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Securing Starfield Ships: A Guide to Acquiring Free Ships

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Discover all the Starfield free ships available, whether you're on a tight credit budget or seeking quest-based rewards. Some of these complimentary Starfield ships are top-tier, and you can find them in our comprehensive Starfield best ships guide, which includes a selection from this list.

We will detail all the free ships attainable in the game and provide step-by-step instructions on how to acquire and incorporate them into your fleet. You’ll also learn some unconventional methods to obtain free ships, as long as you're willing to dabble in the shadier side of the cosmos.

Starfield's Free Ships: A Comprehensive List and How to Obtain Them

Starfield ships ranked by their rizz factor

In Starfield, there's a valuable array of free ships waiting for you to claim. These include: 

  • Frontier

  • Kepler R (or the Kepler S)

  • Razorleaf

  • Star Eagle

  • UC Prison Shuttle

  • Wanderwell

  • Starborn Guardian

The sources of these complimentary Starfield ships vary. Your initial vessel is the Frontier, while the Starborn Guardian becomes available in New Game+. You can acquire the Wanderwell as a trait reward, and the rest can be earned through in-game missions. With the capacity to own up to ten ships in your fleet, there's ample room to assemble these free assets. Furthermore, most of these ships are upgradeable, enhancing their capabilities as you navigate the game's evolving challenges and combat encounters.

Delve deeper into the details of each of these Starfield free ships below:

1. Frontier: Your Entry-Level Vessel

How to access Ship Storage in Starfield | Eurogamer.net

  • Fuel: 50

  • Hull: 366

  • Cargo: 450

  • Crew: 2

  • Shield: 310

The Frontier serves as your initial foray into the Starfield universe. This free Starfield ship represents the most basic option, essentially acting as your tutorial vessel. While it's suitable for introductory purposes, serious players will seek to upgrade to more capable ships early on, as the Frontier lacks the firepower needed for combat-intensive scenarios.

2. Kepler R: A Stellar Exploration and Combat Vessel

How to get Kepler R Ship in Starfield | Eurogamer.net

  • Fuel: 2800

  • Hull: 999

  • Cargo: 3550

  • Crew: 6

  • Shield: 805

The Kepler R stands out among Starfield's free ships, boasting the highest fuel and cargo capacity. Classified as a class C ship, it combines impressive speed with formidable weaponry, making it an excellent choice for both exploration and combat. Acquiring the Kepler R involves completing the "Overdesigned" mission for Walter Stroud as part of the Crimson Fleet questline. Notably, it holds a substantial value of 448,477, ranking it among the most valuable ships in the game.

Unlocking the Kepler R: Choose Wisely

To secure the Kepler R, you must navigate a specific series of choices during the mission. As you progress, you'll have options related to budget allocation and mission types, including "destroy" and "transport" missions. To obtain the Kepler R, opt for the "teambuilding" route toward the mission's conclusion, focusing on positive and motivational responses. 

This path may even lead you to deliver a motivational speech, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Make the wrong choices, and you'll end up with the less potent Kepler S instead.

3. Razorleaf: The Elite Free Starship

Where To Find Razorleaf Ship in Starfield | The Nerd Stash

  • Fuel: 140

  • Hull: 469

  • Cargo: 420

  • Crew: 2

  • Shield: 360

The Razorleaf stands as one of the game's premier free ships, offering an exceptional package of attributes. With its remarkable speed, a jump range of 30 lightyears, and potent weaponry, it excels in combat scenarios. Earning this ship is entirely cost-free, and it comes as a reward for completing the Mantis questline.

Formidable Advantage

Here are some of the best advantages of this ship:

  • Swift and Deadly: The Razorleaf is renowned for its quickness and combat prowess, making it a top choice for engaging in battles across the cosmos.

  • Feared Presence: This ship carries an intimidating reputation, causing potential adversaries to think twice before crossing paths with you in space.

  • Shielded Cargo Capacity: With a built-in cargo shield capable of holding 160 units, the Razorleaf facilitates rapid and secure transport of contraband and valuable cargo.

4. Star Eagle: The Versatile Class A Marvel

How To Get the Star Eagle Ship in Starfield | The Nerd Stash

  • Fuel: 140

  • Hull: 948

  • Cargo: 2736

  • Crew: 5

  • Shield: 760

The Star Eagle is a substantial class A vessel (29 reactor) that offers a well-rounded package of attributes. With its sizeable cargo capacity, it's an excellent choice for resource gathering missions. Positioned as a balanced middle-ground ship, it excels in regular use and boasts a formidable missile stat of 136. You can add this versatile craft to your fleet as a reward for completing the Freestar Ranger questline, accessible in the Akila City area of the game.

5. UC Prison Shuttle: A Unique Escape Vessel

UC Prison Shuttle | Starfield Wiki | Fandom

  • Fuel: 200

  • Hull: 418

  • Cargo: 1090

  • Crew: 1

  • Shield: 0

While not a powerhouse in terms of performance, the UC Prison Shuttle offers a distinctive appeal and an intriguing backstory, serving as the ship you use to break free. While it lacks strength and has no shields, the value of a free ship is undeniable, especially when it aids in your escape from confinement. This unique craft becomes available during the Crimson Fleet mission line, specifically in a mission titled "Echoes of the Past."

