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World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery Phase 2 Valuable Consumables

Since Phase 1 of World of Warcraft Season Of Discovery is almost at the end of the line, we are going to dive into phase 2 of the game. Phase 2 Is filled with newer and more interesting things to do, with new Quests, updated locations and much more. Phase 1 of Season of Discovery was a massive hit between the fans and now in Phase 2, you'll have to survive and level up faster. We'll examine every consumable that will be available to you in Phase 2, giving you a better idea of how to make the most of your damage, healing, and tanking abilities.

Remember that professions will only allow up to 225 skill points or Expert level. While several of the listed items (such as the elixir of free action, which is always helpful, and the elixir of ogre strength, which is the only stronger elixir available at skill level 225) are already available since Phase 1, they will still be valuable in Phase 2.

To survive against other enemy players or the monsters inside the game efficiently, you'll need consumables. The consumables may be for healing you mid-combat, buffing you up against a stronger enemy or simply boosting your resource-attaining behaviour, overall the consumables are the pinnacle on which the player survives in the game. In this guide, we will let you know about the valuable consumables that you can find in Season of Discovery Phase 2 and how to attain them. 

Buffing Up Consumables

  • Frost Oil: Applying this to a melee weapon increases the likelihood of dealing Frostbolt to an opponent by 10% when it strikes. 30 minutes is the duration.

  • Thick Armor kit: Permanently add 32 to the armour value of any item worn on the hands, feet, chest, or legs. Use only on items ranked 25 and higher.

  • Lesser Wizard Oil: It can boost spell damage to a target weapon by up to sixteen when applied. lasts for half an hour.

  • Deadly Scope: Adds a permanent scope that raises a bow or gun's damage by five.

  • Solid Weightstone: For thirty minutes, increase a blunt weapon's damage by six.

  • Shadow Oil: It increases the likelihood of unleashing Shadowbolt III on an opponent by 15% when used on a melee weapon. 30 minutes is the duration.

  • Solid Sharpening Stone: For thirty minutes, raise the damage of sharp weapons by six.

  • Enchant Bracer for strength: Bracers are permanently enchanted to grant +5 Strength.

  • Enchant bracer for intelligence: Bracers are permanently enchanted to grant +5 Intellect.

  • Enchant Shield - Lesser Block: Enchant a shield permanently to increase its blocking probability by +2%.

  • Enchant Weapon - Winter's Might: When using frost spells, enchant a weapon permanently to provide up to 7 more frost damage.

  • Enchant Shield – Spirit: Enchant a shield permanently to grant 5 Spirit. 

  • Enchant Weapon: Enchant a two-handed melee weapon permanently to add five more attacks.

  • Enchant Shield – Stamina: Enchant a shield to grant +5 stamina for all time.

  • Enchant Cloak for less movement: Enchant a cloak permanently to grant Agility.

Quick Healing Consumables 

These consumables are for quick first aid mid-battle or wounds due to unforeseen circumstances in the game.

  • Heavy silk bandage: Made up of farming silk dropped by enemies in the game, it Recovers 640 damage in about eight seconds.

  • Mageweave Bandage: This one is an important first aid item which heals up to 800 damage in about eight seconds.

WoW Classic SoD Phase 2 Consumables

Alchemy Consumables

This is the list of elixirs and magical potions present in the game. You temporarily increase your abilities inside the game by buffing up your weaponry, armour, fighting ability, movement speed, swing speed etc. 

  • Elixir of Frost Power: Increase your frost damage. 

  • Firepower Elixir: This one increases your fire damage.  

  • Lesser Invisibility Potion: diminishes the enemy's visibility for fifteen seconds.

  • Elixir of Fortitude: gives the player a one-hour increase in maximum health of 120.

  • Elixir of Ogre's Strength: Increases Strength. 

  • Mighty Troll's Blood Potion: Restore little health every 5 seconds for one hour. 

  • Superior Healing Potion: Rejuvenate health. 

  • Greater Mana Potion: Rejuvenate mana. 

  • Oil of Immolation: Deals fifteen seconds of fifty fire damage every three seconds to any opponent within a five-yard radius of the caster.

  • Fire Protection Potion: Absorbs fire damage. 

  • Nature Protection Potion: Absorbs nature damage. 

  • Great Rage Potion: Increases Rage by 30 to 60.

  • Wildvine Potion: restores fifteen hundred mana and health.

  • Restorative Potion: One spell, curse, poison, or disease effect on you is eliminated every five seconds for a total of thirty seconds.

  • Free Action Potion: For the next thirty seconds, you become immune to effects that stun and impair movement. does not take away the imbiber's already-felt effects.

  • Lesser Stoneshield Potion: Armor gains 1000 for more than one minute.

  • Elixir of Agility: Boosts Agility by fifteen for a full hour.

  • Magic Resistance Potion: increases your resistance for three minutes by fifty against all schools of magic.

  • Elixir of Greater Defense: Armor receives 250 strength for an hour.

Spirit of Zandalar

Every player on Yojamba Isle or in Booty Bay belonging to both sides will be awarded the Spirit of Zandalar, an incredibly beneficial and durable buff. Regretfully, mounts are not included in the increase in mobility speed. However, this Buff's impact lasts long after death, adding to its already significant value. 

Food Consumables

These are consumed and are presented as food items which increase stamina and heal you after you eat them. 

Spiced Chili Crab: For fifteen minutes, gain twelve spirits and stamina.

Monster Omelet: Get 12 minutes of increased spirit and stamina.

Dragonbreath Chili: For the following ten minutes, occasionally throw flame at foes you've struck in melee.

Spider Sausage: For fifteen minutes, gain twelve spirits and stamina.

Sagefish Delight:  For 15 minutes, get 6 Mana every 5 seconds.

Heavy Kodo Stew:  For fifteen minutes, gain twelve spirits and stamina.

Tender Wolf Steak:  For fifteen minutes, gain twelve spirits and stamina.

You will be required to spend Gold, the in-game currency of WoW Classic SoD to get these consumables. So if you are falling short of the gold, make sure you already have enough stock of the same, before you jump into the match to get the consumables. 

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With the coming of Phase 2 of World of Warcraft: Classic Season of Discovery phase 2, there's an increase in excitement among the fans to know what's in store. This includes the consumable items present in the game, which makes the users curious if any new ones are added inside the game or if is there a change in the already existing ones. These consumables increase the efficiency of their players and also substantially increase their chances of survival by many folds. Knowing about the potential changes will benefit you in the game in the long run.

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