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Star Citizen Mercenary Guide

In Star Citizen, you have pretty much endless sources to earn from. Just like in real life where you can take any path you like to earn, either through action, travel, journey, the comfort of home, or through any other source. Same as that, one of the best ways to enjoy Star Citizen and its gameplay is through Mercenary Mission. Therefore, we came up front and compiled this Star Citizen Mercenary Guide to help you out.

Mercenary Missions and Bounty Missions, What’s the Difference?

You can take the path you like in Star Citizen, whether it is Space Delivery, Cargo Hauling, or Bounty Hunting. But, there is nothing like Mercenary Pathway that allows you to take a different route. 

Some people even mistake it for Bounty Missions, but in reality, things are quite different here. The obvious one is related to the Mission Objectives in Star Citizen 3.18. In the Bounty Missions, you need to focus on a single target, while you can target others for the safety of Bounty.

In the Mercenary Missions, there is a notch up to the Bounty Missions, where you have to indulge in crazy combat like removing Space Pirates, Sabotaging the Systems, and doing other insane stuff using Tactics. 

For a better understanding of What Mercenary Missions are in Star Citizen 3.18, follow our Guide. We will also give you Tips along the way to help you out get the most out of your Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen 3.18

Getting Started with Mercenary Mission in Star Citizen

Just like the path you can take on in Star Citizen 3.18, the Mercenary Missions further are divided into various types, as well as difficulties. You don’t know for sure what type of environment or circumstance you are going to be put into. So, it’s better to prepare for everything that might come up front.

Armor - Medium and Heavy

You need to start practicing properly for the mission because the surprises might not be good to find out in the journey. For the first part, you need to make sure that you have Medium to Heavy Armor. Light ones don’t work out great here and our recommendation in Star Citizen Mercenary Guide would be to roll with Heavy Armor. 

You might ask why? Well, the Heavy or Medium Armor will save you from the fire. Heavy does the better job at protection, while Medium just gets the job done. With a Heavy Core, you can also pack up more stuff with you in the Mission because of a larger backpack. 

You can loot more, and get more ammunition, weaponry, and assets. Therefore, you need to get the Heavy Armor or Medium one at least if you are going out for the Mercenary Mission in Star Citizen. If you don’t have it, you can Buy it from the Stanton System.

Weapons - AR, SMG, and C54

When it comes to Weapons best for the Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen, we recommend you stick with the things best for Bunker Missions. This being said, you need to have the C54, which is also not that expensive, while getting the job done.

Besides this, for the Weapons, you need the AR or SMGs by your side. Both of them will do good. The reason is that Mercenary Missions in the game compromise closed combat, most probably indoor ones. The SMGs and ARs will work flawlessly in these scenarios.

What will you find in the area? Well, most of the Mercenary Missions get you Sniper Rifles as loot in the vicinity, while you might also come by some Rocket Launchers. Make some space for them as well, because they are useful.

Multi Tools and Attachments

Yes, you also need to bring that trusty Multi-Tool with you when going for the Mercenary Journey. Make sure you get the Stim Pistol with that as well because it can always get you the best out of your trip. It isn’t like you can’t do the Missions without it, but if you are looking for more than usual, then get them with you. 

With the Multi-Tool, you can have more loot in the area, as well as versatile movement with the Items. In Star Citizen 3.18, you will be able to Salvage the Ships or Repair ships with the Multi-Tool Attachments. Therefore our recommendation in Star Citizen Mercenary Guide would be to get the Multi-Tool and Stim Pistol. 

Star Citizen Mercenary Guide

Now that you know what is needed to do the Mission in the game, let’s get started with the Best Ships, and Missions in the Star Citizen Mercenary Missions.

Best Ships for Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen

It might break your heart but there is no such thing as the “Best Ship for a Mercenary Mission”. The trip changes, depending on what you are trying to pick, and with that, you might need to change the Ships around as well. 

Like in Star Citizen 3.18, you are getting Salvaging, as well as some Salvage Ships. When you are taking a trip with the intention of doing the mission, as well as getting some Salvage in the process, you will need to bring in the Salvage Ship with you.

It is different for the situation when Cargo is your focus or when Fighting is your focus. Therefore, there is no such thing as Best Ship. Yes, we can recommend some exceptional Ships for scenarios, but that doesn’t mean you are bound to use them. 

Mercenary Mission is mostly about Fighting and Aegis Vanguard is quite exceptional for that. You can roll it around without having to get Multi-Crew. You can use it solo, without needing any help from anyone. Still, if you want to have Multi-Crew, you can put in others to help you out without any issues.

There is a Turret that the extra person can utilize and help you in doing extra damage. But if the seat is empty, there are no worries, you can still fight off Enemy Ships. For the Mercenary Mission revolving around Atmospheric Combat, this Ship truly outshines others. 

You can also Store Cargo in the rear part of Aegis Vanguard if you want to. This adds an extra because we already mentioned it depends on your Focus. A small Cargo Box can easily be stored in the back of the Ship that can get you extra loot.  

