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World Of Warcraft Classic:The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Has Begun

It's time to enter a new era of World of Warcraft Classic. The best era of World of Warcraft. Flame shield, up! World Of Warcraft Classic is returning to Outland—and if you're particularly eager to return to The Burning Crusade, you can now opt-in to Blizzard's closed beta for the throwback expansion.

Beta testing for WoW Classic's first expansion began this month, Blizzard revealed over on the game's forums (via Wowhead). While still a closed beta, you can sign up to be chosen for beta testing by hitting opt-in over on the expansion's store page, adding your name to the pool of players randomly chosen to receive testing invites.

Once selected, the beta should appear alongside your other WoW installs in the Battle.net launcher. Beta testers can choose to create a new character, or carry over any of their existing WoW Classic characters. If you need more help with your character in the game, you can think about buying in-game services from www.mmopixel.com. Here you will be able to Buy WoW Classic Gold and so much more to help buff you up for the beta testing.

WoW Classic's foray into The Burning Crusade was revealed at BlizzCon earlier this year, though we still don't know when The Dark Portal will reopen for Blizzard's nostalgic client. Technically, it'll be a whole new branch of WoW Classic—servers for just the vanilla experience will remain, alongside those that push forwards into WoW's first expansion.The new races added so much into the mix, and the raids were some of the best Blizzard had ever designed, particularly from a lore perspective. Sure it was a time sink, but not as much as Vanilla, and Burning Crusade brought a lot of depth and complexity into the mix without feeling overwhelming.

While unconfirmed, we reckon The Burning Crusade will eventually launch later this summer or fall. You'll be able to boost one existing Classic character to 60 to jump into Outland immediately, with post-launch updates to drip in over the coming months.

All that said, it's time to relive that era again in "Classic" form. As previously announced at BlizzConline, The Burning Crusade beta is ready to go and is live today if you opt-in. Blizzard claims that the Classic continuation is still ready to go this year, and will exist on separate realms from "Vanilla Classic," so you can choose to stay in Vanilla world forever if you want.

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