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Top 10 Proven Strategies for Rapid Advancement in Starfield

Starfield XP Farm: How To Level Up Fast | EarlyGame

Embarking on the cosmic journey that is Starfield, the highly anticipated space RPG by Bethesda, players are confronted with a vast and immersive open-world adventure. At the heart of this celestial odyssey lies the crucial aspect of character leveling, and as you delve deeper into the game, you'll quickly realize that leveling up is essential. Even if your intention is to focus solely on the campaign, the challenges you encounter will demand it. 

With each level you attain, you gain access to more potent weaponry, unique traits, enhanced skills, and a wealth of other benefits. Today, we'll provide you with the best tips on how to expedite your leveling journey in Starfield.

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Leveling Up Swiftly in Starfield: The Power of Sleep

Starfield: How to Level Up Fast

In the vast universe of Starfield, accelerating your character's growth might not be as challenging as you think. One seemingly counterintuitive but highly effective method to expedite your progression is none other than getting a good night's sleep.

1. Sleeping is Great

How to wait, sleep & pass time - Starfield | Shacknews

You might feel in the start that sleeping is a waste of time when trying to level up in Starfield. However, it's actually a secret to making your character grow faster. When you decide to rest, you get a big advantage. This bonus comes from the Well-Rested perk, which lets you earn 10% more XP than usual during your adventures. You can sleep in your spaceship or any available beds in the Lodge. Always make sure you've had a good rest to get the most XP possible.

2. XP Farming: Navigating Main and Side Missions

Starfield: All Main Missions List | Pure Xbox

In the ever-expanding universe of Starfield, mastering the art of leveling up quickly requires a strategic approach to missions. Two primary avenues stand out as the most effective methods for accumulating experience points (XP), catapulting you to new heights in character progression.

Main Missions: The XP Bonanza

When it comes to XP acquisition, main missions reign supreme. They not only drive the overarching narrative forward but also offer a lot of bonuses that can substantially boost your character's growth. Main missions typically reward you with a generous amount of XP.

Side Missions: A Rewarding Diversion

While main missions steal the spotlight, side missions should not be overlooked. While they may yield fewer XP points (usually around 50), side missions provide a welcome change in your interstellar adventure. Beyond XP, these diversions offer a variety of valuable rewards, making them an enticing option for those seeking a well-rounded experience.

3. Battling for XP in Starfield

Even Without VATS, Starfield's Combat is a Cut Above Fallout 4

For those who thrive on intense battles within the celestial realm of Starfield, a strategic focus on defeating adversaries can be your ticket to rapid leveling. This approach not only sharpens your combat skills but also opens up exciting opportunities for character growth.

Combat for XP and Beyond

Engaging in combat provides a dynamic path to leveling up swiftly. By actively seeking out and vanquishing hostile entities, you can amass valuable experience points that contribute to your character's advancement.

As you hone your combat prowess, you'll gain access to stronger weapons, skills, and traits, equipping you to defeat fiercer foes as your journey unfolds. This self-driven approach to leveling allows you to dictate the pace of your progression, independent of main missions or side quests.

4. Exploring New Planets in Starfield

Starfield Starters: An Explorer's Guide to Planet Hopping - Xbox Wire

In the boundless expanse of Starfield, the thrill of discovery goes hand in hand with character progression. Each time you unveil a new celestial body, be it a planet, or an enigmatic structure, your efforts are rewarded with valuable experience points. This rule applies across the entire spectrum of celestial wonders that beckon you to explore.

A Galaxy of Ecological Wonders

Delving deeper into the cosmos reveals that every planet boasts its own unique ecology, teeming with diverse flora, fauna, resources, and enigmatic life forms. These challenging encounters not only enhance your skills but also shower you with abundant XP rewards for their defeat.

Navigating Map for Success

To embark on this thrilling quest for XP, the star map becomes your trusty guide. It provides essential details, allowing you to identify the most suitable destinations for your leveling endeavors. 

5. Go to New Places

Starfield cities – all known locations | PCGamesN

In the vast and enigmatic universe of Starfield, the pursuit of knowledge and adventure takes many forms, and exploration extends far beyond just the realm of celestial bodies. Every new location you uncover brings you a rewarding bounty of 20 experience points with each revelation.

Scan, Study, and Slay: Maximizing XP

Venturing even deeper into the intricacies of exploration, you'll find that knowledge is power in Starfield. Scanning the captivating wildlife and unique flora unlocks additional XP rewards for your burgeoning adventure. However, for those who prefer a more action-packed approach, there's an expedited path to leveling up: hunting.

But not every hunt will suffice. To rapidly ascend the ranks, you must set your sights on planets with high level wildlife. Once you've identified such a promising hunting ground, build outpost to facilitate swift travel to the location. 

