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Starfield Combat Arsenal: A Comprehensive Guide to Weaponry

Weapons List for Starfield - Starfield Guide - IGN

In the expansive universe of Starfield, a multitude of weapons awaits your discovery as you embark on exploration adventures and engage in intense battles with various factions. Given the prevalence of combat in this interstellar setting, it's crucial to amass a diverse arsenal of firearms to rely on when the situation escalates. However, the abundance of distinct weapon types, each with its unique quirks, can make it daunting to determine the best choices for your combat needs.

Whether you prefer a close-quarters confrontation with your foes, sniping them from a distance, or employing non-lethal methods to subdue your adversaries, this guide will equip you with the essential knowledge you need to become a formidable force in the world of Starfield. Explore the weaponry, damage types, and customization options to make informed decisions and emerge victorious in the tumultuous cosmos.

Starfield Weapon Types and Damage

Best weapons in Starfield: Rifle, Heavy, Melee, more - Charlie INTEL

In the vast expanse of Starfield, your weapons come in various types, each capable of delivering three distinct damage categories:

1. Physical Damage

Ballistic Weapons: These arms deliver pure physical damage, perfect for traditional projectile-based combat. They excel at dealing damage to targets that lack energy shields or specialized defenses.

2. Energy Damage

Laser Weapons: Emitting focused beams of energy, laser weapons are ideal for slicing through enemy shields and causing direct energy-based harm. They provide a strategic advantage against foes relying on defensive barriers.

3. Electromagnetic (EM) Damage

EM Weapons: These arms unleash electromagnetic pulses, disrupting electronics and frying circuitry. EM weapons are effective against mechanized adversaries and can neutralize high-tech defenses.

4. Particle Beam Weapons

Combining both Physical and Energy damage, Particle Beam weapons offer a versatile approach to combat. They can penetrate energy shields while simultaneously dealing physical harm to the target.

Ballistic Weapons: Unleash Physical Firepower

Weapons List for Starfield - Starfield Guide - IGN

Ballistic weapons in Starfield epitomize classic firearms, utilizing physical projectiles to inflict damage upon your adversaries. Engaging in combat with these weapons involves a straightforward principle: shoot your enemies until their hit points are fully depleted, leading to their demise. While Ballistic weapons offer a visceral and effective means of combat, they typically excel at short-range engagements, unless modified with extended barrels and scopes.

Here are some examples of Ballistic weapons along with their respective ammunition types:

  • Coachman Shotgun - Utilizes caseless shell ammunition for close-range, devastating impact.

  • Drum Beat Rifle - Chambers 11mm ammo, providing reliable stopping power for mid-range engagements.

  • Eon Pistol - Fires 7.77mm ammo, making it a versatile sidearm choice.

  • Grendel Rifle - Packs 7.77mm ammo, suitable for precise, long-range shots.

  • Kraken Pistol - Deploys 6.5mm ammo, offering a balance between power and ammunition capacity.

  • Lawgiver Rifle - Fires .50 caliber ammunition, delivering heavy-hitting shots.

  • Maelstrom Rifle - Uses 6.5mm ammo, combining accuracy and efficiency.

  • Pacifier Shotgun - Equipped with 15x25 CLL shell ammo, ensuring a high-impact close-quarters solution.

  • Rattler Pistol - Fires .27 caliber ammo, offering a lightweight yet effective sidearm.

  • Regulator Pistol - Utilizes .43 ultramag ammo, providing superior stopping power.

  • Sidestar Pistol - Deploys .27 caliber ammo, balancing precision and mobility.

  • Urban Eagle Pistol - Chambers .43 ultramag ammo, making it a formidable sidearm choice.

Laser Weapons: Harness the Power of Energy

Really Hope the Laser weapons in Starfield can be used in endgame this time  around : r/Starfield

In the futuristic realm of Starfield, Laser weapons epitomize cutting-edge firearm technology, dealing potent energy damage with high-voltage laser beams. Despite their advanced nature, the fundamental principle remains the same: whittle down your adversaries' hit points until their demise. Laser weapons, however, offer distinctive advantages, including extended range and superior accuracy, making them a formidable choice for precision combat. If you're diligent in collecting bright yellow laser ammo packs, you can unleash a continuous barrage of energy blasts.

Though Laser weapons may offer fewer variations compared to their Ballistic counterparts, you're likely to encounter the following types during your galactic journey:

  • Arc Welder Heavy - Armed with 3kV LZR ammo, this heavy Laser weapon delivers devastating energy damage for intense engagements.

  • Equinox Laser Rifle - Equipped with 3kV LZR ammo, this rifle offers exceptional accuracy and range for precision marksmanship.

  • Solstice Laser Pistol - Chambers 1.5kV LZR ammo, providing a compact and versatile sidearm option with energy-based firepower.

EM Weapons: Electromagnetic Precision for Non-Lethal Control

In the intriguing world of Starfield, Electromagnetic (EM) weapons deviate from conventional firearms, offering a unique approach. These specialized weapons are designed to incapacitate enemies by emitting electromagnetic pulses, providing a non-lethal alternative to combat. 

When you open fire with EM weapons, a distinct stun bar appears above the enemy's health indicator. As you continue to discharge your EM weapon, this stun bar gradually fills up. Once completely filled, the enemy is temporarily immobilized, unable to act.

During this incapacitated state, you have the opportunity to interact with the stunned enemy. This includes engaging in dialogue or engaging in pickpocketing. However, caution is necessary, as any physical harm or detection by the enemy will prompt an immediate revival, and they will resume their hostile actions.

