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Star Citizen 3.18 Money-Making Guide

Star Citizen is known as one of the most expensive games right now. Not because of the initial price of packages, but rather the in-game expense. This is a huge deal for the players who are starting the journey in “The Verse”, as the prices can shock them and they are confused about how to earn Star Citizen aUEC. The latest Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide is based around the introduction of new mechanics in the game that allows you to earn a lot of aUEC. So, let’s get started!

One thing to mention beforehand is that in order to get started with Money Making Methods you need to invest in Ships. You can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from MMOPixel.com to effortlessly get the ship you require. 

Skimmer Destruction Missions

Requirements and Earning

You can get started with the Skimmer Destruction Mission in Star Citizen 3.18 with only a starter ship. With this method, you can earn 30 to 60k aUEC in one hour, but keep in mind that it depends mostly on the mission. In case you run out of missions, you can change the server for more. 

Each of the missions you do will pay you a minimum of around 6k aUEC and you can do around 5 to 10 of those in one hour, which is quite exceptionally well. 

How to get Skimmer Destruction Missions

As for how to do Skimmer Destruction Missions? Well, you can simply open your Missions Tab in Star Citizen 3.18, and then you will find a bunch of missions that are related to destroying skimmers. Well, that’s how to get them.

What’re Skimmer Destruction Missions?

They are quite exceptional for new players who are looking to do a bit of combat. You will be fighting with the AI Spawn Fighter Ships here. There isn’t anything difficult, rather you will only have to keep moving from one place to another. 

This way, you won’t be the genuine target of the AI, rather you will be much safer. Here, you will be sent to Communication Arrays or even the Kareah Security Post of Star Citizen 3.18. At these locations, you will have to use the Ship Scanners for location. 

On the screen, you will be shown small squares. There is a timer, which is on average around 5 minutes for you to get rid of 3 ships. Your job is to simply utilize the scanners efficiently and you are good to go. Don’t get indulged in fights that don’t matter, rather get rid of only the 3 targets you are given.

What to Avoid?

You will also find some Skimmer Destruction Missions available in the Personal Tab when you open the Mission Menu. If you don’t want to increase your crime stat, then we recommend you don’t accept these missions.

What if you run out of Skimmer Missions?

There are also chances that the Skimmer missions can run out. In this case, you will have to return to Port Olisar or you can also change your servers. On new missions, you can get more missions. 

Delivery Missions in Star Citizen 3.18

Requirements and Earning

You will need a good or a beginner ship like Aurora to get started with the Delivery Missions. Before Star Citizen 3.18, these were one of the best ways to make money and that is carried out even after 3.18. That’s why we are mentioning it in our Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide. 

Just like the name suggests, the Delivery Missions give you a wide variety of payout, depending on your deliveries. We usually don’t give the option of Delivery Missions to players who can do the Skimmer Mission, but in case you don’t want to do those, then these are the best options for making money in Star Citizen 3.18.

There is no Combat here, but you can earn around 30 to 40k aUEC in one hour because you will have to travel long distances and there are also a ton of glitches here. 

What to Avoid in Delivery Missions?

When you are doing the Delivery Missions, one thing to keep in mind is never to do missions that will send you on long distances like changing the entire system. This should be taken into notice especially when you have one or two packages. 

In a small Delivery Ship, it will take you a ton of time to reach from one system to another and as the time increases, your profit will decrease. 

How to get Delivery Missions?

When you are sure that Star Citizen is a game you know about, then you can open your Missions Take and check out for the ones that point out Delivery. Make sure you are checking the destination of the deliveries. 

In the start take a few missions and don’t rush the process, rather try to understand the route and what’s the take there. In some of the missions, you can take more than one box at a single time and then you will have to deliver them to other planets, making the distance much more. It isn’t worth the profit or the time. 

Bounty Hunting

Requirements and Earnings

Apart from the other two we mentioned in our Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide, Bounty Hunting is kind of harder, especially when you have Beginner Ships. You can effortlessly do it with an Avenger Titan or something similar to this. You will have to invest in a good ship to get going with the Bounty Hunting in Star Citizen 3.18 to earn a ton of aUEC

If you know how to travel quickly through the area of Delamar, then this is one of the highest-paying things in the game and you can make a lot of money through Bounty Hunting. On average, players can earn a minimum of 60k per hour to something around 100k per hour, which is quite high. Well, players can jump through 100k, but mostly the credits are under 100k, at least. 

