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Understanding the Auction House in NBA 2K23 MyTeam Mode

The NBA stand for National Basketball Association. It is a men’s basketball league played in North America consisting of 30 teams (29 USA, 1 Canada). It is the most popular and premier league in the world for professional basketball. Every year they release a simulation game that allows you to be the very same player you aspire to be. It mostly comes in the fall so 2K23 was released in the fall of 2022. It has a variety of modes like MyCareer, MyTeam, MyLeague, etc., allowing the players to make their own players or teams and compete against players around the world. 

Understanding the auctions house can be tricky sometimes so we have a guide to help you understand it. I will guide you with everything you need in terms of unlocking and navigating the Auction House and some tips for you to get started. The first step is to unlock the auction which we must do from the ‘seasons agenda’ menu. The auction can be unlocked by collecting 30 cards, it can be done as follows:

Go to tab ‘lifetime agendas’ -> Click on ‘MyTeam Fanatics’ from the list on the left -> ‘Collect 30 cards’. Upon completion of the above tasks, you will have access to the Auction House.

How to Get the 30 Cards?

Now, you must be wondering how to collect those 30 cards. Well, there are many ways from where you can collect these cards. Some of them are listed below:

  • Opening different packs - There are different packs such as standard, deluxe, premium, and special ones. Although you would need to buy them through MT coins or Virtual currency (VC) from the market. Once purchased you can add them to your collection.

  • Completing challenges - These are tasks you need to complete such as scoring certain points or winning using a certain player or margin. Some of the challenges are Galactic conqueror spotlight, Jordan, moments, etc.

Steps: Seasons agenda menu/ spotlight challenge menu -> select challenge (from the list)

  • Redeeming locker codes – These are special codes that will get you a lot of rewards such as MT, player, packs, etc. These codes can be obtained from websites like lockercodes.com etc. or also from the official NBA 2K23 Twitter account. Once you have got them, you can redeem them by going to: 
    MyTeam mode -> select Extras -> Choose locker codes and enter them (you need to add the dashes too).

Mind the fact that some of these codes are time-limited and expire so keep a check on that too.

  • Playing games - You can play matches against other players or AI. Playing games will give you rewards like cards, MT, tokens, packs, etc. Some of the modes you can play are Domination, Limited and Unlimited, Triple threat, Time, etc., and many more.

By doing all the above things, you are sure to collect the required 30 cards to unlock the Auction house. After collecting the cards, you need to go back to the ‘lifetime agendas’ tab, click on the task and now you have unlocked the Auction house! 

NBA 2K23 30 Cards to Unlock Auction House

 Auction House 

Once you have unlocked the Auction house, there are many things that you can do here. You can find a detailed description of things you can do below:

  • The ability to purchase and sell items and player cards - You need to apply some filters to find the things you want (it can be players or items). Then you can either place a bid or buy directly.

In order to sell a player you need to select the card you need to sell and auction it off but you would only do it if you have a backup player for that position. Also, you need to set up an auction duration alongwith with a buy now price and starting bid.

  • The ability to see other auction outcomes, the active bids going on as well as your own auctions (of course!) -  You can see all the information on the bids, auctions, and outcomes from the Auction House menu.

  • You can also snipe cards at cheap rates by doing some filtering and refreshing – to find the right cards for sniping you need to apply filters based on your requirement and keep on refreshing frequently. There are some websites and tools online where you can do this too. However, sniping also depends on a few factors such as the rarity and popularity of the cards. Even the time of the day can get you some great deals.

Remember, filtering is the key, you can filter by theme, player or cheapest to get best results.

  • Get MT coins by selling and buying at different rates - You can start by selling your duplicate or unwanted cards. Also, you can snipe multiple rare cards at a cheap price (as shown in the previous point) and sell them at a higher cost.

Also, you need to wait until the end of the auction to collect the coins. If you are still falling short of the MT Coins, the best way to get them is for real money. You can make purchase from trusted and reputed seller MMOPixel.

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NBA 2K23 Auction House

How to Navigate in the Auction House?

Once you enter the auction house, it is filled with a lot of things that might catch you offguard at first as there is a wide variety of things you can find. But you have the ability to filter them and focus on the things you need. You also need to fully understand the sections in order to know where things are such as tabs to see the current bids going on or the tab where the items you have put on auction show up. 

There are some charges that you have to pay for the transactions you do on the auction house. It depends on the final price as it takes a percentage of it as the amount may vary depending upon the card/item. So you need to have that in mind too when putting things on sale and setting up the price. You can also search for a specific item from the search bar which will show all the matching results to your typed keyword. It will save you a lot of time which you use to focus on other things in the game.

There are 3 sections in the auction house - Buy Now, Bid, and Outbid. When you need to buy something immediately you can use the ‘Buy Now’ option. They have a set price and you purchase them for the same. The ‘Bid’ option is the one where you keep on bidding till the auction ends. They have a starting price to start the bidding process. The ‘outbid’ option is the one to use when you have been outbidden by some other person. You can find all the above in the ‘My bids’ section.

Some Tips for Success in the Auction House

  • Understand the demand and supply - Don’t rush to sell the rare items you have just got instantly on the market. You need to wait until there is high demand for it to fetch a great price for the same. That also applies to your average cards for which you can get better deals as well.

  • Wait for the Peak time - The time when most players are active in the game is best for getting attention to your deal. The more players are interested in the item, the more money it will make. So wait for that peak time to make more sales and vice versa for purchases.

  • Filters and sniping - As we have discussed in the above points, filters could be a great way to save time and money as well as finding out the exact things you need. By narrowing down your choices, you are saving yourself the trouble of going through a lot of unnecessary things as well as reducing the impulse buying decisions you might take in it.

  • Stick to the budget - You need to be careful while bidding. People tend to overspend their MT while bidding and buy things they can’t afford. So one must set a budget and stick to it. 

  • Patience is the key - And the last tip is to be patient, the best things can take a while to come. It will help you from overpaying for any player or item as well as settling for underpayment for your items. A lot of price fluctuations keep happening in the market but we need not to be discouraged and always look forward.


In the end, we all can agree that the auction house is a very vital part of the NBA 2K23 where you can earn while creating your dream team by selling and buying various things. The main strategy is to buy low and sell high as much as you can giving you an advantage over others. Other things to understand are the filters and the auction fees, both playing a vital role here.

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