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FIFA 23 Attributes Guide

A player's qualities are the specific skills that have a rating next to them in their bio (typically out of 100). They are a far more accurate indicator than an overall rating since they take into account every facet of a player's skill. Knowing them thoroughly can help you make a more effective team selection. All game types for FIFA 23 include player characteristics. Each player in FUT has six qualities that represent their level of talent and are shown on their player cards. Pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, physicality, and defending are among these six characteristics.


We provide further details regarding the impact of each player's unique traits on gameplay in our "Player Attributes Explained" series. The abilities are broken down into the six main categories of pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, physicality, and defence in the FIFA series, which will soon be known as EA-SPORTS FC. This is especially true in the Ultimate Team mode.

We'll offer you an outline of the Dribbling category's specific characteristics today. Six characteristics make up the dribbling category in total. However, it's sometimes unclear how each characteristic affects gameplay and what advantages or disadvantages you may anticipate if one attribute is exceptionally low or high. For this reason, we go into further detail about each quality below.

Dribbling: An overview of all characteristics

How quick a player is with the ball is determined by their agility. Players with great levels of agility can defensively clear the ball acrobatically and make acrobatic shots. The athlete also controls the ball at the foot more tightly the more agile they are.

  • Balance: When a player is dribbling or engaged in a duel, they are in balance. The athlete is more nimble on the ball and has greater body manoeuvres when his balance is higher.

  • Reactions: This stat shows how rapidly a player can respond to a given circumstance. A player that has a high response rate, for instance, may take advantage of rebounds much more quickly.

  • Ball Control: A player's ability to control the ball with his foot is demonstrated by his ball control. The athlete may receive and carry passes more effectively the higher the value. This lessens the likelihood that the ball will be missed or will be received incorrectly.

  • Dribbling: A player's ability to dribble past an opponent without losing the ball is reflected in this skill. The closer the ball is to the foot and the harder it is for the opponent to win the ball, the greater the value.

  • Composure: player's ability to maintain composure while under duress from an opponent is indicated by this rating. Players frequently make errors when under stress. This can happen when passes are missed or when balls are prematurely knocked away in defensive circumstances.

FIFA 23 Dribbling


We go into further detail about how the various player traits affect gameplay in our "Player Attributes Explained" series. The abilities are broken down into the six main categories of pace, shooting, passing, dribbling, defending, and strength in the FIFA series, which will soon be known as EA-SPORTS FC. This is especially true in the Ultimate Team mode.

We'll give you an outline of the passing category's specific characteristics today. The passing category contains six qualities in all. However, it's sometimes unclear how each characteristic affects gameplay and what advantages or disadvantages you may anticipate if one attribute is exceptionally low or high. For this reason, we go into further detail about each quality below

Passing: A Quick Overview of All Attributes

  • Vision: The ability to see teammates and rivals clearly is referred to as vision. A high value, for instance, increases the likelihood that long or high passes will be made, even when the ball must be delivered quite near to opponents. Long passes are frequently played flawlessly into the run as a result of this.

  • Crossing: The precision of crosses is indicated by this property. The crosses in the game or at free kicks, when you actually aim, will be more precise the greater the value.

  • Accuracy of Free Kicks: This number represents the precision of free kicks. The ball will land more precisely where you are aiming the higher the value.

  • Short Passing: Short passes are flat passes that are accurate and swift. The ball reaches your teammate faster and with more accuracy the higher the value.

  • Long Passing: This characteristic again describes how precisely and quickly a pass reaches the teammate after travelling through the air.

  • Curve: A player's ability to cut the ball so that it travels in a modest arc is indicated by its curve value. In addition to crossing and shooting, the value also influences passing. A free kick may be made into an unstoppable angle for the goalie if the curve value is high.

In FUT 23, players from a variety of different football leagues may be combined to form the ideal squad. However, it's critical to understand what factors contribute to players' successful performance in their nominal position because a player's total rating may not always accurately represent his abilities.

  • Goalkeeper

  • Side back

  • Central back

  • Striker

  • Winger, side midfielder

  • Central midfielder

  • Central defensive midfielder

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The best goalie for your goal should be on your FIFA 23 Ultimate Team team. The most crucial qualities and statistics for goalkeepers in FIFA 23 are:

  • Height: Taller goalkeepers are better at catching balls that have been thrown too far into the penalty area as well as finding it simpler to save shots that are fired close to the post.

  • Reflex: ideally more than 85 pts.

  • Diving: a minimum of 85 pts.

  • Position: Above 90 pts is preferred.

  • Handling: at least 80 points to guarantee that, upon effective intervention, the goalie releases the ball from his hands as little as possible.

Side Back

In FIFA 23, the side-backs (RB/LB) can take on a variety of functions on the field. While some will constantly lag behind and concentrate on defence, others will take a leading role in offensive operations. The most crucial characteristics and figures for side backs in FIFA 23 are:

  • Pace: preferably above 85 so they can match up with the quick wingers of their opponent.

  • Defence: at least 75 points worth of defensive skills.

  • Physical: in particular, extreme strength and endurance.

  • Passing: Especially lengthy and short passes, passing Observe crosses as well if you utilise side defenders to counter.

FIFA 23 Attributes Guide

Central Backs

A crucial defensive position is a central back (CB). Whether the opponent is successful in entering the penalty area through the centre and shooting depends on these guys. If possible, the pace should be over 75/80 points in order to keep up with quick midfielders and attackers. Preferably above 85 points when defending.

  • Height: Above 185 cm in order to successfully compete for the top balls both within their own penalty area and during corners close to the opposition's goal.

  • Physically: Ideally, 80 or above.

  • Passing: Especially short and lengthy passes, passing

  • Work rate: The better the assault, the lower the work rate.


In FUT 23, strikers are essential members of an attacking setup because they often score the majority of goals. The most crucial traits and statistics for attackers in FIFA 23 are:

  • Pace: aim for something above 80/85.

  • Shooting: Shooting, particularly assault placement, shot execution and shot force.

  • Dribbling: When dribbling, pay close attention to the player's mobility and balance attributes to prevent slow movement.

  • Weaker leg stars: ideally 4 or 5 to avoid having to worry about passing the ball to the player's stronger leg before shooting.

  • Work rate: The attack work rate should be higher than the defensive work rate, preferably high/low.

Winger, side midfielder

In several FIFA 23 formations, wingers (RW/LW) or side midfielders (RM/LM) are present. They will be the most important members of your squad if you like to play on the sides. In FIFA 23, the following are the crucial qualities and statistics for wingers and side midfielders:

  • Pace: Preferably above 85 points for pace.

  • Passing: Particularly long and short passes, as well as crossings.

  • Dribbling: When dribbling, in addition to balance and agility, focus on ball control as well as the statistics of the dribbling itself.

  • Shooting: in particular, shot power and finishing.

  • Stars for weaker legs: at least 4.

Central midfielder

Selecting adaptable players with appropriate stats is important since central midfielders (CM) are important components in many of the formations in FUT 23. The key characteristics and statistics for central midfielders in FIFA 23 are as follows:

  • Passing: Pay close attention to this statistic because the bulk of passes goes through midfielders.

  • Dribbling: A centre midfielder's chances of maintaining possession of the ball while dribbling is increased by having strong ball control, agility, and balance.

  • Shooting: Pay attention to your finishing and shot strength if you frequently fire at the goal as a midfielder.


A player's characteristics are their particular skills, which are rated out of 100 next to their bio when you look at it. When compared to a player's total rating, attributes offer more in-depth knowledge and information about every facet of a player's skill. These qualities contribute to a more effective process of choosing a team.

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