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Tips for Winning Penalty Shootouts in FIFA 23

One of the most-played video games worldwide is FIFA 23. There are many other gaming modes and features in the game, but the shootout mode is one of the most amazing and difficult elements. In FIFA 23, a shootout victory needs a combination of ability, planning, and good fortune. FIFA 23 will employ a "composure ring" to determine whether the shot was accurate, as opposed to earlier FIFA games that used an arrow to indicate the direction of the penalty. The penalties get better and better with smaller rings. 

A round of penalties is the ultimate nerve test. It can be awful to play through the entire 120 minutes of a FIFA match just to lose heartbreakingly in the dreaded shootout. This is why it's crucial to understand how to score penalties during a game. You may improve your chances of winning shootouts in FIFA 23 by using the tips and tricks in this article.

Practice Penalty Kicks

In FIFA 23, practising penalty kicks are essential for boosting your accuracy and your chances of winning shootouts. Practise penalty kicks are the first and most crucial advice for winning in FIFA 23. Penalty kicks are the most frequent type of shootout, thus understanding them will improve your chances of winning. You can make a unique match with two teams and play until you reach a penalty shootout to practise your penalty kicks. Also, you can practise your penalty kicks against the goalkeeper in practise mode. These are some guidelines for FIFA 23 penalty kick practise.

  • Go to the Practice Arena: In FIFA 23, there is a feature called the Practice Arena that lets players improve their talents, including penalty kicks. Choose "Play" from the main menu, followed by "Practice Arena," to get to the practise arena.

  • Choose Your Team: Choose the crew you wish to use to practise your penalty kicks once you are in the practise arena. You can pick any team from the game, whether it's your favourite or the opposition's.
    Select the Penalty Kick Drill- You can select from a variety of skill drills, including the penalty kick drill, in the practise arena. Go to the main menu, click "Skill Games," and then pick "Penalty Kicks" to access the penalty kick exercise.

  • Practice Your Technique: You will hone your penalty kick technique against the goalie in this drill. You can work on several strategies, including the conventional kick, the chip shot, and the fake shot. Aim for the corners of the net while keeping an eye on the goalkeeper's movements.

  • Analyze Your Performance: The video game will replay your shot after each penalty kick and illustrate the ball's path. Use this information to evaluate your performance and make any improvements. Keep in mind your timing, approach, and aim.

  • Increase the Difficulty: You can make the penalty kick practise more challenging as you gain more self-confidence in your ability to convert penalties. The goalkeeper's pace can be increased, obstacles can be added, or the wind direction can be changed. You can practise for in-game scenarios by taking on these tasks.

  • Play Matches: Playing games & waiting for a penalty shootout are some alter ways to practise penalty kicks in FIFA 23. You can make a custom match with two teams and compete until a shootout is necessary. You can practise penalty kicks using this technique in a game-like setting.

FIFA 23 Penalty Kicks

Choose Your Best Penalty Takers

Selecting your top penalty takers comes after you've trained your kicks. Each player has unique qualities that can determine how well they take penalties, such as their shot strength, accuracy, and composure. Choose players with high penalty-taking attributes as your penalty specialists by looking for them. There are some star players with amazing physical attributes and striking techniques which can give you an upper hand while taking penalties. You can also increase the stats of your strikers by practicing. However it all boils down to the player behind the controls and how good is his reaction timing.

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Pay Attention to the Goalkeeper

In FIFA 23, the keeper is crucial to prevailing in a shootout. Pay attention to the tendencies and movements of the opposing goalie. While some goalkeepers may dive more frequently in one direction than another, others might stay in the middle of the goal. Your chances of scoring can greatly increase if you can predict the goalkeeper's movements. A good gamer will always try to predict the movements of the opposing goalkeeper based on previous data and experience, and again practice plays an important role in gaining that experience. Hence, observing the goalkeeper can take you a long way in the game.

Use Different Kicking Techniques

You can take a penalty kick in FIFA 23 using a number of shooting methods. The regular shot, chip shot, and false shot are some of these strategies. Each strategy has benefits and drawbacks, therefore you should apply it depending on the circumstances. The chip shot, for instance, can be helpful if the goalie has a tendency to dive too soon, but the fake shot can be utilised to trick the goalkeeper. here some of the shooting techniques available in the game.

  • Power Shot: The method utilised the most frequently for penalty kicks is the "power shot." In an effort to place the ball in the top corner of the goal, the player kicks the ball as hard as possible.

  • Placement Shot: This technique is carefully aiming the ball into one of the goal's bottom corners, generally with less force and greater accuracy.

  • Chip shot: The player attempts to raise the ball over the keeper and into the goal with a chip shot. A backspin is produced when the ball is whacked with the underside of the foot, lifting the ball.

  • Panenka: With a delicate flick of the foot, the player attempts to fool the keeper by chipping the ball straight down the middle of the goal.

  • Curved Shot: This method is using the inner or outside of the foot to bend the ball around the keeper and into the goal.

  • Fake shot: The goalie may be fooled into diving in the wrong direction by using the fake shot technique, which entails abruptly halting before kicking the ball and is used by many players.

FIFA 23 Penalty Kicks Guide

Don't Be Predictable

Being overly predictable is one of the main mistakes players make in FIFA 23 shootouts. The opposing goalie will ultimately figure out your kicking pattern or technique if you consistently kick the ball in the same direction or with the same motion. To keep the keeper guessing, vary your kicking styles and directions. It is always a great strategy to mix things up a little as it makes you unpredictable and deadly in penalty kicks. You can also use simple shots for adding a little diversity in kicks.

Focus on Timing

In shootouts on FIFA 23, timing is essential. Your chances of scoring can go up if you time your shot properly. Attempt to time your shot to land just as the keeper is about to dive or just as they are committing to a direction. If you time your shot properly, the keeper will have a tougher time stopping it. Perfect timing is again a matter of how good the reactions of the gamer are, you can gain mastery in timing by practicing regularly and gaining experience.

Pay Attention to the Wind

The ball's trajectory in FIFA 23 can be impacted by the wind. It may be more difficult to score if there is heavy wind since it may cause the ball to move in a different direction. Wind can also work in your favor by swinging the ball in a certain direction and giving a hard time to the keeper. Be sure to check the direction of the wind before attempting a penalty kick and alter your shot accordingly.

Use Mind Games

To divert the opposing keeper and improve your chances of scoring, use mind tricks. By gazing in one direction and then kicking the ball in the opposite direction, you might attempt to fool the goalkeeper. By moving backward a little bit before attempting the shot, you can also aim to frighten the goalie.


In FIFA 23, winning a shootout might be stressful, but maintaining composure is crucial. Avoid rushing your shot or letting your anxiety win. Before you take the shot, take a deep breath, concentrate on your technique, and take your time. Try to play to your strengths after analyzing all the factors.

In FIFA 23, practising penalty kicks is crucial to becoming an expert and increasing your chances of winning shootouts. Practice your technique, evaluate your performance, and up the challenge level in the practise arena. To practise penalty kicks in a real-game setting, don't forget to play games and wait for a shootout. In FIFA 23, you can perfect penalty kicks with time and effort.

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