The final vanilla raid, Naxxramas, has already gone live in World of Warcraft Classic


Whether your Horde or Alliance, rejoice! The Naxxramas raid is now live on WoW Classic alongside the Shadow of the Necropolis update.

World of Warcraft Classic  Version 1.13.6 is now live and brings with it some nostalgia-inducing content. The patch is aptly named Shadow of the Necropolis and sets the much-anticipated Naxxramas raid live. The raid is set in a huge necropolis floating above the Plaguelands and can hold up to 40 players.

To enter the raid you must first achieve Honored status with the Argent Dawn, and before you head inside, don’t forget to pack some frost-resistant gear – you’ll need it. As well as opening up the Naxxramas raid, Version 1.13.6 also includes some fresh items and content, plus a few much-needed bug fixes.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list:

Resolved an issue that caused the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether to sometimes stop functioning for Priests talented into Spirit of Redemption after logging out and back into the game with the trinket equipped.

Resolved an issue that caused the Shaman talent Improved Weapon Totems to not apply its damage improvements to other players in the Shaman’s party.

Developers’ notes: This talent was introduced late in the original World of Warcraft and behaved in this unintended way until the beginning of Burning Crusade. It was considered a bug at that time, and will now be resolved here, as was originally intended.

Many World of Warcraft players may recognize Naxxramas as a 10 and 25-player raid for World of Warcraft introduced in the MMO's Wrath of the Lich King expansion. However, Blizzard originally released a 40-player version of the raid as part of World of Warcraft's vanilla release. It's a level-60 raid featuring an impressive 15 bosses for World of Warcraft Classic players to take on. It's also considered one of the most difficult raids prior to the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, so players should be well-geared.