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Throne and Liberty Equipment Guide

Welcome, adventurers, to the fantastical realm of Throne and Liberty! This land teems beauty and danger and only the most prepared will emerge victorious. None of the many challenges you'll face is more crucial than forging a path toward powerful equipment. In Throne and Liberty, your gear is not just an aesthetic choice, but a vibrant tapestry woven from strategic decisions and tireless effort. It represents the culmination of your journey, shaping your character's identity and determining your prowess in the face of adversity.

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery, where understanding and mastery are your most potent weapons. As we unveil the secrets of this intricate system, you'll be empowered to forge a legacy etched in steel and imbued with the very essence of power. So, adventurers, sharpen your focus and steady your nerves, for the path to ultimate gear awaits!

Equipment Basics: The Building Blocks of Power

In the unforgiving world of Throne and Liberty, your equipment serves as your unwavering companion, an extension of your very being. Understanding the various types and their roles is paramount to navigating the treacherous landscapes and emerging victorious.


These are the instruments of your destruction, the tools with which you carve your path through enemy ranks. Each weapon type boasts unique strengths and weaknesses:

  • Swords: Versatile and agile, offering a balance between speed and damage.

  • Greatswords: Massive and powerful, capable of devastating blows but lacking in mobility.

  • Axes: Brutal and efficient, favored for their high damage and crowd control capabilities.

  • Staffs: Mystical and potent, channeling elemental forces and enhancing magical abilities.

  • Bows and Crossbows: Ranged and precise, ideal for dealing damage from afar.


Your unwavering shield - Armor, deflecting blows and protecting you from harm. Different types offer varying degrees of defense and resistance:

  • Heavy Armor: Provides the most protection but sacrifices agility.

  • Medium Armor: Offers a balance between defense and mobility.

  • Light Armor: Emphasizes agility and movement speed at the cost of some defense.


These enhance your overall capabilities, granting valuable stats and unique effects:

  • Rings: Enhance various stats like attack power, critical strike chance, and health points.

  • Necklaces: Offer potent bonuses like increased damage against specific enemy types or enhanced elemental resistances.

  • Earring Sets: Provide powerful set bonuses when worn together.


Every piece of equipment bears a mark of its potential, denoted by its rarity:

  • Common: Abundant but with limited potential.

  • Uncommon: Slightly more powerful and possessing greater upgrade potential.

  • Rare: Possesses significant power and allows for further enhancement.

  • Epic: Extremely powerful and highly sought after, offering exceptional stats and unique abilities.

  • Legendary: The pinnacle of equipment, imbued with unimaginable power and coveted by all adventurer

  • Set Bonuses: Certain equipment pieces belong to sets, offering powerful bonuses when worn together. These bonuses can significantly enhance your stats and abilities, further customizing your character and playstyle.


There are various ways to acquire equipment in Throne and Liberty:

  • Monster and Boss Drops: Slay ferocious beasts and conquer imposing bosses to loot their treasures.

  • Crafting and Professions: Master the art of crafting and forge your legendary gear.

  • Quests and Rewards: Complete challenging quests and earn rewards for your courage.

  • Auction House and Player Trading: Utilize the vibrant economy to purchase or barter for desired equipment.

Understanding these fundamentals is the first step on your journey to mastering equipment in Throne and Liberty. With knowledge as your guide, you can begin to pave the path towards becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Throne and Liberty Equipment

Equipment Enhancement and Upgrading: Pushing the Boundaries of Power

Having acquired your gear, the next step lies in unlocking its true potential. The intricate art of enhancement allows you to push the boundaries of power, transforming your ordinary equipment into instruments of immense destruction or unwavering resilience.

Enhancement Materials

Fueling this system are various materials, each possessing unique properties and levels of potency. Common materials are readily available, while rarer ones require greater effort to acquire. Choosing the right materials is crucial for maximizing your success rate and minimizing risk.

Success and Failure

As with any endeavor in Throne and Liberty, enhancement comes with inherent risk. Each attempt carries a chance of success, with failure resulting in no improvement or even a downgrade in your equipment's quality. This element of risk adds a layer of excitement and strategy to the process.

Advanced Techniques

Experienced players can delve into advanced enhancement techniques for greater control and efficiency. These include:

  • Transfer: This allows you to transfer the enhancement level of one piece of equipment to another, preserving your investment even when upgrading to a better item.