In case you don’t want to get the Versatility, rather your main goal in the game mission is to Fight. Then, there is nothing better than Gladius. Yes, you can maneuver it effortlessly, never miss your targets in combat, dodge the enemy attacks and fight your way to victory with this. 

It is quite hard to get used to and if you are a Beginner getting started with the Mercenary Missions in Star Citizen 3.18, we recommend you go with the Aegis Avenger. It is also easy to Fly around and Fight enemies when the need comes. 

For Multi-Crew specific or focused people, our recommendation is to stick with the Carreck. It has exceptional Features like Med-bay, has a ton of Power, and can take on attacks from enemies as well. As it is a Multi-Crew, the maneuverability isn’t exceptional but gets the job done.

Don’t have enough aUEC to Buy a new ship in Star Citizen? Well, we got you back because now at MMOPixel.com, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC in bulk. You can also get Cheap Packages and Ships from here as well. 

Bunker Missions

When you are thinking about Mercenary Pathway as a Beginner and want to just get started with it or get a taste of what Mercenary Life is like in Star Citizen 3.18, then we recommend you get the Bunker Missions. 

Just as the name suggests, you need to travel towards the Bunker and remove the Pirates as you pass through the levels of the Bunker. In this area, you will find a total of around 10 enemies on average. It could be more than that which always came with the game.

As you move onwards with the Bunker Missions in Mercenary Life, you will come across dual modes. 

  • In the First Mode of Bunker Missions, you need to get rid of the threats that are inside the Bunker, helping Security. It further indicates that the Pirates haven’t got control of the vicinity, rather they are trying to. The exterior turrets won’t be a problem.

  • In the Second Mode of Bunker Missions, you get rid of the threats, but this time the Pirates have control over the facility and your job is to retake it. The outside turrets are now controlled by the enemy, so be careful there. 

The first type isn’t that hard, but for the second, you need to park your beautiful Ship way behind, outside the region of turrets, and then walk the way with your foot or using the vehicles. 

Make sure of a few things here. When you are doing these Bunker Missions in the genre of Mercenary, you will face off with a ton of Security Guards. Just don’t shoot them, even mistakenly because your Crime Stats will increase and you might be in line for Prison Life. 

There are a ton of ways to get out of Prison and the time isn’t that high if you are thinking about finishing your Sentence Time. Even if you shoot the guard by mistake, don’t worry and go with the mission. 

These are the Missions to get started with Star Citizen Mercenary and a great way to move onwards. 

Boarding Action in Progress

In this Mission Type, your job will be to get in the Origin 890 Jump Ship. There you will need to fight the Pirates and help the Security out. It is the same as before, but here you are on a Ship. It might sound strange how it all happened, but here’s the full story of these Mercenary Missions.

After accepting these Missions, Quantum Travel comes forth in the environment. You can get in there and you will respawn inside the Ship. There are no worries about which Ship to get or which type of location you have to face off. It is simple and you just get straight to the point. 

At the location, you will find various other Ships as well and your job is to destroy them as well while securing your own ship. You will enter a Space Yacht of massive size after you jump into the Quantum Travel point.

Call to Arms

Remember that we said players mix Mercenary Missions with the Bounty Missions at the start of your Star Citizen Mercenary Guide? Well, Call to Arms missions are the ones that confuse people. It is heaven for those who love putting an end to the life of enemies with Crime Stat including the Pirates (AI).

It is an incredibly good Mercenary Mission to select and once you have access to it, just pick it up without having second thoughts. With each criminal interaction and you killing him/her, you will get 500 aUEC as a reward. 

Killing one Criminal in Star Citizen isn’t hard, and you can kill them in bulk, building a ton of aUEC as a reward in return. If you are into a Criminal Stat, you won’t find it in the “Personal Tab '' of Mercenary Contract. Get rid of that Stat and you will start finding it.

Personal Mercenary Missions

Last but not least, we are going to discuss the Personal Mercenary Missions in our Star Citizen 3.18 Mercenary Guide. Those who have Criminal Stat or are based on the Criminal Side have Personal Mercenary Missions available. 

In most of these missions, you will jump into Criminal activities, but it is most of the time the case. There are also missions where you don’t indulge in these activities. Just make sure that you don't pick the Criminal ones while having no Criminal Records.

But, when you have a Criminal Record and you love the action, just pick it up because it is extremely good. This mission breaks the typical gameplay loop of bunkers and pirates. Here, you will indulge in various other activities like trading, cargo, drugs, killing good NPCs, Hitman, assassination, Contract Killing, and so on. 

Final Verdict

These are all the details on Mercenary Missions we could mention in our Star Citizen Mercenary Guide. Keep in mind that Mercenary and Bounty Hunting are two separate things. There is a ton of versatility here in the Mercenary Life because you can take the path of Crime, going for Crime Missions, and you can also stay on the safe side, helping Security clear Ships and Bunkers. 

Whenever you are going for Mercenary Missions, make sure you have Close Combat Weapons, as well as Heavy Armor. If you are looking for Loot, just go for the Multi-Tool and its Attachments. Ships don’t matter that much, you can do everything with a simple ship. Don’t forget to Buy Star Citizen aUEC from trusty MMOPixel.com when you need them. 

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