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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvE Feral Druid Tank Guide

Welcome to our guide for Feral Druid Tank for WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. Our guide aims to give you a detailed idea about Feral Druid Tanks. This guide will cover all the dimensions of how to play this class to its maximum output in detail.  

This post will cover the parts and potentiality of Feral Tanks in WoW: WotLK. 

WoW: WotLK- Feral Druid Tanks

In WoW Lich King, the tank plays the same role as in earlier versions of the game. But there are certain areas where its importance (specifically in threat generation) is reduced compared to burning Crusade and the classic WoW. A tank's main aim is to produce enough threat to become the main target of the enemy attacks and to be strong enough to pull through the attacks easily. While in WoW, generating threat is minor in Wrath, surviving is not. Also, tanks deal a small amount of damage, but this is not their main objective. Still, the damage it deals with is worth it. 

One of the best tanks in Burning Crusade was Feral Druid Tanks. They were the best solo target threat tank. They had the best survival ability and gave the most damage output. Sadly, Feral Druids do not have the same result in WoW: WotLK. They are weak in both Threat generation as well as a raid DPS. But still, their high HP helps them become a tank in the game. Also, the threat generation they provide is quite sufficient to stand against the dame dealers. Moreover, they have many shared talents with the Feral DPS; together, they can deal quite good damage when the tanks are not needed to generate a threat.

Even though Feral Tanks may not perform as they used to, still they are well balanced than they were in the previous versions, and therefore they are the completely usable choice for any raid.

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Strengths and weaknesses of Feral Druid Tank


High HP, strong surviving ability

Like in earlier augments, bears are like a tank naturally, and they can handle a huge amount of incoming damage. This is particularly very useful and helpful for defeating hard bosses. 

Strong Defensive cooldowns

In WoW: WotLK, Druids can finally gain a little defensive cooldown. This allows them to react against any dangerous damage, and this helps them to survive in the battle. In addition, Barkskin can now be used in the bear form and gain Survival Instincts. After some time, it also gets the 4-piece Tier 10 bonus that gives Enrage (a buff that reduces damage).

Immune to critical strikes from talents alone

Generally, tanks either need Defense or Resilience on their gear to reach crit strike immunity. But Druids are different. In Feral Druid Tanks, this ability is present by default (Talent: Survival of the Fittest). This amazingly strong ability helps in making gearing simpler.

Somewhat hybrid tank /DPS specialization

Even though the difference between DPS ad tanks is more in this expansion than in the earlier one, specs are still quite similar, and more damage can be dealt with Druid tanks without activating tanking and don't need respect. Its importance may not be that much in front of Dual Specialization, as Blizzard has proposed that they won't make any limitations on when and where players can switch the specs. Still, if a player wants to keep their second spec PvP-focused, their tanks can be able to complete the need of a DPS with the specs of a Feral Tank.

High personal damage output

Feral Tanks have a lot of attacking stats in their gearing, allowing them to give out a lot of single-target damage while being a completely active tank compared to others. 

Great raid utility

Druid utility is very strong. Because of its utility, many guilds brought our specs (Restoration in Classic, Balance in TBC) to raid. Now we are even more powerful individually and therefore don't need to depend on the utility much. Still, we have really good utilities such as Gift of the Wild and Innervate, general utilities, or Leader of the Pack and Mangle (Bear), a feral-exclusive utility. 


Weak threat generation

The threat generated by Ferals is comparably less than any other tanks. Still, they produce enough threat to keep aggro against DPS if it is played correctly. Therefore, players don't have to worry much about it. 

Low raid damage contributions

We know that Feral Tank deals more single-target damage than any other tank. However, they do lack raid buffs and also utility such as Hysteria. Therefore, they contribute less to the overall DPS of the raids. This is a key weakness that can make Feral Tanks less desirable in WoW: WotLK even with their strength in completing the role of a tank. Note- Ferals provide Leader of the Pack but do not stack with Rampage or Leader of the Packs.

Utilities of Feral Druid Tank

Feral Druid Tanks gives raid buffs and debuffs which are as follows: 

Gift of the Wild

This is a unique utility that only Druids can bring. Players only need one druid for this, but at least one druid is needed for every raid to do this. Feral Druids always take Improved Mark of the Wild talent. Therefore, players are the ones buffing this, unlike previous expansions.


Another unique ability of the Druids. The more Innervates players have, the easier their mana-demanding fights becomes for the raid. Similar to the earlier expansions, Druids have a tricky time form for using Innervate while tanking, but this utility has few situations where it can be used. 

Combat Resurrections- Rebirth

Druids possess the ability to restore the life of someone during a fight, which is a huge plus point for the raid. With every new expansion, more methods of preventing wipes arrive, but nothing will take the place of Rebirth. 

5% physical crit (does not stack)- Leader of the pack

This utility is raid-wide, though it's not unique anymore because Fury Warriors can also bring this in the form of the Rampage. Generally, this buff is given by Feral Druids. Druid also offers an Improved Leader of the Pack buff used for healing, ultimately saving a talent point. 

30% increased bleed damage (does not stack)- mangle (bear)

This utility is very powerful in WoW: WotLK. Arms Warriors can also bring this Trauma, but Arms Warriors are not included in raids because they are weak.

5% armor reduction (does not stack)- Faerie Fire (Feral)

Balance Druids typically use this utility because they have Improved Faerie Fire talent. However, warlocks can also use this as a Curse of Weakness. 

Reduced attack power (does not stack)- Demoralizing Road

This debuff is used to reduce the boss damage by a significant amount. Warriors can use it in the form of Demoralizing Shout, whereas Warlocks use it as Curse of Weakness.

20% attack slow (does not stack)- infected Wounds

This is a must-have debuff because it helps in deducing a good amount of boss damage. However, many other classes offer this. Therefore, players may not need this as it costs 3 talent points.


I hope that this guide gives all the necessary information about Feral Druids. Thank you for reading our guide for Feral Druid Tanks in WoW: WotLK.

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