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Tytalos Guardian Raid Guide - Defeat this Tough Boss!

Guardian Raids are some of the most difficult challenges in Lost Ark, and a great way to learn new mechanics and improve your abilities and stats. Some raids are harder than others due to the mechanics of the bosses, which can be very difficult to defeat. Talking about Lost Ark Tytalos Fight, it’s a middle-level fight, but still, a really tough one. In this Tytalos Guardian Raid Guide, we’ll uncover all the secrets of this magnificent battle!

What is Lost Ark Tytalos Guardian Raid?

The Tytalos Guardian Raid is the final boss you’ll have to face at the end of the level two raids. To face it, you need to be equipped with item level 580. You can try to defeat Tytalos both by yourself or with a team. Just remember that defeating Tytalos involves a great effort and may take plenty of time. Besides, it can be a bit tricky. 

How to Unlock Tytalos Guardian Raid?

Tytalos roars in Lost Ark

You have to complete every level one boss first, which includes Ur'nil, Lumerus, Icy Legoros, and Vertus. Once you've reached these criteria, feel free to attempt the fight.

Tytalos Guardian General Patterns

To carry out the Tyatalos raid successfully, you must learn its both basic and special attacks, and patterns, and understand the mechanics of this raid.

Paw Strike

Tytalos Paw Strike attack in Lost Ark

This is a basic attack that deals low damage. Tytalos targets a player and strikes twice. The first strike is with its right claw, the second, with its left claw. The second attack can knock you. To avoid it, just reposition towards its sides or back. 

Paw Slam

Tytalos Paw Slam attack in Lost Ark

Tytalos rears up on his hind legs and hits the ground in front of it, creating a clone blast that deals low damage to you. As soon as you see it rise, step back or move towards the back on its hind legs. 


Tytalos Backstep attack in Lost Ark

Backstep won’t deal you damage but increases the possibility of getting hit by follow-up attacks. Try to close the gap between you and Tytalos to reduce these possibilities fast enough. 


Tytalos Charge attack in Lost Ark

This third attack features a huge attack speed and deals medium damage to players. The guardian will charge forward in the direction it’s facing. Before charging, a cloud of red dust will appear on the front paws of Tytalos. Keep in mind that this attack is in one direction, so stay away from its line as soon as Tytalos starts charging to avoid the hit.  


Tytalos Silence attack in Lost Ark

The Guardian will spawn two rings at random spots. These rings descend to the ground and silence everyone for 5 seconds. Before descending, there will be a mark in the ground where rings will land. Stay off the mark of this AoE attack to avoid silence. 

Sand Breath

Tytalos Sand Breath attack in Lost Ark

In this attack, the Guardian will suck dust from the surroundings and perform a beam of sand towards the direction it is looking, hitting everybody in front of it. This one-shot mechanic is easy to avoid if you move towards its side or back. The sucking animation won’t hurt you, and the Guardian will be in its place during the attack.  

Bomb Spawning Circle

Tytalos Bomb Spawing Circle attack in Lost Ark

The Guardian will summon a bomb spawning circle in a random spot close to it. The circle detonates two bombs which deal damage to the closest players. The explosions deal massive damage and eliminate most classes. 

Sand Waves

Tytalos Sand Waves attack in Lost Ark

Tytalos Guardian summons multiple rolling grains of sand around itself, which deal medium damage and knock you down on hit. This attack comes in two different ways:

Firstly, the sand waves come from behind rolling in one direction. To avoid this way, just stay on the Tytalos’s back. In a second way, the rolling sands come in different directions. To dodge this second way, stay near the Guardian at 5 or 7 o’clock. 

Ring of Doom

Tytalos Ring of Doom attack in Lost Ark

Tytalos will stomp three times on the ground and summon several circles at random spots every time it hits the ground. The circles explode shortly after they appear on the ground, being capable of dealing huge damage and knocking you. If you’re hit by one of these explosions, you might be hit again by the subsequent explosions.  To avoid this attack, you must focus on dodging during the entire animation. 

