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Tips for Playing as a Big Man in NBA 2K23

Basketball fans and gamers alike are eagerly anticipating the release of NBA 2K23, the latest instalment of the wildly popular video game series. As always, players will have the chance to create their own customized character and take to the virtual court to show off their skills. For those who choose to play as a big man - a center or power forward - there are some specific tips and strategies to keep in mind. In this article, we will delve into some of the most important things to keep in mind when playing as a big man in NBA 2K23.

Know Your Attributes

Before you even go onto the court, you need have a strong idea of your character's characteristics. This covers your player's height, weight, and physical characteristics such as strength and speed. You may wish to emphasise some characteristics over others depending on the sort of huge guy you want to build. For example, if you're developing a dominant centre, you should stress strength and post moves, but if you're developing a more flexible power forward, you should prioritise speed and quickness.

Choose the right player build

In NBA 2K23, selecting the appropriate player build is essential to succeed as a big man. You may pick from a variety of huge guys, such as Stretch Bigs, Glass Cleaners, and Paint Monsters. A player build known as a "Paint Beast" is one that prioritises dominating in the paint and has strong finishing and defensive skills. For players that want to be a force around the basket, excel at blocking shots, and collect rebounds, this build is fantastic.

A player with the build of a "Glass Cleaner" excels at grabbing rebounds and has good defensive and grabbing qualities. Those that want to dominate the boards and be the greatest rebounder on the court should choose this build. A player with a stretch big frame prioritises shooting and has good shooting and offensive attributes. This design is excellent for players who want to be able to make 3-pointers and open the floor for their team.

NBA 2K23 Player Build

Develop Your Post Game

A powerful post-game is one of the essential abilities for any big player in NBA 2K23. To score in the paint, one must use a mix of footwork, body posture, and shot choice. Spending time practising in the game's instructional mode and experimenting with various moves and combinations can help you build your post-game. The drop step, hook shot, and up-and-under move are some good post techniques to practise. In order to properly perform post movements, it's also critical to consider how strong and large your player is in comparison to that of your opponent.

Master post moves

Being a big man in NBA 2K23 will need you to spend a lot of time in the post, thus learning post moves is crucial. The drop step, hook shot, and up-and-under moves are a few efficient posts techniques you may employ to score. As you drop step, you advance near the basket before turning to shoot. Against defenders that are playing too aggressively, this technique works well.

In the hook shot, you sweep the ball over your head as you release it. This manoeuvre works well for shooting over larger opponents. You can fake a shot and then step through the defender to shoot using the up-and-under motion. Against opponents that are leaping to stop your shot, this technique works well.

Work on Your Rebounding

Rebounding is an essential skill for any big man in NBA 2K23. To rebound well, you must have excellent placement, timing, and jumping abilities. To improve your placement, you must learn boxing out your opponent. To do so, put your body between your opponent and the basket and use your arms to stop their progress.

To improve your timing, you must learn to foresee where the ball will fall off the rim. Although it takes knowledge and practise, this is a skill that can be learned over time. If you want to improve your leaping ability, you must focus on your vertical leap. Squats, lunges, and plyometric drills can all aid with this.

NBA 2K23 Rebounding

Practice Your Pick-and-Roll Game

In NBA 2K23, the pick-and-roll is a prevalent play that may be especially successful for large guys. To run a great pick-and-roll, you must practise timing and placement. As the big guy setting the pick, you must time your screen such that your teammate has enough room to go open. You must also position yourself so that your defender cannot easily switch onto your buddy.

As the roll guy, you must read the defence and make the appropriate move according on how they are playing the pick-and-roll. If the opponent sticks with you, you can roll to the basket for a slam or layup. If the defender moves to your teammate, you can pop out for a mid-range or three-point shot.

Use Your Size and Strength to Your Advantage

As a big man in NBA 2K23, one of your main advantages is your size and strength in comparison to other players on the field. To properly capitalise on this, you must use your player's body placement and physicality to your advantage. This can include things like setting hard screens, posting up forcefully, and playing difficult defence in the paint. Also, you'll want to make sure you're optimising your player's strength and weight in your build, since this might offer you an advantage in physical confrontations versus other players.

Focus on Your Defense

Big guys in NBA 2K23 play an important defensive role in addition to attack. This is using your player's size and placement to block shots, contest rebounds, and disrupt the offensive flow of your opponent. To be effective on defence, consider your player's defensive abilities such as block and steal ratings, as well as their lateral agility and defensive awareness. This might assist you in anticipating your opponent's moves and making good defensive manoeuvres. Also, it is critical to communicate with your teammates and play strong team defence, rotating and assisting as needed to prevent your opponent from obtaining easy baskets.

Stay Active on Offense

While big guys are commonly linked with scoring in the paint in NBA 2K23, it is critical to be active and involved in the offence even when you're not directly involved in scoring opportunities. Setting screens for teammates, cutting to the basket for easy layups, and positioning yourself for offensive rebounds are all examples of this. By remaining active and participating, you may assist generate opportunities for your team to score while also keeping the defence on their toes.

NBA 2K23 Offense

Communicate with Your Teammates

Communication is essential in NBA 2K23, particularly when playing as a big man. As the defensive anchor and a major component of the attack, you must communicate with your colleagues to ensure that everyone is on the same page. On defence, call out screens, switches, and rotations to keep your teammates organised and to avoid easy baskets. On offence, you should be calling for the ball and talking with your teammates about where you want the ball to go when you are open.

Setting Effective Screens

A. Importance of setting screens for your teammates

Setting good screens for your teammates is one of the most crucial tasks of a big man in NBA 2K23. A well-timed and well-placed screen may allow room for your teammate to shoot, drive, or pass. Establishing screens may also distract defenders away from your teammates, resulting in easy baskets.

B. Tips on how to set effective screens

Being mindful of your teammate's motions and timing can help you establish a screen that works. Get into position quickly and utilise your body to provide a strong barrier between your partner and the defender in order to do this. Be prepared to roll to the hoop and accept a pass after setting the screen in case your opponent changes to your teammate.

C. Timing and positioning of screens

Setting good displays requires precise timing and location. Keep your body angled so that your teammate has a clean path to the hoop. Consider employing the pick and pop, which entails establishing the screen and then bursting out to the three-point line for a shot if you are a solid outside shooter. This makes breaking through the screen more difficult for the defender.

By mastering the art of setting effective screens, you can become a valuable asset to your team in NBA 2K23. Practice these tips and strategies to improve your screening skills and help your team succeed on the court. To successfully implement these strategies, you might be required to spend MT Coins, the in-game currency of the game. If you are falling short of these coins, the best way is to get them for real money. 

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Practice, practice, practice

Lastly, practise is the key to success as a big man in NBA 2K23. It is critical to put in the time and effort to enhance your talents, whether you are focusing on your post moves, rebounding, defence, or pick-and-roll game. Playing against other players online or in local games is a terrific method to practise. This will allow you to put your talents to the test against actual opponents and evaluate how your game stands up. Another wonderful option to train is to use My-Career mode, which allows you to grow your character over time and concentrate on certain abilities through drills and practise games.


To summarise, playing as a big man in NBA 2K23 may be a rewarding and tough experience, but with the appropriate abilities and techniques, you can dominate the virtual floor. By focusing on improving your post-game, rebounding skills, pick-and-roll game, and defensive talents, as well as keeping active and communicating well with your teammates, you may build a powerful player capable of leading your team to victory. Now, get out there and start practising - the virtual court is waiting!

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