6. Wanderwell: The Family-Powered Class A Ship

Every free ship you can unlock in Starfield - Video Games on Sports  Illustrated

  • Fuel: 200

  • Hull: 502

  • Cargo: 800

  • Crew: 2

  • Shield: 544

The Wanderwell, a class A ship, can be acquired through an unconventional yet heartwarming route. By selecting the "Kid Stuff" Trait, you gain the ability to visit your parents, but it comes at a cost of 2% of your overall earned credits. Eventually, your parents will present you with this ship as a gift. 

While it doesn't boast top-tier capabilities, it's a well-rounded vessel that offers value beyond the credits you give up to maintain your connection with your in-game family. It features a 27-lightyear jump range and a 28 ballistics stat, making it a fun and cost-free option for your Starfield adventures.

7. Starborn Guardian: The Formidable New Game+ Ship

How To Get the Starborn Ship in Starfield | The Nerd Stash

  • Fuel: 1500

  • Hull: 649

  • Cargo: 950

  • Crew: 5

  • Shield: 630

The Starborn Guardian emerges as a combat powerhouse, equipped with impressive statistics, including a 24 solar laser stat, a 70-torpedo stat, and a 30-lightyear jump range. This ship becomes accessible when you start the game in New Game+ mode, making it one of the game's premier vessels. Notably, you cannot customize it, but the New Game+ feature ensures you receive upgraded versions of this ship with each playthrough.

Final Version

The ultimate, sixth iteration of the Starborn Guardian boasts staggering improvements, featuring a remarkable 1254 hull, 1976 shield, 150 shielded cargo capacity, a formidable 42 solar laser stat, and an astonishing 150 torpedo stat.

How to Acquire Ships through Theft in Starfield

Best Starfield Ship Builds: The Most Powerful Custom Ship Designs | Den of  Geek

Stealing ships in Starfield can be an exciting but risky endeavor. Here's a guide on how to get your hands on ships without spending credits, even though it may come with consequences.

1. Ship Theft from NPCs

When exploring, keep an eye out for NPCs landing nearby. You can technically steal their ships, making them "free" for you. However, be prepared for potential repercussions. To claim the stolen ship, you must fly it off the planet's surface to a different location, where you can sell it.

2. Boarding Hostile Ships

You can also attempt to steal ships by docking and boarding hostile vessels. Disable an enemy ship's engines to trigger the option to dock and board. Keep in mind that this approach may result in combat and in-game consequences.

To steal civilian ships in space, provoke them to turn hostile by hailing the ship and initiating a conversation. Again, this action may have repercussions. After acquiring the ship, undock from your previous vessel, travel to the nearest spaceport, mark the stolen ship as yours, add it to your fleet, and switch back to your initial ship.

3. Boarding and Combat Considerations

When boarding a ship for theft, be prepared to eliminate all NPCs on board to take control. Many stolen ships may require specific piloting skills to operate. Invest skill points in the Piloting Skill to meet these requirements. 

4. Registering and Selling Stolen Ships

To sell a stolen ship, register it with a Ship Services Technician. Be aware that the registration fee can be a substantial portion of the ship's value. Before selling a stolen ship, consider selling all items in its inventory separately for additional profit. This strategy can significantly boost your earnings from the theft.


What types of ships are available in Starfield?

In Starfield, you'll find various ship types, ranging from small, agile vessels to large, combat-oriented ones. These include class A, B, and C ships, each with unique characteristics and attributes.

How do I acquire free ships in Starfield?

Free ships in Starfield can be obtained through various means, such as quest rewards, completing specific mission lines, or making choices in the game that lead to free ship acquisitions. Some ships are available in New Game+ mode as well.

Can I customize my ships in Starfield?

While you can upgrade and modify certain aspects of your ships in Starfield, full customization is limited. Players can enhance their ships' performance, weapons, and other attributes, but major aesthetic changes or complete overhauls are generally not available.

What are the best ships for combat in Starfield?

The ideal combat ship in Starfield depends on your playstyle and preferences. Some powerful ships designed for combat include the Razorleaf, Kepler R, and Starborn Guardian. Each has its strengths, and your choice should align with your preferred combat strategy.

Are there consequences for stealing ships in Starfield?

Yes, there can be consequences for stealing ships in Starfield. If you're caught stealing or provoking civilian ships, you may face in-game repercussions, such as hostility from factions or NPCs. Additionally, selling stolen ships often requires a registration fee, which can be a substantial portion of the ship's value.


In the vast and immersive universe of Starfield, the ships you choose to command play a pivotal role in your interstellar adventures. Whether you acquire free ships through quests, embark on daring thefts, or select the perfect vessel for your journey, your choices shape your destiny among the stars. 

With a range of ship types and unique attributes, Starfield offers a diverse and exciting array of options to explore, conquer, and chart your own course through the cosmos. So, launch your ships and embark on your epic journey, for the universe of Starfield awaits your command.


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