked set they didn’t reduce the price as much. Ranked Warzone Comms have been removed from the game will no longer be used to buy them, pieces will now be purchased with Warzone Comms and the previous tier gear piece.
Increased Warzone Rewards
They found that the Warzone Experience and Credit rewards were not keeping up with the rest of the game, in the SWTOR Update 3.3 Players can expect to receive double the XP and double the Credits for a completed match.
Legacy Lockbox
In SWTOR Update 3.3 Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockboxes can be transferred between Legacy characters. Each PvP Items vendor will begin selling a Warzone Commendation Legacy Lockbox that can be purchased for 99 Warzone Comms and will contain 99 Warzone Comms. 
Ranked Reward system
The current Ranked Warzone reward system indirectly promotes players to stop queueing after they have gotten to the tier that they feel they will end up at for the Season, which lowers the amount of people who participate for the duration of the season. 

Ranked players will no longer receive specific item rewards at the end of the season for reaching a certain rating in a Ranked Season. Instead, players will be granted a number of Season-specific tokens based on the tier of rating the player achieved. These tokens will be used to purchase the ranked rewards the player wants after the season has ended. End of Season Rewards will be available for purchase from a vendor in the Combat Training area of each fleet for the entirety of the following Season. If you have unused Season tokens they will be converted automatically into Warzone Comms when they can no longer be redeemed for Season Rewards. This gives players a large window to purchase the Season-specific rewards and still get something back from leftover, unspent Tokens.
As we know, the SWTOR Company has done a lot of work to perfecting the game in order to increase players’ experience. Hope you will enjoy your game time in SWTOR Update 3.3.
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