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Best Ways to Get FC 24 Coins in EA Sports FC 24

If you're a devoted EA Sports FC 24 player, you've probably experienced the frustration of not having enough coins to acquire your favorite players or improve your Ultimate Team. Fear not; there are numerous methods for amassing coins in the game. This article will delve into the best strategies for earning coins in EA Sports FC 24, helping you boost your coin balance and build the dream team you've always wanted.

How To Make Coins By Playing Matches?

Earning Coins Through Matches

The most straightforward way to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24 is by playing matches. Regardless of whether you win or lose, every match you complete in Ultimate Team rewards you with coins. There are various game modes to choose from, both online and offline, where you can accumulate these match coins.

Online Modes: Division Rivals and Champions

Division Rivals and Champions are the go-to online modes for many players. By participating in these competitive modes, you can earn coins through rank-ups and placement rewards at the end of your week's matches. Your weekly coin earnings will depend on the number of games you win and your rewards selection in Division Rivals.

Offline Mode: Squad Battles

If you prefer to avoid the unpredictable world of online matchmaking, Squad Battles is an excellent choice. This mode pits you against AI-controlled teams created by other players. You can select the difficulty level, ranging from Amateur to Ultimate, with higher difficulty levels offering more points and better rewards. The key to maximizing your earnings in Squad Battles is to win by a margin of five or more goals, which triggers the highest point bonus. A leaderboard determines your division rank and rewards you with packs and coins based on your placement.

Ultimate Drafts

Ultimate Drafts can be played both online and offline, but the rewards are more enticing when playing against human opponents. For every win, you receive increasing tiers of rewards, up to four wins in a row. Winning all four matches grants you tradeable packs containing valuable players and consumables that you can sell on the transfer market.

Completing Objectives

There are a few early activities that award coins for completion, but many of these packs you get as prizes for achieving Objectives are not tradeable. Even though they won't significantly increase the size of your wallet, they do offer a respectable benefit, especially if you are still relatively new to the game.

On the Objectives page in Ultimate Team, you can see the Objectives that need to be finished. There are numerous categories, including the Live area featuring frequently updated content and a Milestones section featuring long-term objectives for you to accomplish.

The majority of coins-giving incentives in Ultimate Team can be found in the Foundations section, which is where you may complete simple activities like boosting your team's chemistry, selling something through the Transfer Market, or updating your club information.

FC 24 Objectives

How To Make Coins By Trading?

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Trading in EA Sports FC 24 can be a lucrative way to earn coins, especially when you've accumulated tradeable players through pack openings. The basic idea is to buy low and sell high, but there are various strategies you can employ to maximize your profits. 

Selling on the Transfer Market

If you believe that a player card can fetch a price higher than its quick-sell value, you can list it on the Transfer Market for other players to purchase. However, if you don't think it will sell, you can use the quick-sell feature to discard the card in exchange for instant coins. This is a crucial decision that should be based on your knowledge of the market and player demand.

Playing the Market

Playing the market involves two major methods:

  • Buying low early in the week and selling higher later in the week when more players are building their Champions teams. This is known as "flipping" cards, and it can yield significant profits if you time your sales correctly.


  • Investing in cards that might increase in value due to various factors, such as a player receiving an SBC version or a Special Promo Card, becoming a top choice in a newly released Evolution, or receiving an upgrade based on their real-world team performance. These strategies require careful market analysis and timing.

When starting out, it's advisable to work with cards of lower value relative to your current coin balance to minimize potential losses in case of poor investment choices.

Icon SBCs and Other Tradeable SBCs

Keep an eye on Icon or other SBCs that offer tradeable packs as rewards for completing squad challenges. While tradeable packs in the store may be tempting, they often do not provide great value for your coins. Instead, focus on using your untradeable fodder cards to complete these SBCs. This way, you turn unused items into coins that can be invested further to generate more profits.

Trade Players

Of course, one of the simplest methods to obtain coins quickly is by selling players. If you have players who are tradeable, you can sell them to make a healthy profit, especially if you first acquired them through packs. Be cautious to set your beginning and buy-now prices appropriately because EA levies a 5% transaction cost on each successful trade or transfer. 

You can quickly put a player on the market for transfer for a different price if you don't sell the player for the initial time at a specified price. You will need to set prices carefully because the game's transfer market is continually shifting. Some players can fetch far higher prices than their market average since they are necessary for completing SBCs.

Trading Bronze Packs

Since it is a straightforward job to do, the Bronze Pack approach has long been a mainstay in EA Sports' games. Its advantages are notable early on in the game. Simply purchase Bronze packs & sell the contents on the market, that's it.

The lowest price on the Trading Market is 150 coins, and Bronze packs remain by far the most affordable pack in EA FC 24, pricing only 750 coins to purchase a Premium Bronze Pack. You can earn 1,800 coins if you are able to market all 12 of the products you obtain.

Bronze players are highly sought after at the beginning of Ultimate Team since players utilise them to finish the fundamental Squad Building Obstacles, and certain Bronze players may be worth several thousand coins. However, there is no assurance that the items you obtain will sell.

FC 24 Bronze Packs

Trade custom items

It will be necessary for you to choose two kits & a logo before you set off on your quest. Because all three of these things are tradeable, choose well-known brands like Barcelona, Manchester City, etc. These kits are in high demand and may net you the cash you require to begin your journey.

During your journey, you can also trade packs to gain more of coins. Selling them all is always a good idea because the Untradeable packs have a tonne of additional options.


Earning coins in EA Sports FC 24's can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Whether you prefer to gain coins through playing matches in Division Rivals, Champions, Squad Battles, or Ultimate Drafts, or if you choose to engage in trading to increase your coin balance, there are multiple strategies at your disposal. It's essential to stay informed about market trends, player values, and SBC opportunities to maximize your earnings. 

Remember that patience and strategic thinking are key to success. Start with lower-value cards, learn from your experiences, and gradually work your way up to bigger investments. By following these methods and staying committed, you can build the Team of your dreams without breaking the bank. Good luck, and may your coin balance continue to grow in EA Sports FC 24.

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