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Throne and Liberty Greatsword Guide

The Throne and Liberty Greatsword stands tall among two-handed weapons, revered for its immense power and adaptability in combat. Its reputation precedes it, lauded for its ability to deal devastating damage while offering a wide array of attacks suited for both aggressive assaults and defensive manoeuvres. This weapon's design and inherent characteristics have been meticulously crafted to accommodate warriors who prefer to strike hard or adopt a more guarded approach, making it a versatile choice on the battlefield.


The Throne and Liberty Greatsword wields exceptional power, boasting substantial base damage that can further grow stronger as you progress. Its swings strike a balance between potency and speed, delivering impactful blows without sacrificing manoeuvrability. The weapon's reach provides a comfortable distance, granting tactical advantages in combat scenarios.

Here's a detailed breakdown of its attributes:

  • Potent Damage: From the outset, this greatsword packs a punch, and as you enhance your skills and progress, its potential for devastation only amplifies.

  • Balanced Speed: Its swinging cadence strikes a middle ground, ensuring each strike is forceful while not compromising your ability to react swiftly to the ever-shifting battlefield.

  • Strategic Reach: With a reach that's more than adequate, it allows you to engage enemies strategically, maintaining a safe distance while effectively dealing damage.

In-Game Purchases to Enhance Your Experience:

  • Enhanced Forging Materials: Purchase higher-quality materials to upgrade your weapon, increasing its damage potential.

  • Exclusive Techniques Manual: Unlock advanced combat techniques specific to this greatsword, refining your prowess in battle.

  • Mastercrafted Hilt: A premium hilt modification that improves both speed and damage output, offering a significant advantage in combat.

By considering these in-game purchases, you can further augment the already impressive capabilities of the Throne and Liberty Greatsword, ensuring your dominance on the battlefield.


Raw Damage Output: The Throne and Liberty Greatsword excels because it delivers devastating strikes, causing substantial harm that can throw adversaries off balance. Its ability to stagger opponents makes it a fearsome choice in combat, enabling users to interrupt enemy actions and gain an upper hand in battles.

Versatile Moveset: This weapon is not just just limited to one singular style of attack, it is rather like a Swiss Army knife in the heat of battles. Offering multiple and a diverse array of attack styles. From broad sweeping slashes that can cleave through multiple foes to precise thrusting attacks perfect for targeting specific weak spots, this variety makes it adaptable to different combat situations.

Stability: Beyond its offensive prowess, the Throne and Liberty Greatsword surprisingly shines in defence. It's not just about swinging; it's about standing firm when under attack. This sword provides a reliable defence, allowing players to weather incoming strikes with a sense of stability. This defensive capability helps users endure onslaughts and counter with calculated precision.


Slow Swings: When wielding the Throne and Liberty Greatsword, one thing to be mindful of is its slower attack speed. This can create a vulnerability when facing adversaries who are quicker in their movements and attacks. Because the swings take a bit longer to execute, it might allow faster opponents to dodge, counter, or launch their attacks more swiftly, potentially leaving you exposed to their assaults.

Stamina Consumption: Using this powerful greatsword involves hefty swings that demand a considerable amount of stamina. These robust movements, while dealing substantial damage, also result in a notable depletion of your stamina reserves. It's crucial to manage your stamina resources wisely during combat. Excessive or careless use of the weapon's powerful strikes could leave you drained and temporarily unable to defend or attack effectively. Thus, maintaining a keen eye on your stamina meter becomes vital to ensure you don't find yourself vulnerable due to exhaustion in the midst of battle.

Best Use Cases

High Health Enemies: This greatsword shines when facing off against formidable opponents who boast impressive health reserves. It's particularly effective against tanky adversaries or bosses with substantial health pools. The sheer force behind each swing of the Throne and Liberty Greatsword makes it a formidable choice for chipping away at these robust foes, allowing players to steadily wear down their health over time.

Crowd Control: When faced with hordes of weaker enemies swarming in, this weapon truly excels. Its wide and sweeping attacks are perfect for dealing with multiple foes simultaneously. The greatsword's broad arcs and powerful strikes make short work of groups of adversaries, providing a sense of control amid chaotic battles. It allows players to efficiently dispatch these weaker enemies, keeping them at bay and preventing overwhelming situations.

