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World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery DPS Rankings/Tier List

Welcome to World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery DPS Rankings/Tier List. In this article, we are going to rank various DPS classes of WoW Classic: SoD based on certain aspects. We will be explaining why they are placed at that ranking/tier level. The initial stages of Phase 1 will exhibit significant deviations from player expectations, and probably differ substantially from later stages within the same phase. In the absence of a Public Test Realm (PTR) for testing, numerous aspects are exhibiting performance levels that surpass or fall short of the anticipated benchmarks.

Furthermore, Blackfathom Deeps has demonstrated an unexpected level of hostility towards Caster DPS. Coupled with mana-related challenges and the somewhat awkward arrangement of spell ranks by the time characters reach level 25, casters find themselves lagging behind. These factors will be considered in the rankings. Before jumping to the tier list, let us tell you that having gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD gives you an advantage over other players and helps you make faster progress. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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Please note that this is not a definitive ranking or tier list. Your opinion may vary.

Let’s begin with the most Powerful, the best among the best DPS classes, the S-Tier DPS classes.


The top-tier signifies the most potent categories in the ongoing game – those boasting the greatest damage output and utility. These classes typically garner increased recruitment rates owing to their exceptional achievements.


Commencing the Season of Discovery with remarkable power, Explosive Shot exhibited an excessive degree of potency. Swiftly subjected to rebalancing, it saw adjustments, along with Chimera Shot.

Naturally, this did not deter Hunters for an extended duration. The recent addition to their arsenal is Scorpid, pets who demonstrate an overly impactful prowess through Scorpid Poison. Additionally, Hunters, as solitary beings, have consistently displayed competence even at lower proficiency levels. Their capacity to avoid delivering glancing damage with ranged attacks positions them as formidable contenders in phases characterized by diminished Hit chance.

While excelling as premier damage dealers, Hunters also contribute crucial group utility, exemplified by Heart of the Lion - a presently all-encompassing Blessing of Kings, extending its influence even to adversaries, for reasons that defy convention.

Cat Druid

The deficiencies in the Cat DPS toolkit have been adeptly addressed, enabling them to inflict substantial damage both in close proximity and from a distance, courtesy of Sunfire. Notably, Cats and Bears introduce one of the most effective tools in Phase 1—Wild Strikes. In a phase devoid of Windfury Totem, this proves to be an invaluable enhancement in the Cat DPS repertoire, incurring no opportunity cost.

WoW Classic SoD Cat Druid


The A-Tier signifies formidable DPS classes that provide a considerable amount of damage and utility, although they do not provide the utmost damage output. You will encounter them in nearly every raid group, and it is frequent to observe more than one of each specialization.


Individuals of the Rogues persuasion find themselves in an intriguing situation. They unleash substantial DPS through Saber Slash and Deadly Brew; however, these capabilities currently do not stack. Consequently, having more than one will significantly diminish their damage output.

Moreover, apart from the typical stuns and interrupts, Rogues provide no collective benefit as a class. They represent a self-oriented DPS category, albeit a highly potent one.


Those favoring the rose-colored class can celebrate, as they are now deemed effective! While Paladin may not quite match the DPS levels of the leading 3, they contribute significantly in terms of utility through Fear break, Blessings, Auras, and many more.

WoW Classic SoD Paladin


The B-Tier denotes average damage classes. While still regarded as viable due to their reasonable damage output, they typically fall short when compared to the superior A-tier specifications on damage charts. Nevertheless, they often contribute valuable raid enhancements, compensating for their lower raw damage.


The pioneers of the Classic era, Warriors may have perceived a setback with the Phase 1 additions and changes, yet this doesn't hinder them from maintaining a position as one of the leading DPS options currently.

Regrettably, akin to Rogues, Warriors are a self-focused DPS category, offering minimal raid benefits beyond the impact of Battle Shout.


DPS Warlocks are yet another predominantly self-oriented class. To achieve the substantial damage output you seek, you'll need to relinquish a considerable portion of the potential utility you could offer. Deciding between Incinerate and Demonic Pact is crucial, and currently, the inclination is probably toward Incinerate.

Although DPS Warlocks are unquestionably overshadowed by the Physical DPS classes, they generally exhibit more resilience than fellow spellcasters due to the prolonged sustainability offered by Life Tap in a highly mana-constrained phase.

WoW Classic SoD Warlock


The classes that compose the C-Tier reside on the less potent side of the DPS spectrum. They can still be deemed feasible, occasionally presenting beneficial buffs and debuffs, and frequently proving to be quite enjoyable to engage with. However, achieving top positions on DPS meters is unlikely with these specs, and assembling a raid group might pose a challenge, given the lower demand.


DPS Mages find themselves in an unusual state currently. As a DPS specialization, their damage output isn't particularly high and is easily overshadowed by numerous other classes. The primary advantage of having a DPS Mage lies in their capability to deliver reasonably high DPS while functioning as a Healer. Yes, DPS Mages with elevated damage potential can still serve effectively as healers.

Although Fire presents the potential for significant damage, the relatively meager Critical chance in Phase 1 severely constrains their damage output. Instead, opting for a Frost/Arcane Mage appears to be the preferable route, maintaining Temporal Beacon while bombarding the adversary with Arcane Missiles and Arcane Blast.

Melee Shaman

Right now, enhancement is at an odd stage with decent damage but some obstacles to go beyond. Mana can be a problem if you're always attempting to stack max rank spells, and using your strongest AoE preference as a DPS might be challenging due to its higher threat modifier.

Shamans carry their standard array of potent tools, such as the Healing Stream Totem, Strength of Earth Totem, and Tremor Totem.

WoW Classic SoD Melee Shaman


This concludes our World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery DPS Rankings/Tier List. These were the DPS classes that are quite good in dealing damage but some of the classes that were not mentioned in the list can be listed in the D-Tier. But those will be the worst DPS classes and you are better off without them. In short, the S-tier has Hunter and Cat Druid, A-Tier contains Rogue and Paladin, B-Tier contains Warrior and Warlock and the last C-tier has Mage and Melee Shaman. This will be all from us for now. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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