Most of the time it depends on the missions you are getting for Bounty Hunting. There are even players who earned Millions of Credits before Star Citizen 3.18 and after the update, things are quite bright for Bounty Hunting. 

When to go Bounty Hunting?

In our recommendation, we don’t guide you on starting Bounty Hunting until you have at least Avenger Titan with you, which is considered a mediumship in the massive world of Star Citizen. You can even rent the ships out, but it costs you a lot and depends on your experience in the game. 

Therefore, don’t go for Bounty Hunting till you are sure about it, have good fighter ships and do the Shimming Missions or the Delivery Missions. 

How to get Bounty Hunting Missions?

The most difficult part about Bounty Hunting Missions is getting them in the game, especially the Pro Tem Bounty ones. In the few starter missions, you will have to locate the Bounty inside the area of Delamar, but the issue is that you won’t be able to find any ships in the region, which quite makes it impossible to complete these Bounty Missions in the first place.

The reason for this happening is because of the Glitches in Delamar. If you are updated to Star Citizen 3.18, then you won’t be having troubles in the game, especially the Delamar Pro Tem Bounty Missions. 

On the other hand, if you are on the older updates of the game, then you will have to change the servers till you get to the Hurston, and from there you can get the Bounty Missions without any glitches. Even the Northrock Missions spawn in this area, especially the Hurston Moons and we highly recommend you go for them. 

How to do Bounty Missions efficiently?

Like we mentioned before in our Money Making Guide to Star Citizen 3.18 that you will need at least Avenger Titan to get going with the Bounty Missions. If you are a starter getting just started with the Bounty Missions, you will have a ton of issues.

Like, you will be fighting off Constellation Andromeda which is an exceptional fighter ship in the game and it is impossible to destroy them with a starter fighter ship. Even some of the medium ships can’t destroy Caterpillars.

There are even Hammerheads that spawn in the Bounty Missions which are quite hard to fight as well. When you have Avenger Titan, we recommend you go with the Scattergun Loadout. 

Might sound a bit strange, but most of the time when you get the Hammerhead to fight in the Bounty Missions, just cancel the mission till you have strong firepower on your Ship. 

If you are looking to travel quickly in the Bounty Missions, then one simple trick is to utilize your Orbital Marker and turn the engines off mid-QT. In this way, you can travel faster around the area of Delmar.

The problem here is that the Bounties in the Missions are quite far away, around 300 km apart, which means you will be using 5 minutes of your precious time to get there even when you are traveling faster in a good ship. The sooner you finish then, the better it is for you.

What to avoid?

Finally, our recommendation is to cancel the Bounty Missions that are around the area of Hurston. It is not even worth traveling that far off for a 10k aUEC Mission. 

What to do when you get out of the Bounty Missions?

You can always Land at Levski or change the servers in order to get more Bounty Missions.

Earning aUEC in Star Citizen is one of the hardest things to do… like ever! Don’t worry, here at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC in Bulk without having to face late deliveries. You can even enjoy the Star Citizen Packages and Ships here at budget-friendly pricing.

Cargo Hauling (Mid and High Tier)

There are two types of Cargo haulings, therefore we will also be mentioning them one by one here. The Mid Tier Cargo Hauling is a bit earlier but in terms of difficulty and requirements, it is still much higher than Bounty Hunting. The Higher Tier, just as the name suggests, is beyond that as well.

Mid-Tier Cargo Hauling

For the Mid-Tier Cargo Hauling, you will need a minimum of Constellation Andromeda or a Freelancer Max if you don’t want to deal with difficulties. The initial funds are 300k and you will earn around 100k aUECs each hour if you invest that much in the Cargo Hauling. 

If you are looking to optimize the profits here at Cargo Hauling, we recommend you stick with Maths or Calculator. You can find them on Google because there are various Calculators to calculate the Profit of Cargo haulings. 

Players who already have something like Freelancer Max know that Cargo Hauling is one of the best Money Making Ways in Star Citizen 3.18. New players can also indulge themselves in Cargo Hauling for maximizing profits. 

In case you don’t like the combat involved in Bounty Hunting or you aren’t ready for some trouble, then you can simply take out your beautiful Cutlass and go for the Cargo Hauling. But we recommend you do Bounty Hunting with Cutlass because it is much more efficient. 

It doesn’t mean that Cargo Hauling doesn’t have combat involved, rather it means that you can take some specific routes where you can save time, as well as extra trouble. One thing to keep in mind is that there are sometimes glitches in the game that mess with the entire cargo. In Star Citizen 3.18, these things are fixed, but still, some of them aren’t totally perfect. 

