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World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2 New Ways of Gaining XP

Reaching Level 25 of Phase was quite hard. Especially when you try to gain more XP, isn’t it? Then what is Phase 2 of the game holding for us as a challenge? Even harder quests? Tougher PvE combats? Whatever the company has in mind about the launch of Phase 2 is unknown. But one thing is for sure. Just like Phase 1, phase 2 is going to be hard either equally or even more difficult. Does that mean we do nothing and let it come to our hands? No. We are going to learn various ways to step up in our game before the launch. We have brought to you a simple and effective guide for ways to boost your XP gain in Phase 2. 

Elite Quests

Quests are one of the most common ways to gain XP. Still, it depends upon what kind of quest you are choosing, how much time you spend on it, and what the reward for completing the quest is. It is always better to choose quests that are easier to complete which can also give you a lot of experience points. A lot Elite quests can give you an average of three thousand experience points. Find out quests with follow-ups. There are more chances that you might get more XP. Also, you can try to pick up some extra quests that do not need much energy or time but can contribute to the XP hunt. 

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Elite Quests

Increasing Your Movement Speed

It sounds so simple and does not make sense, kind of, right? Well, this is not exclusive to Phase 2 but also after that. Speed is an inevitable part of gaining experience points. It helps you in not only to finish your quests on time but also to turn in the Quest Shack. Increasing your speed will gear up the rate at which you earn your XP. So, how to increase the movement speed?

There are three ways to do it: 1) Fresh World Bluff, 2) A Mount and 3) Inventory

Talking about buffs, we can never ignore the Dark Moon Faire Buff and Boon of the Black Fanthom buff. We are not sure how long it will persist in the higher levels but once in a while try them. There are chances that you may get up to 20% in your movement speed. 

If you reach level 40, you can buy a mount and preserve it at a capital. Buying a mount at level 40 is expensive so you need to save more gold in the upcoming days. This Mount can increase your speed by 60%. So spending gold on the mount is worth it. If you are falling short of the gold, get it for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPIxel.

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If you don’t want to spend so much or work so hard just to increase your movement speed, you have it the easier way too. Start stacking up your inventory with Speeding Potions, thing that can increase your speed and Health too. You can take them whenever you need and that makes them so convenient. 

Mind the Location

Finishing your quests is critical for gaining XP and levelling up. It is also important to understand that each location of the game holds different types of quests which provide you varied range of experience points. Your XP depends directly upon your level and the quest you choose.

If your character level is 25 to 27, you should try picking up quests near the areas of Wetlands. Compared to other locations, Wetlands have easier quests. Finish more number of quests in a short period will help you gain XP, though wetlands are not the best place for finding loot. 

If you are a player with levels 27 to 30, try taking up quests from the Duskwood. This place is home for a wide range of quests from easier to more difficult ones. It is important for the player to a plan before starting the quest. If the plan goes wrong, probably, the player will run out of time. But if you are able to finish it, you will get amazing rewards and XP points. 

If your Level ranges from 30 to 33, your location of quest-picking should be the Southshore. It offers a lot of quests, making it a hub of Experience Points. Another good spot for substantive XP is the Shimmering Flats.    

From Level 33 to 40, the gameplay is going to be challenging and also be the best part of the game, opening new zones and opportunities. If you are a person who goes for Chain Quest, there are chances you may get an abundance of experience points. Another home for Chain Quests is the Dustwallow. 

Also based on the type of quests, the places vary. If you are starting a Horde Quest, choose the Taram Mill. If you are starting an Alliance Quest, start from the Southshore. This is a small hint for finding more valuable quests on which you can spend efficient time.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Gaining XP

Be a Lone Wolf

I know, it might sound a little crazy because alliance quests are cool and Horde quests are wonderful. But hear me out. In a virtual world, it is important to develop as an individual player. Instead of splitting your XP points, keep everything to yourself, grow, level up and then join the alliance you need. This gets you more XP points in both individual and also in alliance quests.


Unlike many other games, gaining experience is not a walk in the park. It needs time management, good decision-making skills, strategies, and planning. To conclude this, we have discussed several good ways to gain XP which are a little uncommon but could definitely work and help you to level up faster. We have also listed out what kinds of quests can provide you with a greater amount of experience points, where to find them and also what kind of quests to avoid. We have also the discussed the importance of teeny-tiny details that can contribute to the gain of XP. We wish you all the best to speed up your XP gain and excel in the game.

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