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Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide

Star Citizen is known for its participation in events like Christmas, New Year, Easter, and even the Lunar New Year. Well, this time wasn’t anything unusual, but rather even more special because Star Citizen 3.18 Update was just around the corner. For the special day, we got this amazing Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide, where we dive deep into what’s there for you in the game.

What is Star Citizen Red Festival 2953?

Red Festival is a globally known event that pops off Annually and people celebrate in Early February or at the near End of January. The Christmas followed by New Year is based on the Solar Calendar, but the Red Festival is celebrated based on the Lunar Calendar. 

It dates back to the old customs and people followed it during the Era of Human Colonial Expansion. So, it pretty much dates back to the Colony’s Foundation. When the Festival or Period appears, you can see it celebrated with Color Symbolizing Good Fortune.

The colors are usually Red and Gold, while coming to Food, you will see Long Foods like Red Noodles and so on. Common practices also include wearing Red, giving honor to your loved ones or friends, and sharing stories with one another. There is even a tradition where Gilded Red Envelopes are exchanged with one another, having a Good Luck Credit or Token inside. 

The handing over tradition is also different because Envelopes are hidden for the person to find himself or herself as a touch of Fate. Banu Joins this Tradition as well, giving and hiding the Envelopes in honor of Cassa.

It is the 2023 Red Festival and in Star Citizen, it is 2953 Stanton. So, the celebration is Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 instead of 2023. During this whole period, Star Citizen follows the same theme of Red and Golden, handing out Envelopes with special rewards. These are mostly the basics of Star Citizen Red Festival 2953.

When will Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 end?

The first thing that comes to everyone's mind is when the Red Festival 2953 will be going to end. Well, it started around 20th January 2023, and the expected date for the ending is 6th February 2023. 

Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide

Now that you know what this is all about and when you can experience this incredible event. It is time to go onwards with our Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide where we will mention the Rewards, Missions, and extras added specifically for Lunar New Year in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen Red Envelopes

In Star Citizen Stanton’s Major Hubs, you will find Red Envelopes. They are also around the whole universe of Star Citizen, just for the players to find. Just like we mentioned in our Star Citizen Lunar New Year Guide Envelopes are hidden for the person to find himself/herself, Star Citizen also acts the same way here.

Your job is to go hunt for these Envelopes and afterward finding them, you can sell them at Kiosks. In return, you will get Good fortune or you might be lucky. 

Defend Orison by Pressing your Luck

It is a time of Luck and Prosperity, so why not put your Luck to the Test? You can Defend Crusader’s Cornrow Jewel from the Star Citizen Outlaws. You will be a hero in both circumstances, whether you saved the day or died in the process.

Community Contest - Moons of Fortune

You can show Star Citizen your Lunar New Year Adventures but that doesn’t go without any rewards. You will be blessed with various Prizes that you need to earn in the process. If you are lucky enough to find the Red Festival Envelope, you can simply take the Screenshot and share it with the Developers Contest here.

Add Lucky Charms to your Collection

The previous Star Citizen Lunar New Year was missing one thing - Collections. Now, in Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide, we are happy to announce that you can keep the Red Envelopes memorable, showcasing your amazing adventure of finding it. 

When the Ship is in the Cockpit, there is a Wooden Rooster that also brings luck. There are also some speculations that the previous years (3 years to be precise) Red Festivals Envelopes are also included in this year’s Star Citizen New Lunar Year. 

New Year Paints and Ships

Coming to the sweet part of this Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide, there are some amazing Paint Works available just for the Lunar New Year Red Festival. Same as we already mentioned, the Paint Work is a combination of Red with a hint of Gold, but it looks totally stunning. 

With the Launch of 3.18, you can equip this Paint Work with the Pisces and your Carracks, giving them a Good Luck charm. There are also some new Ships that you can avail of in this Red Festival 2953. 

Furthermore, there have been amazing Discount Prices on the Starter Packs, most notably the Pisces C8X. Don’t worry about collecting aUEC for the amazing Ships and Starter Packs because here at MMOPixel, you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC in bulk without having to empty your wallet. 

The Ships and other things can be bought from the Star Citizen Pledge Store here. There is an exquisite Red and Gold Paint available for Anvil C8 Pisces, as well as your Carrack. There is still time to get them from the in-game store.

Cargo Hauling and MISC Hull C

We all know the contents of Star Citizen 3.18 Update, but did you know that there is something special for the Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 as well? Well, you can celebrate the Lunar New Year with a special focus on Cargo Hauling. 

The Hull C is arriving in 2023 and you can pick the MISC Hauler as a concept. It will be made flyable in the Star Citizen 3.18 Update. The Ship isn’t cheap, but you can get it early on in the new Red Festival 2953. 

Final Verdict

These are all the details on the Lunar New Year in our Star Citizen Red Festival 2953 Guide. The game is on the right path with its 3.18 Update and what’s onwards coming to it. That’s why there are no reasons to miss it because you still have a couple of days to enjoy the Red Festival. Therefore, hop onto the contests, find Envelopes, get those amazing Red Themed Ships and Buy packages at a discounted Price. Don’t forget to Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC before going to the Star Citizen Pledge Store, you will need them.

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