Another thing that we will recommend here in our Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide is to get as far as you can from illegal trading and stick to the legal one. Yes, you get rich in Star Citizen 3.18 through the illegal trade of drugs, but it isn’t without its cons. You might end up losing everything and spending time in Prison. 

High-Tier Cargo Hauling

For this, you need a minimum of Caterpillar and you will have to invest around 1.3 Million aUECs to get the maximum profit out. The average profit is around 300k aUEC each hour or more than that. Yes, we know that it is a mouth-watering amount, but doing it is quite hard and initially, you will have to invest a lot.

When you have a ship like Caterpillar with you in Star Citizen 3.18, then there is a need to look for other sources to earn a lot of money, because you can get rich with just that. The reason is that the Cargo Capacity of Caterpillar is quite high, 

In case you are someone who is getting started with the Cargo Hauling in Star Citizen 3.18, then there is also no need to worry about getting Ships because you will start off with the Low-Tier Cargo Hauling that can be done with the starter ships and once you starting going to Freelancer Max or other incredible ships, then you can turn tides with the Medium and High-Tier Cargo Hauling.

Mining in Star Citizen 3.18

Requirements and Earning

For Mining, you will need something like Prospector as a minimum to get started. The Earnings that you get from Mining depend heavily on what you are Mining and how you are doing that. It could be somewhere around Bounty Hunting (lower than that) to something like less than Cargo Hauling. 

Why go for Mining?

In the early years of Star Citizen, no one expected a rookie to own a Prospector, which is required for Mining. It is an expensive ship and you won’t earn enough to get the money back after spending on a Prospector. 

This doesn’t mean that Mining in Star Citizen 3.18 isn’t worthy of being in our Star Citizen 3.18 Best Money-Making Methods Guide. Like we already mentioned it is highly dependent on what you are Mining and sometimes you can hit the Jackpot.

The chances of this happening are narrow but it does happen to people who are consistent in Mining. If you can hit the six and find some top-notch materials, then you will surely make money for everything you invested to get started with Mining. 

Getting Started with Starter Ships: Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide

Now that we are done with all the Best Money Making Methods in Star Citizen 3.18, let’s dive a bit into the Journey of a New Player in getting the Start Ships and making their way to the top. 

Star Citizen 3.18 is bringing a lot of opportunities for the players, especially those looking for Salvaging and new Ships to get started with Money Making. One thing for Beginners is that you can always rent out the Ships in the game in order to make a profit out of a good opportunity. Considering this;

  • For the players who are doing the Delivery Missions or the Skimmer Destruction Missions, you will have to make around 20k aUECs to rent something like an Avenger Titan. It is for a single day, but with that, you can get the Pro Tem Northrock Security Mission unlocked. This doesn’t mean you rent Avenger Titan!

  • Don’t rent the ship, rather try to do the starter missions with only your beginner ship and little by little earn your way, till you come across a good opportunity.

  • When you are sure that you have 20k as extra, then get Avenger Titan Rented and farm the Bounties in the Northrock Security. With that, you will earn around 500k aUECs. 

  • You can repeat these things in a loop to become rich fast, but if you love danger, you can proceed onward. Do the steps above and reach an amount of 850k to 900k aUECs.

  • Even when you are playing less than usual, you can still do the loop and complete it in a week. After you get the cash, you can get an Avenger Titan for yourself and farm bounties permanently. 

  • For new Ships, you can stick with the Rental Mechanism. One trick we can mention here to help you out is that you can get a Ship rented for 30 days and it will save you 2 times the amount in contrast to when you buy that ship yourself. 

  • There is no need to go around searching for Ships in Star Citizen 3.18, rather you can Make Money easily in the game using your trusty Avenger Titan and stick with renting the ships to try out other Methods to Make Money. 

  • Still, if you are considering getting a better Ship, then our recommendation is to go with the Freelancer Max because you can’t rent these ships. With 10 to 15 days of gameplay with Bounty Hunting on Freelancer Max, you can make a fortune for yourself. 

Final Verdict

Well, these are all the best methods to make money in our Star Citizen 3.18 Money Making Guide. Keep in mind that you can’t get rich by skipping on days. The only method to go long-term in Star Citizen is to patiently do the tasks from the start ship, and rent your way till you can afford something better like Avenger Titan. Then you will be able to make money in Star Citizen 3.18 without having to suffer from poverty. That’s it, you beat Star Citizen 3.18 loop on running for money!

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