Combos and Techniques

Basic Combo

  • Utilise Varied Strikes: Combine quick, lighter attacks with stronger, heavier ones, alternating between them strategically. This mix allows for a versatile style, enabling both offensive assaults and defensive manoeuvres.

  • Balanced Offence and Defense: By blending these attacks, you create a balance between offence and defence, leveraging the quickness of lighter strikes for defence while unleashing heavier blows for offence.

Charge Attacks

  • Build Up Devastating Strikes: Take advantage of the weapon's capacity to charge heavy attacks for maximum impact. These charged strikes possess immense power, capable of dealing significant damage or breaking through an opponent's defence.

  • Stamina Awareness: However, charging these attacks consumes a considerable amount of stamina, so it's crucial to manage your stamina bar effectively. Be mindful of your stamina levels to avoid leaving yourself vulnerable after executing a charged attack.


  • Harness Weapon Stability: Utilise the greatsword's stability to your advantage. Block incoming attacks with precise timing and positioning, taking advantage of the weapon's robustness to endure assaults.

  • Seize the Opening: When successfully blocking an opponent's strike, capitalise on the opening by swiftly retaliating with powerful counterattacks. This strategy turns your defence into an opportunity for a decisive offensive move, exploiting your opponent's vulnerability.

Throne and Liberty Greatsword Guide

Upgrades and Enhancements

Damage Boosts: Think of enhancing the raw power of your weapon by upgrading or modifying it. These upgrades can significantly increase the amount of damage your greatsword inflicts during battles, making each strike more impactful and formidable against your adversaries.

Stamina Efficiency: Picture this as a way to make your engagements last longer without feeling fatigued. By seeking enhancements that reduce the stamina your greatsword consumes, you're ensuring that you can swing, parry, and counter for extended periods, maintaining your combat effectiveness throughout longer fights.

Status Effects: This involves imbuing your greatsword with special properties that introduce elemental or status effects. By doing so, you're adding an extra layer of complexity to your combat strategies. Picture flames engulfing your strikes, causing burning damage, or a freezing effect slowing down your enemies upon impact. These additions offer diverse tactical advantages, allowing you to adapt your fighting style based on the situation or your opponent's vulnerabilities.


Patience and Timing: In combat, it's crucial to seize moments when your opponent is vulnerable instead of just depending on shear strength. Wait for those opportunities when they make a move that leaves them open, then strike with precision. This approach requires a keen eye for the right moment rather than rushing in recklessly.

Adapt to Opponents: Every player has their own style of attack, strategies, strengths and weaknesses. The preferable and most high-performing strategies are those which are extremely flexible. Ones which can easily shift to and adapt according to whatever your opponent(s) decide bring to the fight. If they are swift and agile, perhaps a more defensive stance would be effective. If they rely on brute force, adopting a more nimble and evasive style might be the key to success.

Mastering Range: Understanding the reach of your weapon is essential. You need to know the distance from which you can attack effectively without leaving yourself open to immediate counterattacks. This skill involves mastering the art of staying just within striking distance while avoiding getting too close, which could expose you to their attacks. It's about finding that sweet spot where you can land hits while minimising the risk of being hit yourself.


In conclusion, wielding the Throne and Liberty Greatsword is not merely about brute force; it's a delicate dance between power and finesse. Mastering this weapon demands a patient and strategic approach, where timing is as crucial as strength. By capitalising on moments of vulnerability rather than relying solely on might, one can harness the true potential of this formidable blade. Flexibility is key; adapting your tactics to exploit the weaknesses of your opponent while maximising the sword's strengths creates a dynamic and effective combat style.

Remember, it's not just about swinging wildly but understanding the intricacies of distance and timing. Learning the sword's effective range is akin to mastering an art form; it's about finding that perfect balance between aggression and defence. By honing this skill, you transform from a mere wielder to a true artist of combat, striking with precision while gracefully avoiding retaliation. With patience, adaptability, and mastery of range, the Throne and Liberty Greatsword becomes not just a weapon, but an extension of your strategic prowess on the battlefield.

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