Special Interactions and Patterns

Tytalos features some special attacks as a part of its second phase. These special interactions and attacks deal great damage and create an AoE that can kill you on a hit. 

Counterable Charge

Tytalos Counterable Charge in Lost Ark

You can perform a counterattack during the Tytalos’s charge attack pattern. When the Guardian is going to release this attack, it glows blue. It’s a brief moment, but this is the time to deliver a skill with a counterattack affix standing in front of the boss. The timing has to be perfect, and it may be a dangerous movement, but being successful makes the Guardian stunned for a few seconds. 

Sand Cyclones

Tytalos Sand Cyclones attack in Lost Ark

Tytalos will glow red and roar out. Then, it will summon two huge cyclones that can be either stationary or move toward a random player. After using Earthquake, these cyclones follow players with a great movement speed. If this sandstorm touches you, you’ll receive low damage every second. 

Every three stacks of damage, you’ll be petrified. This petrification lasts 5 seconds. You can use this stat to avoid the one shot of the Annihilation. When the petrification ends, you get a 30 seconds debuff that prevents any slow debuff. 


Tytalos Earthquake attack in Lost Ark

Tytalos deals little damage to enemies by slamming the ground 3 times. The Earthquake attack is a good way to predict the Annihilation attack, as Tytalos performs it shortly before using it. 


Tytalos Annihilation attack in Lost Ark

This is one of Tytalos’ attacks. Annihilation has a huge range and delivers a one-shot hit. To avoid this attack you need to be outside of the attack range. To do this, keep an eye on the position of the cyclones.

How to Beat Tytalos?

The key to facing Tytalos is to learn its mechanics, especially the sandstorms that appear around the combat arena. It’s fundamental to avoid those. Otherwise, you’ll receive a debuff that can stack up three times, with the third stack providing a stun.  

Another important piece of advice is that you run into a sandstorm to avoid the Annihilation attack. The petrification will help you to stay immune to this attack. So, be aware of the phases of this Guardian. 

Another crucial aspect in defeating Tytalos is to leverage the petrified debuff. Avoid the sand cyclones to keep your normal state and do not receive a slowness debuff, at least until the moment that the Guardian begins its AoE attack. Getting petrified makes you invulnerable for a short period, which will help you avoid its high power level attack. 

Tips for Tytalos Guardian Raid 

Raid selection screen in Lost Ark

Next, you’ll find some items to take you can carry to face the Tytalos Guardian Raid possibly. 

  • HP Potions;

  • Panacea Potion;

  • Flares;

  • Whirlwind Grenades.

You can utilize Panacea to remove the 30 seconds debuff of the Sand Cyclones. It’s mandatory to do this when you are petrified too early and can’t wait 30 seconds to get it again for the Annihilation attack.

Whirlwind Grenades will help you stagger the Guardian, giving you time to take a step back and regroup. These can be very useful to be safe from the Wipe Mechanic.

This Guardian is weak against fire attacks, so we recommend you add fire attacks to your arsenal. This way, you’ll damage an extra damage to this power level required boss.

If it’s possible, face Tytalos with friends or teammates who can cast powerful attacks and know the Guardian’s mechanics.

Tytalos Rewards

Once you defeat Tytalos, you can be rewarded with the following:

  • Splendid Vanguard Earrings;

  • Splendid Watcher Earrings;

  • Splendid Vanguard Necklace;

  • Splendid Vanguard Ring;

  • Splendid Watcher Ring;

  • Harmony Leapstone;

  • Legendary Ability Stone;

  • Destruction Stone Fragments;

  • Guardian Stone Fragments;

  • Tytalos Card;

  • Uncommon Class Engraving Recipe;

  • Rare Class Engraving Recipe;

  • Rare Skill Runes.

Final Thoughts

Facing the Tytalos Guardian is one of the most exciting events in Lost Ark. This game introduces you to this amazing battle against this beast, but with the info and tips we’ve given, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. We know this Guardian has a high difficulty level, but patience in learning all its mechanics is the key to reaching success.

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