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World of Warcraft: WotLK PvP Balance Druid Guide

This is the Balance Druid (general builder and spender) Player vs. Player guide for World of Warcraft: Wrath of Lich King. This guide will teach how to correctly play in Balance Druid Player vs. Player situations, be it open world, arenas or battlegrounds.

Assuming the shape of a Moonkin to rain down the anger of Elune onto the mortal world, the Balance Druid highlights burst damage and is a caster specialty. Usually categorized as a hybrid class, the Balance Druid, high-burst damage is dealt by its various tools. Also, it can crowd control, damage mitigation, healing, and various debuff abilities.

Team Setups in Arena

The setup for teams in the Arena can be done in the following ways:

2 vs. 2 teamups:

  • Balance Druid/Affliction Warlock

  • Balance Druid/Shadow Priest

  • Balance Druid/Subtlety Rogue

  • Balance Druid/Arcane Mage

  • Balance Druid/Frost Mage

3 vs 3 teamups:

  • Shadow Priest/ Balance Druid/ Elemental Shaman

  • Holy Paladin/Balance Druid/Affliction Warlock

  • Destruction Warlock/Balance Druid/Elemental Shaman

  • Arms Warrior/Holy Paladin/Balance Druid

  • Affliction Warlock /Elemental Shaman/Balance Druid 

  • Discipline Priest/Balance Druid/Frost Mage

World of Warcraft: WotLK Team Setups

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Prime Races


  • Night Elf Druids: The existence of Night elf druids goes back further than most races. Early in their history, Kaldorei learned druidic arts from the half-god Cenarius and the original teachings are honored and passed down by the most devoted elfs. Having lost their immortality post the third war, the Night Elves nevertheless offer several fascinating racial and retain an extreme connection to nature.

The racial which increments your mobility velocity by 75% while dead is the Wisp Spirit. You can only use this ability in open-world scenarios as it is useless in arenas or battlegrounds.

Elusiveness is the racial (non-human races) that decrements the probability of being found out if you are in stealth (invisible) or Shadowmeld. Other useful racials are: Quickness - decrements ranged attacks by 2%, Nature Resistance - has a similar effect as the Tauren passive. 

Shadowmeld has various eye-catching effects. First, it makes you invisible (stealth), provided you do absolutely no movement. This effect is very useful in Player vs. Player and almost gives you an advantage over your opponent as the little droplets of time earned can be used to interfere with a channel effect or a spell being cast.


  • Tauren Druids:  They were first instructed in Druidism by Cenarius according to the myth Forestlord and the First Druids. Cenarius’ best student and the first mortal druid was Malfurion Stormage. Malfurion has made friendly bonds with Hamuul Runetotem during the war and imparted to him the knowledge of druidism. The Tauren are fearsome beasts who are bonded to nature very strongly. They come up with various racial for Player vs. Player duels that strengthen their overall endurance capability.

The Nature Resistance decrees the probability of nature spells harming them to 2%. Then comes Cultivation which provides a racial (non-human races) which can be used as a guide for your profession(occupation) choices.

Endurance increments the base health (also known as HP) by 5%. On the other hand, the War Stomp is a stun(shock) that loses its effects after two seconds and lasts only two seconds, which helps to increase durability(endurance) in do-or-die situations.

World of Warcraft: WotLK Prime Races

Prime Professions

A crucial part of every WoW character, offering huge boosts to healing, gold generation, damage, and survivability, is professions.

  • Engineering is broadly considered the king of professions.

The primary advantage of Engineering is the special glove enchants. Additionally, as an Engineer, you have access to Saronite Bomb, Hand Mounted Pyro Rocket, Nitro Boosts, Mind Amplification Dish, and the Frag Belt. These can be proven to be life-saving as they help you increment your movement.

But probably the most important fact is that Engineers can use powerful explosives like Global Thermal Sapper Charges.

  • Leatherworking is a profession that includes crafting pieces of gear from leather extracted from animals all over the world. A special enchantment can be placed on the bracers by Leatherworkers using the Fur Lining-Stamina ability. This enchantment comes with various bonuses such as incrementing stamina by 62 and Fur Lining-Spell Power (special ability), which increments your spell potency by 76.

  • Enchanting offers you an edge over your competitors as it gives you the power to enchant your equipment and your partners. This profession also allows you to disenchant equipment into rare magical essences disintegrating for those who practice this profession and those of other professions (occupation).

The availability of the Disenchanting feature makes it most suited to be teamed with Tailoring as it allows you to design equipment to be disintegrated into magical essences.

Special enchantments are unlocked, such as Attack power can be increased by 40 when using Enchant Ring(Assault) or stamina can be increased by 60 when using Enchant Ring(Stamina).

  • In Blacksmithing, one uses ingot and various other materials to forge equipment. The feature to mold various gear pieces from scratch that are equipable and bind-on and trade them makes this profession very useful. Apart from the gold generated from this profession, it also grants you two additional gem sockets for your gear-one on the hands and the other on the wrists. Stamina can be increased by 60 or agility by 40 by socketing 2x Solid majestic Zircon or 2x Delicate Cardinal Ruby.

  • Mining helps you unlock the Toughness passive, which increments stamina by 60. Though it lacks the versatility of a second DPS-focussed option, it has all the professions mentioned above tied to it.

In Azeroth, you can find many minerals but keep in mind some areas are richer in minerals than others.

  • Alchemy brings with it a lot of powerful potions and flasks. Although potions are useless in arenas, the Flask of the North, especially to the alchemists, is still useful. It is the only flask that can be used in an arena and gives either attack, raw strength, or spell power.

Alchemy comes with a potion that can be used as a last resort piece of resource in dire situations, known as the Free Action Potion.

Also, the gold generation from the high-in-demand potions and flasks makes Alchemy a very profitable profession(occupation)

  • Tailoring has the advantage of being able to design your gear in the beginning phases. But as time passes, the Lightweave Embroidery enchantment becomes the real ace of this profession.

  • Herbalism comes with the ability to pick herbs while sustaining Swift Flight Form is one of the causes that has made Herbalism a top choice for Druids. The fact that you do not need to dismount makes this profession a great way to gain an advantage over your competitors.

When teamed up with Alchemy, Herbalism will bring about a good amount of income. A likely life-saving feature for Player vs. Player cases that it comes with is Lifeblood, which can save you in dire moments with the help of the heal-over-time effect.

  • Inscription offers you the feature to craft many Trinkets, glyphs, and special parchments to be used by Enchanters. Also, you gain access to a rare enchantment for your shoulders which grants various effects, including the Greater Inscription of the Storm, which causes increased spell power and the ability to strike critically.

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