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Throne and Liberty Guide to Enhancing Armor, Weapons and Skills

The excitement of any role-playing game gets multiplied when we have enough options to experiment with gear and skills. Apart from the environment, challenges, UI, and story, gear and skills attract players giving them the flexibility to choose from a wide range of options.

Armor, weapons, and skills play an important role in deciding the strength of your character and you can easily enhance them and move further with your story and gameplay. Here, in Throne and Liberty, selection matters and you get to choose from a wide range of weapons and skills.

Improving both your weapons and gear holds equal importance to wielding and employing them effectively. The greater the enhancements, the more profound the impact on your gameplay, ushering in a heightened level of experience. Consequently, it becomes imperative to consistently monitor and optimize your gear and skills, ensuring optimal usage and timely upgrades.

Throne and Liberty introduces a distinctive dimension, where the careful selection of your weapons paves the way for unlocking novel skill experiences. Whether you are a novice or just beginning your gaming journey, this guide caters to you. It comprehensively addresses fundamental and crucial aspects, providing insights and instructions to elevate the quality, resilience, and effectiveness of your armor, weapons, and skills. Additionally, the guide encompasses essential key points to bolster your gameplay experience.

Understanding Armor

The role of armor is crucial in shielding you from enemy attacks on the battlefield, emphasizing the significance of attentively maintaining and upgrading your armor to maximize protection against damage. 

In Throne and Liberty, three distinct armor types exist: cloth, leather, and plate armor. In short, you have heavy, medium, and light armor. You can wear any of these armor based on your requirements.

 Enhancing your Armor

Enhancing your armor is an important part of making your character strong but that doesn’t come up very easily. You need materials to upgrade your armor. You can increase the quality and resistance against attacks of your armor by using the materials you get and the gold you have. The upgrade system for your armor demands specific materials.

As the level of your armor increases, its requirements also increase. The higher the level of your armor, the higher will be the requirement. You get rarities as well. They are blue, green, purple, and orange. You can craft as well as upgrade your armor.

How To Get Materials For Armor Upgrade?

It’s quite easy to get materials for upgrading or enhancing your armor. You can indulge in a variety of activities like Exploration, contracts, world boss events, and many more. Contracts are a great way to get the materials for upgrading your armor. In the contract system, you can find and complete tasks offered by Contract NPCs in various zones. Keep in mind that contracts are level-specific, and you can find the right one best suited for you through the contract section.

The higher the levels, the higher the specialty of contracts. These special contracts will provide you with rare materials called “Stellarite”. As these NPCs cover various zones, you can easily find them through the exploration. And the best way to get special contracts or rare materials is by defeating the elite monsters in the zone. In short, contracts are a great way of getting materials so that you can easily enhance the quality of your armor. However, you can also take a plunge into the other above-mentioned methods like exploration and world boss events.

Throne and Liberty Armor

Understanding Weapons

Weapons play an important role from the damage point of view. It is very important to maintain and enhance the level system of your weapons as much as focusing on the strength of your armor.

Throne and Liberty offers you a wide range of weapons to choose from and each weapon is different having its own strengths and weaknesses. You can experiment with each on of them to know what suits you better and fits with your playstyle.

Enhancing Your Weapon

Weapon upgrade is quite similar to the upgrade system discussed above about the armor. Weapons also follow the same rarity. You can enhance your weapons and get mastery in them in many ways. Some of the tips are discussed below.

  • The first step is to select the weapon and make sure the one that you’re using fits your playstyle better and you are quite comfortable with it.

  • Accumulate proficiency by using the weapons more. The more you use a particular weapon, the more you’ll get to understand its mechanics and how it is played.

  • Combine weapons. You can have two weapons at the same time. The better the combination, the more efficiently you will be able to use it. The best way to find the best combination for yourself is by experimenting with each weapon and using them on the battlefield.

  • Understand the weapon types. Each weapon has a different skill and abilities that you can use to make your attacks strong. 

  • To enhance your weapons and reach weapon mastery, focus on actively using your chosen weapons, swapping between them strategically, and adapting your playstyle based on the unique skills associated with each weapon. Additionally, consider the compatibility of your character's stats, and explore the diverse weapon options available in the game.

Throne and Liberty Weapons

Don’t Ignore The Stats

Upgrading and keeping the above points is important but you cannot ignore the importance of stats in the enhancement of your weapons. The effective utilization of stats holds a crucial role in fortifying your weapons, offering a significant advantage over other players when employed judiciously. Stats contribute substantially to imparting strength and adaptability to the weapons in use.

 Stats give you weapon mastery. Whether it’s a Sword, Greatsword, Wand, Dagger, or any other weapon. Each gives you a stat. In simple words, each weapon has a stat assigned to it that can improve your weapon’s efficiency.

What Are Stats?

There are primarily four main known stats which are: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Perception. Perception falls into the category of secondary stat whereas Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity are primary stats. 

Sword and Greatsword provide you strength, Dagger and Crossbow give you Dexterity, Wand, and Staff give you Intelligence, and lastly, Longbow gives you perception. Strength provides you with Defense, Max HP, and HP regeneration. Dexterity gives you Evasion and quickness. Intelligence provides you with Max MP and MP regeneration. Lastly, Perception increases your chance to land successful attacks and gives crowd control.

How To Enhance Stats?

You can easily enhance your stats by using the stat points. As you pass each level, you get points that you can further use to upgrade your stats and enhance them. So, to increase your stats, focus more on clearing levels.

Understanding Skills

Enhancing weapons and armor isn’t enough in Throne and Liberty though they play an important role but you need to enhance your skills as well and use them properly. Skills can be acquired through various means but acquiring isn’t enough and you need to enhance them as well. You can acquire skills through grinding, events, and other ways of exploring the game.

Enhancing Skills And Achieving Mastery

You get two skills. Both Active and Passive skills play pivotal roles in determining your character's strength and influencing gameplay. The skills available for use in the game are contingent upon the weapon you choose to wield. The use of each weapon introduces you to a skill attached to it.

To enhance your skills, make sure you’re using the right weapons understanding which skill each weapon provides. You can make a combination of two weapons by actively experimenting through the game. Skills also have the tier system and you can easily upgrade your current skill to the next level or tier.

Upgrade Your Skills

Upgrading a skill not only magnifies its base effect but also adds additional effects to each grade. Skills are also classified by color rankings which are uncommon, rare, and epic. Skills can be crafted and upgraded, similar to armor. As you can see in the below image, the upgradation of skill from uncommon to rare increase its overall performance from cooldown time to range. This is how skill upgradation work. So, focus on improving your skills as well to get the maximum advantage on the battlefield.

Throne and Liberty Skills


Navigating Throne and Liberty's expansive world demands a strategic approach to armor, weapons, and skills. From diverse armor types to a multitude of weapons, each decision impacts your journey. Upgrading armor requires materials earned through contracts and exploration, while weapons demand proficiency, strategic combinations, and an understanding of unique skills.

Stats, the foundation of your character's prowess, should be wisely allocated as you level up. Meanwhile, skills, acquired through grinding and events, offer a dynamic edge, with a tiered upgrade system reflecting their rarity.

In this ever-evolving adventure, mastery lies in the synergy of choices—from the armor you wear to the skills you hone. Throne and Liberty beckon you to forge a path where strategic enhancements and adaptability define your destiny. May your throne stand tall, and your liberty reign supreme. Happy Gaming!

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