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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Feral Druid DPS Rotation, Cooldowns & Abilities Guide

This guide to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King will help you go through many key points regarding the gameplay of Feral Druids and also help you to make your playstyle perfect. 

Feral Druids have specialization in tearing enemies apart with their sharp claws, ruining them, and creating brutal bleeding injuries that slowly bring them down. As a result, they can be the extreme DPS. But the rotation they follow is considered the hardest in World of Warcraft: WotLK. So, they are in the middle of the ranking system as a DPS.

Still, if a Feral Druid masters the form and assembles all the required materials, they will be at the highest place on the Damage Meters as DPS. 

Unlike previous extensions, Druids have many tools that can easily deal with their enemies. The biggest change so far is the specialization on Bleeding Effect, as they can now deal with Critical Strikes. 

Overview of their Abilities and Game Plan (+ Single-Target Breakdown)

Offensive Abilities

  • Rake - This ability is used to place bleed effects on desired targets which deal damage over some time. Players must keep using this ability constantly on their target all the time to get the maximum output
  • Mangle (Cat) - This ability helps in enhancing all bleed effects on the enemies up to 30% and directly damages them. Players will need to keep this ability’s effect on their target constantly, and sometimes they need to use this ability at the beginning of their battle. 
  • Shred - This must be used as the main spamming ability. Players use this ability in 80% of all the battles they fought in WoW: WotLK. This ability directly damages their targeted enemies, but players must maintain their position behind their target. Shred can give other bonuses, too, when combined with the Glyph of Shred.
  • Ferocious Bite - This ability is also a finishing move that needs to activate combo points. This ability can produce an extraordinarily high critical strike when combined with 4-5 combo points. However, this ability should never be their main priority over their bleed effects or damage enhancement status.
  • Rip  - This ability is used as a finishing move. Players must earn the required combo points to activate it as a finishing move. Rip is considered the most robust DoT bleed ability in a player’s arsenal. Players should maintain it at any cost on their target because it has a huge damage output.
  • Savage Roar - This ability is the same as the earlier two abilities because it needs combo points to activate. It helps enhance overall damage by up to 30%, which is the maximum amount of overall damage it can give.
  • Berserk - This is the most powerful combative cooldown in any player’s arsenal. It reduces the cost of abilities by 50% for around 15 seconds. This ability should be used only after Savage Roar (enhances damage). Just a reminder that Tiger’s fury and Berserk cannot be used simultaneously.  
  • Tiger’s Fury - This ability helps in increasing damage by 80. This ability also regenerates energy because of the King of the Jungle.
  • Feral Charge- Cat - This allows players to change their position behind their target quickly and is very useful; against a mechanic that forces them and moves them away from their targets.
  • Swipe (Cat)- This is the only AOE ability in the form of Cat. This can damage all enemies they are facing.

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Defensive Abilities

  • Survival Instincts - This ability increases HP by 30% for around 20 seconds. Survival Instinct can be used effectively by combining it with Bear Form to avoid death if players steal aggro from their tanks or if players need survivability against a specific raid mechanic. 

Utility Abilities

  • Maim - This is a finishing ability that needs combo points to activate. It does direct damage and stuns enemies for 3 seconds. This ability can also stop spell casting if used on any non-player target.
  • Innervate - This ability is used on allies to regenerate their mana and is mostly used on healers. 
  • Rebirth - This s the only combat resurrection spell present in the game. This ability revives any one of the dead allies, even in between battles.
  • Faerie Fire (Feral) - This prevents enemies from going in stealth mode and also makes a 5% reduction in armor. This can stack with Sunder Armor (always use it with this). One specialty of this ability in WoW: WotLK is that this ability may offer players a Clearcasting Proc.

Crowd Control Abilities

  • Cyclone - This ability can make an enemy target unable to move for 6 seconds. This ability can also make the enemy target invulnerable. This ability must be used if a player’s tank is in a dangerous situation. 
  • Entangling Roots - This ability is used to root a target. This ability will make a target immovable for 27 seconds but can be broken.

Main Ability

Druids have one filler ability which is Shred. To use it, players need to stay behind their targets.

Damage-Enhancing Buffs

Now let’s discuss damage-enhancing buffs-

  • Idol of the Crying Moon - This offer players a stacking buff every time they cast Rake and can be stacked up around five times. This buff must be maintained all the time.
  • Savage Roar - The biggest damage-enhancing buff present in WoW: WotLK. It must be used when five combo points are there. Also, with Primal Fury, players can land critical strikes on their target. This effect, along with the abilities, will result in the use of Savage Roar very fast. 

Bleed Effects

Our main aim is to enhance the bleed effect’s damage. Mangle (Cat) is perfect for doing that. This ability enhances all the bleed effects on the target by around 30% and stays for 1 minute. 

Now we will see the bleed effects that we have -

  • Rake - This ability can perform initial damage and is capable of giving a critical strike. It also does additional damage-over-time that stays for 9 seconds. This also put through Primal fury because of the initial damage it gives when used.
  • Rip - This ability is used as a finishing move that can deal extreme damage and is used with many combo points. Players must use this ability with five combo points so that they can keep on using this ability. 

Single-Target Rotations

We have discussed almost all the points on how you should play Feral Druids. Now let’s discuss single-target rotations.

There are mainly two rotations which are as follows -

Rotation 1:

Faerie Fire (Feral)->Mangle (Cat)-> Rake->Shred->Tiger's Fury->Shred->Faerie Fire (Feral)->Shred->Savage Roar-> Berserk ->Shred->Rake->Shred->Shred->Faerie Fire (Feral)->Shred->Shred->Rip->Shred->Shred->Shred->Faerie Fire (Feral)->Rake->Ferocious Bite

Rotation 2:

Faerie Fire (Feral)->Berserk->Mangle (Cat)-> Rake->Shred->Shred->Faerie Fire (Feral)->Shred->Savage Roar->Shred->Rake->Shred->Shred->Shred->Faerie Fire (Feral)->Shred->Rip->Shred->Shred->Shred->Rake->Ferocious Bite

AOE Rotations

In area-of-effect rotation, we only have one ability: Swipe (Cat). It deals with Critical Strikes and affects all the enemies that players are facing directly; this ability has no limit on the enemy count it affects.

Low health mob rotation

Shred–>Rake->Shred->Shred->Savage Roar->Swipe (Cat)

High health mob rotation

Shred–>Rake->Shred->Shred->Savage Roar-> Berserk->Swipe (Cat)


Thanks for reading our guide to the very end. Hope you guys find this helpful. Use any rotations that you feel are good for your play style.

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