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Vanilla WoW Farming Spots - [15 Locations you Must Visit]

Getting relevant resources and items in WoW Classic, such as gear, weapons, or your first mount, involves having a certain amount of Gold. But, How to get Gold in large quantities quickly? We know getting Gold is not easy. Thus in this article, we mention the best Vanilla WoW Farming Spots.

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What Is WoW Classic Vanilla?

Which Are the Best Ways of Farming Gold in Vanilla WoW?

Which Are the Best WoW Classic Gold Farming Locations?

Gold-Making Tips You Should Consider

Final Thoughts

What Is WoW Classic Vanilla?

World of Warcraft Classic is an original-material- based MMORPG which recreates the original state of the first WoW before the release of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade.

Which Are the Best Ways of Farming Gold in Vanilla WoW?

The Auction House in World of Warcraft Classic

Next, you'll find a short list of the best spots for Gold farming in WoW Classic. These spots are sorted by zone, so it will be easy for you to find them.  

Gathering and Farming

Gathering is one of the most common and reliable ways to begin money-making. It is easy since you can do it while leveling your character or wandering across the lands of Classic WoW Vanilla. You can gather and mine several resources, such as herbs, linen, leather, gems, and ores. Of course, do not forget to sell these resources in the Auction House through a bank alt to get good money.

Regarding farming, you can do it while mining or gathering elements. It is a reliable way to get extra Gold, but it's more suitable for high-level characters (level 50+ characters). The most common forms of farming are running instances and dungeons, and killing bosses, for the chance of getting a good drop.


To start with crafting, you need at least 20 gold as capital to spend. In the beginning, earning Gold through crafting is challenging since you're around 150 skill points into crafting professions. You'll likely lose some money. Crafting becomes relevant when you frame higher-level items, such as armor, bags, and potions. 


To flipping, you also need start-up capital, at least 10 Gold. This way of making Gold is straightforward. Purchase an item at the Auction House at a low price and then sell it at a higher price. It sounds easy, isn't it? Yeah, but it has a tricky part. Keep an eye on the trade chat and seek people who want to sell their stuff immediately. Negotiate with these people and make sure to buy the item at a lower price than you can sell it.

Controlling the Market

In a few words, controlling the market is monopolizing some items in high demand, such as Large Glimmering Shards from disenchanting blue items. For example, you can buy out all these shards – of course, if you have enough money – and then sell them for the price you deem convenient. 

If you pay 1 Gold for each stack of Large Glimmering Shard, you can sell it at 2 Gold. Make sure not to go for more than double so as not to appear greedy. 

Furthermore, if you have enough resources, try to control more than one market for a chosen level bracket, for example, 40-50.  

Completing Side Quests

One of the best ways of continuously getting Gold is by completing most side quests you find on your path across Azeroth. Accept all the quests, and you will receive a decent amount of Gold and other things, such as materials and XP. Chests you'll find in your way also will be an attractive source of resources. 

Which Are the Best WoW Classic Gold Farming Locations?

Wetland in World of Warcraft Classic

Next, we’re posting the best and most attractive locations where you can farm Gold in World of Warcraft Classic. 


It's a zone located in northern Kalimdor, west of Winterspring and east of Darkshore. Felwood is a corrupted forest with deadly creatures like infernals and demonic satyrs. Once, it was a green forest. Now it's the house of the furbolgs tribes. 

The North of Felwood for Essence of Water (Recommended Level 30+)

These essences are precious in phase one of the Classic WoW due to many pre-rate best and slow items requiring this article. You can sell Essence of Water for 10-12 gold each in the market. 

Toxic Horrors have a 7% chance of dropping an essence of water. You can find these horrors in the red mark on the map. The only problem is that these monsters are a bit limited. Here you can get 70 gold per hour. Still, there are a lot of herbs around the area you can gather, such as Plagueboom and Dreamfoil. So, if you want to level up one of the gathering professions, such as herbalist, here you can do it. 

The North of Felwood for Living Essence (Recommended Level 30+)

It's usually dropped from Bog Beasts you can find in the temperate marshes of Azeroth. These monsters have a 2% chance of dropping Living Essence. Still, you can sell Living Essence for 2-7 gold each. This amount is less than you can get by selling Essence of Water, but there is less competition for the farm spots. The best place to get Living Essence is a cave north of Felwood, as seen in the image. You can get a reliable income from killing Bog Beasts because of how large the cave is, finding a lot of them. 

Jadefire Betrayers for Demonic Runes (Recommended Level 25+)

This zone is another farm spot you can find north of Felwood. Here you can find three little sub-spots for farming. Still, this is not a worthy place unless you are a mana-based class. This is because Jadefire drops Demonic Runes, which have the same effect as Dark Runes. Getting this rune saves you from buying Dark Runes, which cost 5 Gold each.

