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Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide

Everyone knows about Delivery in Star Citizen. It is one of the main mechanics of the game that allows you to earn some aUEC, as well as partake in the amazing missions that the game throws at you. The Star Citizen 3.18 Update is just around the corner and with that, Delivery System in the game got a lot of changes. So, we went ahead and compiled this amazing Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide just to help you out.

What is Delivery in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is a universe of its own, as it is a Sandbox after all. There are various career opportunities, gameplay loops, income sources, experiences, and much more. Each of them will lead you to a different future in The Verse. 

Either you are doing Bounty Hunting, becoming a Space Trucker, or any other thing you like. All of them are bound to a specific institute or company that pays you. But there is an alternative that gives you an opportunity of Freelancing. 

Yes, it is referred to as Delivery in Star Citizen. The Delivery Missions will give you versatility, explorations opportunities, and a journey, as Freelance Contractor under a Delivery Service. 

All you have to do is Pick the Packages from one place in Star Citizen 3.18 and transfer them to their location. It might look simple but there are always some loops in the mechanics. Some ships perform better than others, starting Delivery is different, hard to get better Delivery Missions, use of Multi-Tool, and so on. Therefore, stick with us through this Guide on Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery to get the most out of it as a Delivery Man.

How to Get Started with Deliveries in Star Citizen 3.18?

The first thing that pops into the mind of a Star Citizen beginner is what’s the Starting of all this or specifically, How to Get Started with Deliveries in Star Citizen 3.18. So, it is best to get that aside first in our Guide.

Primarily, open your Mobiglass and find the Contract Manager Tab. Go into this Tab by pressing the F1 key but there are chances you might have changed this key long ago. You can check out the Key Bindings in the Options. 

Now after you are in the Contract Manager Tab, you need to go to the Deliveries Tab. From there onwards, you don’t have to open any other tab because the first one is what you are looking for.

This Page is the Guide for Missions in Star Citizen. You will get to know them after going through each one in detail. After selecting the Delivery Missions (known for their Descriptions), you need to pick up the Package from the location and deliver it to another Location. 

As you go onwards with the Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Missions, things start to get a bit harder. Basics are easy, but Level 1 is the introduction to harder stings. There are a ton of missions that are similar to one another.

Getting three packages and delivering them to different locations is typically the task that you will find at higher Levels. It might be three packages from different places delivered at the same place or vice versa. 

How to Get Better Delivery Missions in Star Citizen?

The Next question that gets asked the most is about getting better missions in Star Citizen. For this, you simply have to grind harder in the Delivery Missions and complete various ones till you reach a specific Rank of Senior Courier. 

As you advance in the Levels, you will unlock better Missions that will in return give you more rewards. Typically, if you are doing Delivery Missions regularly, it won’t take you that long. After you get the Junior Courier Rank, it might take you around 6 Delivery Missions to reach the Senior Courier Rank.

The missions at this point give you a ton of aUEC, around 45000 on each mission. It is double to triple the number of regular missions you got in the first place. But, the rewards surely come at a price.

Being a Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide, as you increase in levels, the Traditional Difficulty is by far gone and left behind. You will face real threats in The Verse now because you might have to fight with Pirates, Enemies, and even Infiltrate Bunkers. 

You don’t know which is the hidden enemy in disguise and you can’t kill someone by chance because it will be added to your Crime Stat and because of the Delivery Mission you might end up serving in Prison. 

After getting the Packages and fighting off enemies, you need to deliver them to a specific location. Star Citizen 3.18 solved the issues related to bugs, but there is a known glitch with these types of missions as they sort of Bug out and you lose the whole Delivery Mission as a result. So, be careful where you step into. 

Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide - Ships, and Multi Tools

Now that you've got the basics of Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery, let’s jump straight to the Best Sips and Multi Tools for Delivery Missions in Star Citizen. 

Best Ships for Delivery in Star Citizen 3.18

Honestly, there isn’t a Best Ship specifically meant for Delivery in Star Citizen 3.18. There was none and there won’t be a single one good for that. Yes, it does sound kind of off but it is the truth.

The players who get used to Delivery Missions tend to have their own minds irrespective of Bigger Cargo Space, Multi-Crew capabilities, Salvaging, Cargo Refactoring, Fighting Capabilities, and so on. 

As we already mentioned, there are times when you have to fight Pirates, Identify Thieves, Break open Places, and so on. So, all of these will require different Ships from you. 

This is a good and a bad thing as well because not everyone is rich enough in Star Citizen to get multiple ships, but it means you don’t have to worry about Ships at all if you are a Beginner. Any Starter Ship will work out just fine for you if you are doing the Delivery Missions in Star Citizen.

If you are looking to get your hands on aUEC the easy way, we got great news for you. Here at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC, as well as Packages and Ships at a discounted price. 

Still, if you are someone who needs guidance in Buying a Ship for Star Citizen Delivery Missions, then our recommendation would be something that can get you off the Planet Easily and it is good when it comes to Maneuverability. 

The Best Ships would be Drake Cutlass Black and Aegis Avenger Titan which come with these plus points along with a Balanced Stat. But if you don’t want to get those, there are no worries because Delivery doesn’t require any specific ship. 

Once you start earning some real aUEC or Buy from us at a Cheap Price, you can get multiple Ships that can fly faster out of a region. Finally, it is down to your own decision which ship is required for a specific mission. Nevertheless, get one of those Fighter Ships as well. 

Multi Tools

Don’t focus on any Specific Ship, rather you need to put attention to the Multi Tools because they are required for the Delivery Missions. You won’t have to waste your time on senseless activities and slow down the process of earning an aUECs. 

With the Tractor Beam attachment, the Multi-Tool will allow you to have better movement with the Boxes. It won’t mess around with your movement and you can freely pick up things without stopping in the way. It is the best thing when you are doing the Delivery Missions in Star Citizen 3.18, especially ones that involve multiple Boxes.

As we already mentioned in our Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide that once you get to higher levels, you will have to Get Multiple Boxes in the Delivery Mission and deliver them to different locations. The Multi-Tool Attachment makes it effortless to do.

You can even use the Tractor Beam Attachment for traveling in Space when you are outside your Ship. You need to aim for the object with your Beam, like any Ship, and then you can move it without any issues. 

With the Fuel Injected in the EVA Suite, you can move around in space without any hurdles in the way. You can get other benefits with the Multi-Tool Attachments as well like Mining, Salvaging, Cutting, and so on.

You can even do multiple Missions at once with the Attachments or when you find something good like a Salvageable Ship in your Delivery Mission journey, you can use the Salvage Equipment to get the materials out of it. In this way, you can earn from multiple sources at once. Quite cool!

Final Verdict

Going for Delivery Missions is one of the best ways to enjoy Star Citizen, as well as earn aUEC. Just get the mission, pick up the package and drop it off at the designated location. You can also do other missions or stuff in between as adventure or as means of earning extra aUECs. It is referred to as the Freelancing of Star Citizen for the exact reason. To get the most out of this Mechanism, we compiled this Star Citizen 3.18 Delivery Guide where we mention the Missions, Levels, Ships, and Multi-Tool Attachments. 

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