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The best ways to farm luck in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has a variety of different game-specific mechanics. When you think about farming resources in MMORPGs, you don't usually think about the ways that you can go about farming Luck. One of the most confusing that new players come across is called Luck. Luck is obtained both from the daily login reward or from salvaging equipment.

Luck Types

Luck comes in what is called Essences of Luck and there are four different types. They start at the Fine Rarity and max out at Legendary. Each of these different types gives a different amount of Luck:

Fine = 10 Luck

Masterwork = 50 Luck

Rare = 100 Luck

Exotic = 200 Luck

Legendary = 500 Luck

All the tiers from Masterwork and up can be combined into higher tiers by an Artificer at the Artificing Station. Legendary Essences are only obtainable from completing the Anomalous Results Achievement track or in certain types of loot bags.

How to farm Luck


Looting fallen enemies is something that most players know when it comes to MMORPGs, but with Guild Wars 2 the ability to salvage or break down unwanted items such as armor, weapons, and trinkets is something that gives the loot system a unique edge.

Salvaging is based on the different types of Salvage Kits you can get, and the better the quality of the kit, the better your chance for obtaining rare crafting materials. There are several types, but the main ones are:

Crude Salvage Kit

Basic Salvage Kit

Fine Salvage Kit

Journeyman's Salvage Kit

Master's Salvage Kit

Mystic Salvage Kit

Black Lion Salvage Kit

When using these kits you instantly break down any non-Soulbound gear and with that, you'll obtain various base crafting materials such as ores, woods, and of course Luck. The more you Salvage, the greater amount of Luck you'll obtain. This means you'll need to find a lot of Loot, which is often best done by farming in certain areas such as in Dragonfall, Silverwastes, and running Meta events across different maps. Running Boss Trains is also an effective method to gain access to Loot Bags, and looking under the LFG tool can help you find different Commanders running them.

For most players, GW2 gold is an enabler that allows them to craft or purchase that coveted legendary gear or in some cases, even provides them with some of the Living World content that they missed. You can buy some GW2 gold to help you farm more Luck.

Luck Uses

Luck is a mechanic that increases the Magic Find percentage of the account and the character it is used on. Magic Find is a stat that affects certain types of items that can be looted, these include:

Reward track containers, such as a cache or a Loot box

Lost Bandit Chests from the Silverwastes

Heart of Thorns Caches and loot boxes

Divine Lucky Envelopes and Lucky Red Bags obtained from the Lunar New Year event

Magic find is limited to a cap of 300% account-wide. While achievement-based bonuses are limited to 36% and character-specific are increased through different foods and consumables.

The Lunar New Year event usually occurs in January every year and presents a ton of events and activities for players to enjoy. It's also a prime opportunity to farm Luck-boosting items that can stack atop your current Magic Find. The Lunar New Year event gives you a plethora of different items ranging from foods that give 25% magic find bonuses, to Fireworks. You will also be able to obtain Divine Lucky Envelopes that will contain different types of Essences of Luck, however, they are gated to a maximum of 19 per day.

Apart from these, you can also obtain a variety of different Lucky Envelopes from completing events. The Little Lucky Envelope also contains Essences of Luck and these are not limited in acquisition amount.

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