6. Factions and XP in Starfield

A Comprehensive Guide To Starfield's Factions

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Starfield, doing missions of multiple factions unveils a multifaceted avenue for accumulating valuable experience points (XP). Joining these diverse groups not only immerses you in their unique narratives but also sets the stage for thrilling adventures.

The Faction Nexus: Mission Boards and XP

Faction mission boards, serving as bustling hubs of activity, grant you access to a wealth of quests that promise high XP. By completing faction missions, you can reliably amass significant XP gains, with each mission typically yielding over 200 XP. These missions not only contribute to your character's growth but also provide an engaging exploration of Starfield's rich lore, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Charting Your Faction Journey

To embark on this enthralling faction-based XP quest, your journey begins at New Atlantis. Make your way to the MAST headquarters, where the path to joining the UC Vanguard awaits. This pivotal step initiates your immersive journey, setting the stage for camaraderie, adventure, and an abundance of XP rewards.

7. Trade Commissions

Bounty Hunter goes brrrrr : r/Starfield

In the bustling and ever-expanding universe of Starfield, these requests present a dual opportunity for intrepid players: the chance to amass valuable credits and embark on journeys to uncharted frontiers, all while steadily advancing your XP levels.

Exploration and Credits Go Hand in Hand

The heart of the matter lies in the allure of uncharted territories. Every new destination in the vast cosmos, whether it's among the stars or on the surfaces of planets and moons, contributes to a notable boost in your XP levels. These journeys of discovery not only expand your horizons but also enrich your character's growth.

The Bounty of Bounty Requests

Engaging in Trade Commission requests adds a thrilling twist to your adventures. Not only do these missions often involve exhilarating combat encounters, but they also provide a rewarding source of experience points. With up to 100 XP rewards, completing a bounty not only fuels your journey toward mastery but also injects a dose of excitement into your interstellar escapades.

8. Romantic Relationships and Fast Leveling in Starfield

How to romance all characters in Starfield

In the boundless universe of Starfield, forming romantic connections with characters transcends mere companionship—it's a strategic pathway to accelerated leveling.

The Power of Emotional Bonds

Developing a deep and meaningful bond allows you to spend the night with them. This intimate connection grants you the coveted "Emotional Security", a boon that amplifies your character's potential for growth. You get an XP increase of 15%. 

Narrative Enrichment and Character Progression

Beyond the mechanical benefits, delving into romantic relationships in Starfield enhances the narrative aspect, adding depth and emotional resonance to your journey. The connections you form with your companions not only shape the unfolding story but also imbue your character's growth with personal significance.

9. Drinking Alien Tea

Recipe: 10 best Starfield recipes and how to craft them

In the vast expanse of Starfield, even the simplest rituals can hold the key to unlocking greater potential. One such discovery is the power of Alien Tea, a humble concoction that offers a surprising advantage in your quest for experience points.

The Recipe for Progress

To brew your Alien Tea, you'll need just two basic ingredients: Distilled Water and Fiber. This simple recipe results in a beverage that grants you a modest but meaningful boost of 1% in XP for a duration of 15 minutes. While it may seem unassuming, this incremental increase can have a profound impact on your long-term progression.

The Tranquilitea Connection

For those who crave even more rapid progression, consider the synergy between Alien Tea and Tranquilitea. Both beverages offer the same +1% XP boost, and when combined, they create a potent +2% XP bonus. This potent blend can be a game-changer for dedicated spacefarers looking to maximize their XP gains.

10. Cheats and Console Commands in Starfield

In the immersive realm of Starfield, the thrill of exploration is at the heart of the experience. However, for those who seek an unconventional way, console commands offer a tempting shortcut to character progression.

Manipulating Your Destiny

Console commands allow you change the power level, providing an instant boost to your capabilities. To soar to level 100 in the blink of an eye, simply enter command "player.setlevel 100" into the console. You can adjust it to suit your preference. 

Accessing the Console

To access the console, press the ~ key, which will initiate the console interface on the bottom side of your screen while pausing the game. You can open it again by tapping the key again to enter additional commands. After entering the desired command, hit the Enter key. When you've achieved your desired level, use the key once more to close the console.

A Cautionary Note

While console commands provide a convenient means of altering your character's progression, it's important to note that using them will disable the ability to earn in-game accomplishments. This trade-off between rapid advancement and the pursuit of in-game goals is a choice you'll need to make.

Final Words

In the boundless expanse of Starfield, a thrilling adventure awaits those who dare to explore. With diverse planets, formidable enemies, and immersive combat encounters, leveling up becomes not just an option but a necessity. 

Whether your path leads you through the cosmos in pursuit of combat mastery, the thrill of discovery, or the depths of narrative progression, your journey hinges on your character's growth. After all, in the grand tapestry of Starfield, progression is the key that unlocks the myriad wonders and challenges of this captivating universe.

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