  • Inheritance: This allows you to extract the enhancement level of one item and apply it to another, sacrificing the original item in the process.

Gear Optimization: Carving Your Path to Domination

In the diverse world of Throne and Liberty, no two paths are identical. Each player chooses their role, their playstyle, and their path to mastery. To truly excel, however, requires a keen understanding of gear optimization, tailoring your equipment to your chosen path, and maximizing your potential.

Class and Playstyle: The foundation of gear optimization lies in understanding your class and playstyle. Tanks, for example, require high defense and damage mitigation to withstand the brunt of enemy attacks. Damage dealers prioritize high attack power and critical strike chance to maximize their offensive output. Healers, on the other hand, focus on maximizing their healing output and support capabilities. Choosing equipment that aligns with your roles and playstyle is crucial for achieving optimal performance.

Role-Specific Recommendations


  • Weapons: Swords and shields offer a balance between offense and defense, while heavy maces provide high damage mitigation.

  • Armor: Heavy armor is essential for maximizing defense and resistance.

  • Accessories: Look for items that enhance health points, defense, and damage mitigation.

Damage Dealers

  • Weapons: Greatswords offer high damage output, while dual swords provide greater mobility and attack speed.

  • Armor: Medium armor offers a balance between offense and defense, allowing for some mobility while maintaining decent survivability.

  • Accessories: Prioritize items that enhance attack power, critical strike chance, and damage bonuses against specific enemy types.


  • Weapons: Staffs offer the best healing output and access to powerful support abilities.

  • Armor: Cloth armor provides increased mana pool and healing spell effectiveness.

  • Accessories: Look for items that enhance healing power, mana regeneration, and cooldowns on healing abilities.

PvE vs. PvP

Gear optimization further extends to the specific activities you engage in. PvE combat often demands different gear choices than PvP due to the varying nature of enemies and encounters. In PvE, focusing on maximizing damage output or healing effectiveness may be the priority. PvP, however, might require greater survivability or the use of specific gear sets with unique PvP bonuses.

Throne and Liberty Equipment Guide

Advanced Equipment Management Tips: Mastering Your Arsenal

With your basic understanding of equipment firmly in place, let's delve deeper into the realm of advanced management techniques. These strategies will help you maximize your efficiency and maintain your equipment in peak condition, ensuring you're always prepared to face any challenge.

Inventory Management:

  • Utilize storage options: Store excess equipment in banks, guild storage, or personal chests to free up valuable inventory space.

  • Organize by category: Categorize your equipment by type, rarity, or purpose for easy access and identification.

  • Utilize filters: Most in-game inventories offer filtering options based on various criteria, allowing for quick identification of specific items.

  • Sell or discard unwanted items: Regularly clear out your inventory of obsolete or unused equipment to maintain a clean and organized space.

Equipment Sets:

  • Create custom sets: Assemble pre-defined sets for different roles, activities, or specific situations. This allows for quick and easy switching between various setups.

  • Utilize set bonuses: Prioritize equipment that offers complementary set bonuses to maximize your character's potential.

  • Save and share: Share your custom sets with friends or utilize community-created sets for inspiration and guidance.

Gear Maintenance:

  • Repair regularly: Damaged equipment loses effectiveness, so ensure timely repairs to maintain optimal performance.

  • Upgrade and enhance: Invest in upgrades and enhancements to keep your gear competitive and relevant throughout your journey.

  • Refine enchants: Experiment with different enchants to further customize your equipment and adapt to specific challenges.

Gear Presets:

  • Quick and easy switching: Create pre-configured presets for different roles, activities, or specific situations. This allows for instant switching between various setups with a single click.

  • Save time and effort: Eliminate the need to manually swap individual pieces of equipment when changing roles or activities.

  • Customize for specific needs: Tailor your presets to address specific enemy types, encounter mechanics, or individual playstyle preferences.

Conclusion: Unleashing Your Potential

This guide has equipped you with the fundamental knowledge to navigate the intricate world of equipment in Throne and Liberty. From understanding the different types and roles of equipment to mastering the art of enhancement and optimization, you now possess the tools necessary to forge your path to power.

Remember, there is no single "best" equipment setup. The optimal choices will depend on your unique class, playstyle, and desired activities. Experiment, explore, and discover the equipment combinations that unlock your true potential.

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