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Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide

There is no secret that Star Citizen has some of the most OP missions in any game out there. The sandbox pushes its limit every time a new major update comes, same goes with the latest Star Citizen 3.18 Updates. If you are a fan of Ships and Combat in the game, you might be looking for a Mission with crisp combat, gameplay loop, and utilization of Arsenal.

Yes, we are talking about the famous 890 Jump Boarding Missions that got the community by storm due to its incredible gameplay loop. But, do you actually know how to deal with this Mission on your own? Well, for that we have here an amazing Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide to help you out.

What’s 890 Jump Hijack Mission all about?

Star Citizen has a new Star System now and it is changing lives for the better. With the Star Citizen 3.18 Update going Live, there is Mining, Deliveries, Salvaging, Security, Bounty Hunting, and everything else working flawlessly. 

Then there are the 890 Jump Boarding Missions, which has its own Legendary ranking in the game. During the development of the game, they added the iconic Boarding Mission for the players. 

As to what it's about? In this mission, you will save the 890 Jump Space Yacht and save it from the ruthless Pirates. Yes, it looks kind of combat-based and straightforward, but due to the Difficulty level and complexity of play here, you might be facing a ton of trouble.

This 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide will help you understand each and everything, as well as complete the Mission without facing challenges along the way. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip.

Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide

Now, let’s get started with the Star Citizen Guide to 890 Jump Hijack Mission. 

How to get the 890 Jump Mission in Star Citizen?

In order to get started with this Mission, you will need to find it in the Contracts Manager. Yes, we know it isn’t available there initially, but you will have to do some things in order to get it or increase the chances of getting it 

You need to start in one of the Major Worlds of Star Citizen to increase the probability of getting 890 Jump Mission. If you are not in the area, you can go to one of the major worlds and stay there, doing activities. 

One of the most probable places to get this Mission is around MicroTech, as well as ArcCorp, but don’t miss out on other places as well. Even if you get the mission, you need to open the Contract Tab and from there find the Mercenary Mission Tab.

Under there, you will find an Urgent Boarding Action in Progress message. Just open it and accept instantly in order to get the 890 Jump Mission in Star Citizen. There is a timer, so be careful when you are picking it up and when you are missing it.

Why choose 890 Jump Mission or what are the rewards?

For the most part, you are doing this mission as a lover of Combat, a unique Gameplay loop, and adventure. But, when it comes to rewards, you will get around 45k aUEC after completion. You can get items, ships, vehicles, armor, and weapons as well. 

But, the limitation is that you need to successfully complete the mission in the given time or you won’t get anything in return. 

How to Travel to the 890 Jump Mission Ship

After accepting the Mission, you will have to jump towards the 890 Ship. But, there is a twist, you won’t have to get Ship and get the Ship. There is a Jump Point available for you to Board the 890 Ship in Star Citizen and it is found in those Major Planets. 

You can also find it in the Star Map, just mark and set the route to the location from the top navigation panel. Then, you can get to the location instantly without having to waste time around things. 

There is an added bonus associated with it as well because you will be missing out on the Jump Locations that are just unnecessary and taking the fastest route possible. One thing to keep in mind is that you will jump straight to the objective, but there is a distance between you and the ship. There are a ton of Enemies surrounding the area, so be careful as well.

Getting Rid of the Enemy Ships in 890 Jump Mission

The first thing that you need to do here, after jumping to the objective, is to get rid of the Enemy Ships and eliminate them. Some ships are guarding 890 and doing the elimination part is quite difficult if you are alone. 

Therefore, skilled people will have no issue doing this when they have Warden or Gladius by their side. If you are wondering which Ship you need to get? 

Then, you can go for the Aegis Avenger Titan as a Beginner but you will have to use attachments and upgrades like weaponry because you are up against Drake Cutlass or similar, which are good fighter ships in Star Citizen.

If you don’t have enough aUEC to get a decent ship for 890 Jump Mission, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from MMOPixel.com. We also have amazing Deals on Packages and Ships here as well.

You can do the Mission with some of your lovely friends because there are quite a lot of things to look after. They can come in their own ships to draw the attention of enemy Pirate Ships and help you with the Firepower. 

In case you are all alone, you can bring one to help with the Turret, sitting on the Turret seat on the Ship. You can also come in with a Ship that has an armed Turret usable with the Ship control panel. 

After you get rid of all the Ships that are around the 890 Ship, then you need to get inside it through the Airlock Entry Points. There is also an entry which is above the Hanger, you can also take it. Get through to the point which suits you. 

Clearing Hostiles in 890 Jump Mission

Just like we mention in our Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide that you are in for a ton of Combat and unique action Gameplay loops. Well, after you get rid of all the Enemy Pirate Ships around the 890, you need to get inside.

After getting inside, you will have to save the Hostiles, which are typically around 15 at least. There could be more depending on the situation. There is 890 Security available inside that might have got rid of the enemies or will do so to help you out, making things quite easier. 

One thing to mention is that never shoot the Guards at any cost because it will increase your Crime Stat and you might end up in jail. Escaping the Prison in Star Citizen 3.18 is a journey of its own, but it does take your precious time. So, it is always important to save time by not hitting the Guards. 

For the inside journey, you will need to bring with you something good as a weapon and a ton of ammo. Always bring ammo to the 890 Jump Mission, but if you empty all the ammo, you can pick a gun from the enemy to work things out - John Wick style.

In our Guide to Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission, we recommend you bring an LMG with you because you won’t have to reload often and you can finish multiple enemies at once. 

You will also get damage from the enemies here and for that, you need to bring in a Health Kit like Hemozal Med-Pen. In this way, you will instantly stop bleeding, as well as get your health back slowly as you proceed.

Stop Data Transmission in 890 Jump Mission

Well, we already mentioned that you are getting a reward of around 45k aUEC from Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission. But, we also mentioned in our Guide that you need to complete it fully to earn that. 

For that we recommend you stop the Data Transmission as well in the ship. It is found somewhere inside the 890 and your job is to find it. The process sometimes takes a lot of time because it is dependent on your luck. 

The spots are always changing, but here in our Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide, we will mention a few Spots that you can check beforehand like;

You need to look for the Orange Wire that is joined together with the Monitor inside the Ship. Get to that screen and stop the Transmission. In case you didn’t find it or forgot, then you will get half the payment. For full completion, you will get a notification and you can leave the Ship successfully with the Payment and the Rewards.

Final Verdict

In this Star Citizen 890 Jump Hijack Mission Guide, we tried breaking it down into steps like external threats, internal thread, and ending transmission. Just make sure you have a good fighting Ship to deal with the external threat and for the internal ones, you need LMG, Med Kit, and don’t shoot the guards. Simple as that!

Don’t forget to Buy Star Citizen aUEC when you need them because this Mission Requires Weapons, Ships, Ammo, and good Armor.

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