It's worth noting that EM weapons are relatively rare in Starfield, with limited options available. As of now, we've only encountered one such weapon:

  • Novablast Disruptor Electromagnetic Rifle - This EM rifle utilizes Heavy Fuse ammo, making it a valuable tool for those seeking non-lethal crowd control and strategic incapacitation.

Discovering the Optimal Starfield Weapons

Starfield Best Weapons: Where to find unique and exotic guns | VG247

In the expansive universe of Starfield, the search for the best weapons is a dynamic quest, influenced by your individual combat style and the unpredictable nature of weapon drops. Nevertheless, based on our experiences, we can provide recommendations for specific weapon types that have proven effective in various scenarios.

Close-Quarters Dominance: The Shotgun Advantage

When it comes to close-quarters combat, shotguns stand out as formidable choices, offering unparalleled power at short range. A standard Coachman shotgun can be found in the basement of the Constellation Lodge, serving as a solid starting point. However, keep an eye out for modified versions boasting increased magazine capacity or faster fire rates. 

If you stumble upon a Pacifier shotgun with its base magazine size of 7 shots, consider it a gem. Approach your adversaries closely, unload your shotgun rounds into them, causing significant damage, and possibly knocking them down. This creates an opportunity for a follow-up attack after reloading, enhancing your combat effectiveness.

Precision at a Distance: Laser Rifles

For engagements at a distance, laser rifles prove to be dependable allies. Their impressive effective range and reduced spray or drop-off with energy beams make them a solid choice. The Equinox laser rifle has emerged as a personal favorite for ranged encounters, surpassing ballistic rifles with similar damage stats in terms of effectiveness. Should you come across one equipped with a scope, you'll further enhance your combat capabilities by zeroing in on headshots.

Equipping Companions with Weapons in Starfield

In Starfield, your trusty companions can wield the weapons of your choice during your missions, enhancing your combat prowess. To assign a weapon to a companion, follow these steps:

1. Initiate a Gear Trade

Engage in a conversation with your companion and express your intention to trade gear with them.

2. Place the Weapon in Their Inventory

Access your companion's inventory and transfer the desired weapon to their possession.

3. Equip the Weapon

After the weapon is in their inventory, highlight it. Follow the "Equip" prompt displayed at the bottom of the screen.

4. Ensure Ammunition Availability

It's crucial to confirm that your companion possesses at least one unit of the required ammunition type for the weapon.

Fortunately, ammunition for companions does not deplete, allowing them to continuously fire the weapon without running out. This feature proves especially valuable when dealing with weapons that rely on rare or limited ammunition types. If you're on the brink of depleting your ammunition supply for a powerful firearm, consider handing it over to your companion.

Enhance Your Arsenal with Starfield Weapon Mods

In Starfield, the art of customization extends to your weaponry through the use of weapon mods, which can be applied at a Weapon Workbench. These mods offer the opportunity to fine-tune your guns, altering their performance and capabilities to suit your preferences and combat needs. Depending on the type of weapon you're modifying, you'll find various categories of mods, each with its own set of benefits:

1. Barrel Mods

Modify the weapon's barrel to influence accuracy, recoil, range, and aim down sight speed.

2. Laser Mods

Add a laser sight to assist with targeting, improving precision.

3. Optic Mods

Determine the type of sight or scope attached, enhancing your aiming capabilities.

4. Muzzle Mods

Attach components to enhance stability, increase long-range accuracy, or improve hip-fire accuracy, often at the expense of the other. You can also add a suppressor to silence the weapon.

5. Grip and Stock Mods

Upgrade to a tactical grip, boosting aim down sight speed, reload speed, and stability.

6. Magazine and Battery Mods

Switch out standard ammunition for custom variants like armor-piercing or white-hot rounds. Convert energy weapons to non-lethal Electromagnetic (EM) versions.

7. Internal Mods

Add an extra internal component to increase fire rate, damage, accuracy, and range.

8. Receiver Mods

Adjust the weapon's fire rate, offering options for fully automatic, burst fire, or semi-automatic operation.

9. Skin Mods

Customize the appearance of the weapon by applying different skins.


How do I acquire new weapons in Starfield? 

To obtain new weapons in Starfield, you can explore various locations, loot defeated enemies, purchase them from vendors, or complete quests that offer weapon rewards. Keep an eye out for unique and rare weapons during your adventures.

Can I upgrade and customize my weapons in Starfield? 

Yes, you can upgrade and customize your weapons in Starfield using weapon mods. Access a Weapon Workbench to apply mods that alter aspects like accuracy, damage, and appearance. Experiment with different combinations to create a personalized arsenal.

What's the difference between Ballistic and Laser weapons in Starfield? 

Ballistic weapons use physical ammunition and excel at close-quarters combat. Laser weapons, on the other hand, fire energy beams with longer ranges and less bullet drop. Your choice depends on your playstyle and the situation you're facing in the game.


As you embark on your interstellar journey within the captivating universe of Starfield, your weapons become not only your means of survival but also your tools of conquest. From Ballistic and Laser arms to Electromagnetic stunners, the diverse array of weapons provides a canvas for your combat creativity.

By understanding the distinct damage types, uncovering the power of weapon mods, and arming your companions strategically, you'll navigate the cosmos with confidence. Each trigger pull and modification choice brings you closer to becoming a formidable force in this captivating realm.

Remember, the best weapons in Starfield are the ones that complement your style and strategy. So, embrace the adventure, experiment, and let the stars guide your path to mastery. 

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