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Star Citizen - Best and Worst Start Ships

Ships in Star Citizen play an important role as the game is all about doing various tasks with the help of the ships. These ships have different roles, such as – Combat ships are specialized for combat missions, then there are cargo ships and ships that will let you explore the universe. What's important to understand is not all the ships are good. Some are bad too. Players mostly prefer a multi-purpose ship over a specialized one because a specialized ship can only take you so far.

If you are new to this game, it might be hard to know which ships are the best and which are the worst. So, we have prepared this list of the top 3 best and worst ships of Star Citizen to help you understand which ships to look out for and which to avoid. Let's begin with the Best ships of the game, then.

Star Citizen – Best Ships


Being in a military faction means that you have to be battle-ready every time. This is the faction that invests in their ships more than other factions. In Star Citizen, many ships are designed for this specific purpose, and Valkyrie is certainly the best. There are Valkyrie variants in the game which you can look out for.

Anvil Aerospace makes a small military vessel called the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie's two 10-man troop compartments and vehicle hangar, which can accommodate an Ursa Rover-sized vehicle, make troop deployment one of its standout features. On the port and starboard sides, there are side opening doors with a YellowJacket GT-210 Gatling affixed to it for safe troop deployment.

The spacecraft crew has five bedrooms and a small kitchen cabinet; they can board the ship using the ramp in the hangar.

Star Citizen Valkyrie

Avenger Titan

One of the best starter ships you will come across in the game, Avenger Titan, is a 1-person cargo transporter ship. This ship is manufactured by Aegis Dynamics and features three guns and two missile rack hardpoints.

It is less fragile than other starter ships and has a decent amount of cargo space, combat capability, speed, and maneuverability. It has a bed, so you don't need to land on a planet or space station to log out. The Avenger does fairly well with both fights and cargo. 

The pilot seat may be removed in an emergency. It is one of the ideal ships for a new Citizen entering the Verse because it can be utilized for hauling and bounty hunting.

Star Citizen Avenger Titan


A sizable cargo vessel built by Drake Interplanetary, the Caterpillar, comprises a hull and a removable command module. Four ship weapon hardpoints, two manned turrets, and two tractor beams - one mounted atop the command module - are all equipped on the Caterpillar. The cargo deck is made up of five interconnected modules, the fifth of which has a manned turret and each of which has airlocks.

This ship is made for covering large distances along with heavy cargo. You can also have several people working on the ship at once. The four identical cargo modules have a capacity of 121 SCU, and the fifth one has an 80 SCU capacity. This is an affordable ship, even for beginners.

Star Citizen Caterpillar

Ships are important for missions. But it's not easy to own one if you don't have enough money. Use Star Citizen Credits if your balance is low. These credits are challenging to obtain. However, there is a better and simpler way, that is purchasing them by spending some real money.

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Star Citizen – Worst Ships

Reliant Tana

Reliant Tana is a small ship capable of holding two people. Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern manufacture this ship. The combat variant of the Reliant is the Tana. A high-yield powerplant, stronger defenses, and more weapon mounts are traded for cargo.

Tana is considered to be the worst ship for a lot of reasons. This ship is small, which doesn't work well with the equipment it has. With Reliant Tana, losing the top and bottom wings will kill all the Mavs, and all the control of the ship will be lost. The sailboat cross-section makes Reliant Tana an easy target for stormtroopers. 

Star Citizen Reliant Tana

Aurora LN

Aurora Legionnaire or Aurora LN is a light fighter ship from Roberts Space Industries. The Legionnaire is a devoted battle fighter designed to handle any challenge. It has a more powerful shield generator and two extra weapon hardpoints. However, this ship is better than Tana but not good enough to avoid being listed in the worst ships of the game. This version of Aurora is faster than other versions, such as Aurora CL. 

Additionally, the ship can only use s1s gimbals, significantly decreasing gun range. Most larger shields will ward you off with no chance of breaking them. You will be easily dispatched by any ship equipped with missiles or a ballistic weapon size two or above. The pass-through damage will still kill you even if you have the greatest shielding in the game.

Star Citizen Aurora LN


The Drake Interplanetary Buccaneer is a single-seat, tiny interdiction spacecraft. It has a low survival power of 4040 HP. The Buccaneer might be fast, but the big engines on the ship can be easily destroyed. And without an engine, your survival chances are quite slim. Also, the ship does not feature an ejection seat, which might come in handy in an emergency.

We advise you not to use this ship in its current state. You can always go for other ships with better features at a price equal to or less than Buccaneer's. If you add some extra money, you can get a Hornet ghost which features stealth. Buccaneer has speed and firepower, but you can get them on any other ship, which has far better features than Buccaneer.

Star Citizen Buccaneer

So, there you have it, the best and the worst ships of Star Citizen. There are various other ships that you can use. Each ship has its pros and cons, and you will learn about them once you get familiar with the game and your needs. This will be all from us in this article.

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