In short, this is a good way of farming Gold since you can save a lot of money by acquiring Demonic Runes, but this method is just for mages and healers. In this place, you can find Plaguebloom and Dream foil.

Tainted Oozes for Oozing Bag (Recommended level 50+)

The middle part of the Felwood map is infested with Oozes that are worthy of grinding. Felwood Oozes have a 5% chance of dropping the Oozing Bag, which, at the same time, has a slight chance of containing the Disgusting Oozeling Pet. This bag can also have several gems, herbs, and potions. Oozes can also drop some Pocket Money and Vendor Trash Items.  

Southern Kalimdor

This zone is the wildest area of the Kalimdor continent, with most of the land uncharted and filled with vicious and deadly creatures. It would be best if you visited this zone with plenty of supplies and potent weapons. 

Un'goro Crater for Essence of Fire (Recommended Level 35+)

The Un'goro Crater is one of the best farming spots in the game. Here you can find Fire Elementals (level 38-39 mobs), such as Scorching Elementals (53-54), which have a 6% chance of dropping Essence of Fire. You can sell these essences for 5-6 gold each or 20-40 silver each. This place is trendy in phase one. Still, you'll have a lot of competition in this farming zone trying to kill these fire elementals. 

Thousand Needles (Recommended Level 25+)

This place is the favorite of many players achieving level 25 since it's full of Centaurs hostile to Alliance players but no Horde players. These creatures drop plenty of high-end vendor trash. Besides, Thousand Needles is near a Freewind Post, where you can sell all the trash you're acquiring.  


Winterspring is a valley located north of Kalimdor and east of Felwood. Many wild animals and monsters roam this land, ready for battle. It's also the house of many goblins. 

Winterfall Furbolg and Winterfall Village for E’ko (Recommended Level 25+)

Mobs in Winterspring can drop different E'ko that you can transfer into buff items for raiders. These shared items are called Jujus. They have unique effects, and some of them are very valuable.  

Before any monster in the area drops E'ko, you must complete an achievement quest. You must lock the quest 'Cache of Mau'ari' given by the NPC Witch Doctor Mau'ari. Focus on killing Winterfall Pathfinder and Winterfall Den Watcher. 

The E'ko you get can go from 20 silver to 1 gold each, depending on the type of the E'ko. The best places to get E'ko are the Winterfall Furbolgs in the western zone and the Winterfall Village in the eastern portion of the map. Very close to the Furbolgs, there are three small camps with plenty of enemies.

You can also find the Winterfall Firewater after completing the Empty Firewater Flask. The first is a valuable buff item. 

Finally, in the Winterfall camp, you can find Black Lotus, a plant used to create the most expensive flask in the game, Flask of the Titans. Still, these flowers only spawn in specific locations. You can sell Black Lotus for 3o-50 Gold each. The Gold per hour is profitable in this area. 


The wetlands area is a zone located to the north of Loch Moldan with plenty of rivers, lakes, and ponds. Wetland opens to the sea to the west. Giant creatures, murlocs, and orcs control the land. 

Whelgar's Excavation Site for Medium Leather (Recommended Level 20+) 

This place is full of raptors (Mottled Razormaws and Mottled Scythemaws), which are a great source of Medium Leather. Since a big part of income comes from skinning raptors, you should have a skinning profession to farm here. Raptors also drop Raptor Eggs, which are very useful for leveling up cooking sill, and Vendor Trash Items. Both raptors also drop level 19 Twink Gear (Redbear Crest, Sentry Cloak, Feet of the Lynx, Twisted Chanter’s Staff), which reaches a high price in the late game.

Stranglethorn Vale

This zone is a vast jungle located to the south of Duskwood. You should visit the area with antidotes against its deadly flora and fauna. Jungle trolls inhabit this location, hunting everything they find. 

Cold Eye Basilisks for Cold Eye Basilisks

This zone is infested with mortal Basilisks. These powerful creatures are a good source of Heavy and Thick Leather. Like the last case, you should have a skinning profession to get these materials. They also provide a lot of Basilisks vendor trash items, such as Intact Basilisk Spine, Basilisk Tail, and Large Fangs, which are used in many Alchemy and Leatherworking recipes. Besides, these monsters have a slight chance of dropping Cold Basilisks Eyes, items that can be very valuable in some markets.

Swamp of Sorrows

Swamp of Sorrows is a contested territory located south of the Eastern Kingdoms. It's integrated by murk-ridden marshes standing settlements built by goblins, orcs, and humans.

