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Star Citizen 3.19 Salvaging Guide

Star Citizen has returned with the much awaited 3.19 patch update, Star Citizen Alpha 3.19 Call to Adventure. The developers have done a very good job by introducing some very new features and updating the old ones. With every patch update Star Citizen becomes a more fascinating and intriguing space game out there. Players of Star Citizen know very well about the career options in the game, and in the Star Citizen patch update 3.18, a brand new career option was introduced - it was Salvage and Repair. This career option was added to make the ship that was destroyed salvageable and not exactly render it useless after a fierce battle. 

In the Star Citizen patch update 3.18, a ship support option was added, which made ships not to be destroyed completely. The hull was still salvageable and hence, players can sell that selvedge part for a profit in the market. Also, the gathered parts could be used to repair the damaged vehicles as well. But with the new Patch 3.19 update, things will be changing a bit. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all those changes in terms of salvaging the ships in Star Citizen. We will be discussing the new updates and latest addition of features and many more things to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of Salvaging a ship in Star Citizen 3.19. But let’s discuss what are some key highlights of the patch update first.

Key Highlights

The addition of the new Salvage gameplay is surely going to pique the interest of the gamers. In this, players can now break off the items from the damaged ships using the tractor beam as a tool for salvage. There are many more new Salvaging missions that are now added to the latest patch update Star Citizen 3.19. The latest tractor beam can also be used for attaching items to the ship ports, or easily replacing the ship’s components such as mining heads, or getting the valuable items from the ship that has been wrecked. 

Salvaging Made easy with Patch 3.19

Latest Salvage Component

Though we have already given you the gist of the latest salvage component that has been added to the game, let’s discuss it in some details here. When a ship is destroyed, it’s not completely useless, you can always salvage some of the important components that can help you in some ways. With the latest salvage component feature, players can now easily use the tractor beam to get some essential components which are still intact. Components such as power plants, engines, hulls can be used in another ship or can be sold for a profit. This initial version also lays the foundation for moving and placing cargo via ship turrets, which is planned for release soon in a coming patch.

Star Citizen 3.19 Salvage

New Salvage Missions

For those who are well aware of the salvaging profession and wanted to try out some new missions, your requests have finally been heard. With the latest Star Citizen 3.19 patch, developers have added a plethora of new missions that you can enjoy. Apart from that, if you are yet to start your salvaging journey, then it’s the best time to do so. With these new missions of salvage you can start and build your career in the profession by salvaging destroyed ships and abandoned vehicles.

The missions are adventurous and will keep you engaged. But how you choose to play will entirely change the events. You can be a good person and play by the rules, that is, taking only the items that are yours, or you can choose to enter into a secured area in the vast space and take what all is available. Either way, the money that will be generated will surely make you play this game more. 

What is Salvage mode?

If you own a Vulture or Reclaimer ship, then you can use this mode. You can activate the Salvage mode by using the ‘M’ key from your keyboard or what you can do is directly jump into the Salvage turret of the ship where you can get the HUD displayed. You can get the information about the modules related to salvaging, that are available with you, on the right and/or left hand side information bar. Essential information about these modules such as tractor beam’s diameter for the ship, speed, and efficiency related to that will be displayed here. Right button of your mouse will be the default button if you ever want to switch through all the modules available with you right at that point. Not only that, you can also acquire more modules from shops such as Platinum Bay, Dumper’s Depot, etc. We even have more options ready for you to customize within the key bindings settings.

Salvage RMC

If you have located the item that you want to pluck from the damaged ship, all you need to do now is to use the beam using the default key (Mouse 1). While you are scraping the items, you can see the information like what amount of that item is available to scrap under your beam, through the indicators located at the end/bottom of the HUD display. Whereats on the top of the HUD display you will be able to monitor the current rate of the extraction. The progress of the extraction as in filling the SCU container will also be displayed there. Apart from that you can keep a tab on the amount of item remaining to be scrapped from the Targeted section of your ship. The container will be filled on its own without needing you to press any key or doing any additional work. As soon as you scrape the materials, it will be ejected automatically in the cargo storage area of the ship.

Though it’s a smooth process, sometimes there could be an obstruction from the conveyor belt. This can be notified through a warning generated on the HUD display, informing you about this obstruction. This will occur when you begin filling these containers. After this, if you encounter this problem, all you need to do is to move the container from the conveyor belt of the Cargo hold. You can do it in two ways - one is to use the tractor beam and other is to ask another player to help you with that. The filler station available with your cargo hold can also be utilized to make canisters. These can later be used with the Multi-Tool attached to the ship along with the Cambio-Lite SRT attachment for repairs.

Star Citizen 3.19 Salvage RMC

Selling the Salvaged Materials

When your container hold is filled entirely with the Recycled Material Composite (RMC), or with the amount that you intend to get, then you have to go directly to a commodity shop to sell them for a profit. These commodity kiosks are available throughout the vast universe of Star Citizen games. They are mainly located at most of the landing zones and various space stations. But you will also have to keep in mind that you can’t just sell RMC to any commodity kiosk. Some of them don’t trade in RMC. 

Always try to get better deals. Keep an eye out for the amount you are getting from selling the materials. If you don’t then these commodity kiosks will take advantage and you will end up with a loss, instead of a profit. Also, keep good amount of aUEC, the in-game currency of Star Citizen in your account. If you are falling short of this, the best way to get them if for real money.

To aid you, visit our website MMOPixel to purchase Star Citizen aUEC at the best price on the web. Also consider buying Star Citizen Ships and Packages to get an edge over other players.

About the Fix It

Filling the SCU containers should be your top priority while salvaging, but if you chose to make RMC canisters instead, then the RMC could be put to good use by repairing the damaged hull of your ship or any ship of your friend’s. The SRT Multi-Tool attachment would come in handy as well during this. To change from Salvage mode to Repair mode, you need to keep your Multi-Tool attachment ready and the RMC container must be equipped completely. After that you can press the default ‘B’ key to change the operation.

Though you need to understand that you can’t fully repair the hull of the ship, it will be significantly repaired to let you operate it for a while. If you want to repair it fully and restore all the components of the hull, take it to the hangar or a landing pad where you can get the repair services that you've been looking for.


This was all about the Salvaging in Star Citizen 3.19. With the latest patch update, Salvaging has been made easy and anyone looking for a career in salvaging should start it right now. In this article, we have discussed what features are added and which features have been updated from the last patch. We will be learning a lot more with the coming updates. This will be all from us for now. So, stay tuned with us for more information about Star citizen 3.19.

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