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Warlock Runes and Locations in WoW Classic SoD Phase 2

With a great blast offered by the WoW Classic season of Discovery Phase 1, it's time for the Wow Classic SoD Phase 2. Phase 2 has come up with fascinating new features like a massive PvP system, the latest PvE gear sets, and unique recipes. Altogether, there is much more for the gamers to explore, and one of them is the Warlock's Runes and locations. 

So, hunters, in this article, we will primarily focus on Blizzard's new warlock runes. Hence, let's begin exploring to unveil the undiscovered mysteries. Before that, let us tell you that in various instances, you will be required to spend gold, the in-game currency of the game. so make sure you have enough stock of the same. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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What are Runes in WoW SoD?

Well, hunters, before we discuss the information about all the newly introduced runes and their locations, let's clarify what runes are. Season of Discovery has created 6 new Runes, which means 6 new gameplay mechanics available in the open world. These mechanics are a package of additional spells and abilities that ultimately change your character's class by enhancing their passive effects. 

Moreover, in phase 2 for each class, there are 6 runes, and if talking about warlocks specifically, then the Warlock Runes are as mentioned below:

  • Grimoire of Synergy

  • Invocation

  • Shadow and Flame

  • Dance of the Wicked

  • Demonic Knowledge

  • Shadowflame

WoW Classic: SoD Phase 2 Warlock Runes

While phase 1 is comprised of 12 runes for each class, phase 2 introduced 6 new unique runes for each class. Here are the 6 runes introduced for the Warlock class.

Grimoire of synergy

  • Slot: Waist

  • Rune Impact: Once recited from the dark tome, the hunter gets to increase his destruction impact by 5% and even for the summoned demon for 15 sec. The recitation effect lasts for 30 minutes.

Dance of the Wicked Rune

  • Slot: Feet

  • Rune Impact: Used by both the player and the pet demon, this rune grants an equal chance to spell a critical strike every time you deal a critical strike to an enemy. Additionally, a 2% maximum mana is retrieved.


  • Slot: Feet

  • Rune Impact: This rune effectively comes into play with Conflagrate. It targets in a cone in front of the caster, taking 155 Fire damage and around 103 Shadow Damage. It comes into play for 8 sec.

Demonic Knowledge

  • Slot: Feet

  • Rune Impact: This rune boosts the power to spell value and heal equal to 10% of the Demon pet's total stamina plus intellect.

Shadow and Flame

  • Slot: Waist

  • Rune Impact: Imparts an increase of 10% to Fire and Shadow damage done lasting for 10 sec on your critical strikes with Shadow and fire spells.


  • Slot: Waist

  • Rune Impact: Revitalizing Immolate, Corruption, Curse of Agony, or Siphon Life; this rune effectively works when less than 6 seconds are remaining. It causes instant damage to the selected target equal to the spell's remaining periodic damage.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Warlock Runes

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Warlock Runes Locations

Well, hunters, let's discuss the locations of the Warlock's new runes in Phase 2 and how you can obtain them.

Grimoire of Synergy

Requirement: Must complete the Metamorphosis quest.

  • Need to reach level 30, must have an invisibility potion and Y quest with A Solid Foundation, Raszel Ander.

  • Recommended to complete level 32 for better survival chances.

Location: Once you reach level 30, a mail drops in to head back to Warlock Camp. Level 30 comes with the new quest with Raszel Ander, A Solid Foundation, and an invisibility potion. 

  • Move ahead to Bough Shadow, near the Ysondre World Boss area. Using the invisibility potion, find Bough of Shadows by looting the lootable tree and return back to Raszel Ander.

  • Here, stacking shadow dot damage will affect you, but Shadow Ward and Healing will help you survive. Moving forward, get the Soul Vessel by crafting it with the help of Engineering (205). A schematic soul vessel is required for that. Buy this with the Honoured reputation from Durotar Supply and Logistics or Azeroth Commerce Authority.

  • Collect the drops such as Demonic Figurine, Black Vitriol (a rare drop-in), Shadowgem, and the Shadowgem.

  • Finally, after collecting the soul's vessel, reach Mannoroc Coven, located in southern Desolace, and convert it into a rune of the Grimoire of Synergy.

Dance of the Wicked Rune

Requirement: Get the brimstone carving and get the Hellfire.

Location: Stranglethorn Valley, Thousand Needles

How to get the rune: reach the Stranglethorn Valley, where you must talk to Reckless Warlock.

  • Then, get the Brimstone Carving and fight the mobs using the Hellfire once they are acquired.

  • The dance of wicked rune appears when your health depreciates below 70%.


Requirement: Get the Shadow Ward

Location: Bottom right of Desolace

How to get the rune: protect yourself by casting the shadow ward. 

  • Your encounter with the altar will throw you into a lot of shadow damage.

  • Opt for grouping or use the buffs, shadow resistance gear, or protection potion if possible.

  • Further, reach level 38 to find Seductress Caeyna, defeat her, loot her, and get the rune.

Demonic Knowledge

Requirement: Reach level 40, defeat 7 dark riders across Azeroth

Location: Deadwind Pass

How to get the rune: Long travel is required to get this rune.

  • Travel down the Deadwind Pass and search for Ariden's Sigil.

  • Find and talk to the Dalaran Agent at Adrien's camp, who will provide you with the Sigil.

  • This will help you find and reveal the hidden dark riders and defeat them. 

  • Once defeated, this gives the Dalaran Relic as a reward.

  • Moreover, seven dark riders can probably be found in Deadwind Pass, Swamp of Sorrows, Arathi Highlands,

  • Desolace, The Barrens, Badlands, and Duskwood.

  • Once all the dark riders are defeated and all 7 Dalaran Relics have returned, the Dalaran agent gives a service to Dalaran, rewarding the Supply bag.

  • Hence, the Rune is just inside it.

Shadow and Flame

Requirement: Reach the location to take the quest at the extinguished campfire

Location: Desolace, Booty Bay, Arathi Highlands

How to get the Rune: Once you get the quest, take the follow-up mentioned on the Lam. 

  • Reach the Booty Ban INN, where you need to talk to Tokal.

  • Get the Cherry for your thoughts, buy the Cherry Grog, and get the No Honor Among Thieves- the next quest.

  • Reach the eastern shore by getting the rowboat at the Arathi highlands and find Illari Duskfeather.

  • Finally, to get the rune, defeat her, and get Illari's key to open the chest.


Requirement: Collect the conjuror's pendant, drain the soul, and defeat the Syndicate Conjuror

Location: Stormgarde Keep, Arrai Highlands

How to get the rune: Beat and defeat the Syndicate conjurers to get the void walker pets.

  • Just soul-drain their Warlock to acquire the Soul of Voids.

  • Further, you must collect pendants, around 10 conjurers pendants. Just focus on fighting the conjurers rather than the Prowlers or Mages.

  • Once collected, reach the house at 2962 and combine the collected stuff. Fight the Void Seeker then and hence get the Invocation Rune. However, if you lose, you will lose all the collected items, and you will need to collect them again. So be careful.


Hence, all the new WOW classic Season of Discovery Phase 2 Warlock runes are unveiled together, mentioning the locations, requirements, and basic guide to help you progress effectively. 

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