The Western Part for Heavy and Thick Leather

This part of the Swamp of Sorrows is full of Swamp Jaguar, deadly felines which can be skinned for Heavy Leather and Thick Leather. The best of this spot is that skinning is unnecessary because of Jaguar's already good loot table. These felines also drop Bristly Whisker and Long Soft Tail which are the primary source for some recipes. You can sell them for a decent amount of Gold.  


It's a beautiful coastal area in northeastern Kalimdor, south of Winterspring and east of Ashenvale. It's full of brilliant and tinged trees, sandy beaches, and great cliffs. 

The North of Azshara for Runecloth (Recommended Level 50+)

The zone marked on the map is full of Laghesi Satyrs that drop Runecloth and Felcloth. These enemies have a dangerous Mana Burn ability. Thus, it's recommendable you approach with a mana-based class and use Interrupt. These can also drop Demonic Runes. Rogues characters can make additional Gold if they pickpocket Satyrs.

Thalassian Base Camp for Mageweave Cloth (Recommended Level 52+)


In this location, you can find some Blood Elf Reclaimers and Blood Elf Surveyors that are easy to kill and provide good profits. These elves can get a good chance of dropping items with high value, such as RuneCloth, 16 Slot Backpacks, Mageweave Cloth, and Pocket Money. This area is also suitable for Rogues because Elves can be Pickpocketed. Just be careful with the Blood Elf Reclaimers, as they have strong Firefall and Renew Spells. Try to interrupt them as soon as possible. 

Eastern Plaguelands

This part of the continent is a devastating area located north of the Hinterlands and south of the Ghostlands. Its ground is ugly, brown, and corrupted. It's full of necromancers, undead, and damned cultists. 

The South of Eastern Plaguelands for Wicked Claws and Rugged Leather  (Recommended Level 53+)

The southern parts of the Easter Plaguelands are infected by Plaguebats which can provide you with many Vendor Trash Items and Wicked Claws. These are used in Blacksmithing and Leatherworking recipes, so these can be sold at reasonable prices. These beastly flying creatures can also be skinned for Rugged Leather, Thick Leather, and Rugged Hide.  

Tyr’s Hand for Runecloth (Recommended Level 60+)

This Scarlet Crusade's Bastion is located in the southeastern part of the Easter Plaguelands. You can find plenty of Scarlet Crusade members who drop a marvelous Loot Table. Still, it would be best if you focused on the Scarlet Archmage, an Elite enemy, which drops Runecloth and -14+ silver Pocket Money. They also have a slight chance of dropping the Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader, which can reach high prices in the Auction House since it's precious for Enchanters.


Feralas is a lush jungle and the house of the Gordunni Ogres, who control the elves' ruins and the city of Dire Maul. It's also house to several Grimtotem Tauren and Woodpaw Gnolls. 

Isle of Dread Chimaeras for Chimaerok Tenderloin (Recommended Level 60+)

This remote island near the coast of Feralas is full of powerful and dangerous Arcane Chimaeroks and Elite Chimaeroks. These monsters are the unique source of Chimaerok Tenderloin, which is used in the Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Cooking Recipe to create +25 Stamina Food. This item is the best Food Consumable for Tanks in World of Warcraft Vanilla. Do not begin farming on this site until you hit at least level 60. Besides, it would help if you headed with a partner since these monsters are mighty.  

Gold-Making Tips You Should Consider

Below are a couple of tips you should keep while farming Gold. Both will be helpful to get Gold fast and save money. 

Create a Bank Alt

A bank alt is a must-have that will improve your Gold-making efficiency, allowing you to store additional items and providing you with some extra Gold out of various objects. You can expect that a bank alt with an enchanting profession disenchants uncommon items and sells enchanting materials at the Auction House to make extra money.  

Minimize Profession and Class Training

Focusing on leveling up only a few professions and developing only specific abilities means saving money. Regardless of your choice –we recommend a gathering profession, such as herbalism, since you can sell these items at a reasonable price. At the same time, focusing on mastering particular skills will give you a good advantage since you put all your efforts into a specific goal, saving even more money. 

Final Thoughts

Gold is an essential part of the economy in World of Warcraft Classic. But getting Gold is not easy. You will likely spend around 30 hours farming to reach a 900 gold milestone to get some exceptional items, such as an epic mount.

There is no short path to getting large amounts of Gold, but thanks to the advice and posts we've mentioned, you'll do it in less time. Just decide which spot is better for your class, level, and purposes. 

If these are your first steps in World of Warcraft Classic, and you want to play the expansions, come for your WotLK Classic Gold for Sale here on MMOPixel. We boast the best offer on the web. Get your Gold and purchase all the resources you need to achieve victory!

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