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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Feral Druid DPS Guide

Welcome to our World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King’s Feral Druid (DPS) PvE guide. Our guide will help you understand how to play Feral Druids properly during PvE scenarios, dangerous raids, and terrifying dungeons. Feral Druids show the most bestial part of nature. They hide in shadows and silently stalk their enemies, use their claws and rip the enemies into shreds and bite them ferociously to close up their fate. 

Feral Druids that decide to have the Cat Form will find that the rotations they follow are very difficult in WoW: WotLK and have a hefty number of required preparations. Yet, they will be given a high position on the Meter where damage shows and also get many invitations to adventure on mastering the specialization (both in Dungeons and Raids).

World of Warcraft: WotLK

WoW: WotLK- Best Races

Since the new version, we have been analyzing WoW: WotLK. Players of this game have only two choices when playing Tauren for Horde or Feral Druid (Night Elf) for Alliance.


Tauren - This is the only race available to play Druid on the Horde. Taurens are fearsome creatures with a strong relationship with nature and Mother Earth. They provide many fascinating racial effects. These racial effects support their durability during PvE face-offs and can help them crowd-controlling their enemies. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Horde - Tauren

Now we will discuss the racial effects that Taurens have in this extension:

War Stomp - This is the first racial effect, and this ability helps players stun around 5 of their enemies for 2 seconds at an 8-yard distance. They also have a low cast time which is only 0.5 seconds. Therefore, players must use it as much as possible when in a difficult situation. But War Stomp has one downside: players need to turn back to their Humanoid Form to activate this ability. 

Endurance - This is a second and a worthy ability to be noted. Endurance can increase a player's base health by up to 5%. This effect is considered better for Feral Tanks; it will help players survive a little longer if they can draw out the aggro.

Natural Resistance - This is another very useful racial ability. This ability helps reduce the chance of getting hit by ay nature spells by around 2%.

Cultivation - This is the last racial ability that Taurens provide. This ability increases a player's base Herbalism skill by up to 15. 


The only race available for Alliance Players interested in playing as Druid is Night Elf. Night Elves are known to be a proud race with the blessing of immortality given to them by the World Tree (Nordrassil). After losing their immortality during the Third War, however, they hold on to a supreme bond with nature and offer many mesmerizing racials. 

World of Warcraft: WotLK Alliance

 All the racials are discussed below:

Shadowmeld - This is the first racial Night Elves offer and has few compelling effects. The first one helps make you invisible as long as players don't make any movement, whereas the second effect is very powerful for PvE. The second effect allows players to drop their threat to 0% instantly as long as someone from their group is constantly giving damage to the targets. During Raid Encounters, this effect acts as a life saver.

Wisp Spirit - This is the second and very interesting racial. Wisp Spirit gives a 75% increase to a player's movement speed when they are dead. Well, this ability does not directly help improve a player's combat ability but allows them to respawn faster to bring back their allies when wiped out.

Elusiveness - This racial ability helps to reduce the chance of getting detected if a player is in stealth mode or using Shadowmeld. 

Quickness - This racial helps by reducing the chance of getting hit by melee and ranged attacks by around 2%. 

Nature Resistance - This is the final racial Night Elves, similar to Tauren's passive ability. 

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WoW: WotLK- Best Professionals

Before deciding the best profession present for Feral Druids, we must first consider a player's playstyle and what they want to do with the Feral Druid. Mostly, professions help players generate gold along with useful mechanics that can be used to a player's advantage. 

For example, players can generate materials with high values, create parts of gear that will help them get access to various raids and dungeons, or just helps them in leveling up. 

WoW: WotLK - Stat - Focused and End Professions

This kind of profession gives the nest stat as well as endgame bonuses. We will discuss two major professions in this class:

Jewel Crafting - This is one of the professions where players can generate a huge amount of gold along with the contribution of the min-max factor of the game. Jewelcrafters can make special kinds of gems like the Quick Dragon's Eye. This jewel will boost a player's stats more than any other normal gem.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Jewel Crafting

Engineering - This profession is an essential requirement for every DPS who wants to min-max their stats during the endgame situation. For the Feral Druid, haste is given by the ability known as Hyperspeed Accelerators. This helps increase players' damage by a good amount as the Feral Druids highly depend on the Clearcasting Procs. 

Instead of using the Haste buff (which can be used at an interval of 48 seconds), players can use Nitro Boosts to get away from certain raid/dungeon mechanics or sometimes to keep up with the stacking points. 

WoW: WotLK - Gold Focus Without Stats

This is that class of professions that has the capability of producing a high quantity of gold, but they don't have any other stats to offer:

Alchemy - This is one of the most flexible professions a player can have in this game. It offers an array of useful effects, such as flasks and potions. It also has an effective way of filling players' bags with gold. If they select Alchemy as their main profession, pairing it up with Herbalism will be a good idea because the herbs will be quite costly for them to collect from the Auction House regularly.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Alchemy

Herbalism - This profession helps players collect herbs throughout the world, and the best pair for this is Alchemy, which helps collect a huge quantity of gold. Because of the nature of this category, players can gather herbs while in Flight Form. This gives players a really good advantage over other classes as they don't need to dismount to collect each herb.

Mining- This is a profession that lets players collect ores worldwide. This helps them get a huge amount of materials that can be sold in Auction houses for a good profit. This profession is also required to level up Engineering as this profession has a high requirement for materials.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Gold


That's all we have to say in our guide. You can choose any of the two Tauren or Night Elf. Both have their specialties. Thank you for reading our guide till the end.

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